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I am back with another beauty review.

I am a beauty product fanatic and I used to buy beauty products every day! However, one fine day because I was using TOO MANY products at one time, my skin decided to break down on me and then I started having red blotchy skin and breakouts. I tried to revive it by eating collagen then, seeing skin doctors and just moisturing my skin more. But the problem with my skin then was because I used too many GOOD products on my face. I was using a different type of mask everyday just so I could maintain my complexion. I forgot the meaning of ‘less is more’ at that time.

My greatest friend during that awful period was actually collagen! How I started drinking collagen then was because my elder sister who was getting married raved about FANCL’s collagen drinks and so I decided to try it as I wanted to plump up my skin at the right places. FANCL was good but the problem I had with it was I felt I became fatter after drinking it for some time. My skin did glow but my weight increased as well! Maybe I was rather sensitive about my weight but apparently I heard from some of my friends that the same thing happened to them too.

So when I attended the launch of LANEIGE’s new collagen drinks, I was rather skeptical and even asked LANEIGE if I would get fatter after consumption.


1. THE TASTE IS AMAZING. It tasted like grape yakult flavour to me.

2. It provided me with the radiance and glow I needed for my tired skin!

3. It did not plum me up horizontally but yet gave me a slightly more 3d look to my face! I am not exaggerating because I did feel like the plumpness went to the right places this time.

4. LANEIGE focuses on quality and I believe it is because their products have worked wonders for me even with their small sized bottles and quantity.




1. Priced at SGD52 for 1 box (10 bottles), it would seem rather expensive but as compared to other brands like for example FANCL, you would find LANEIGE’s collagen drinks cheaper as it is a known fact that Japanese brands are more expensive as compared to Korean brands.

2. 1 box contains 10 bottles and carrying one month’s supply weighs a ton!  I had to lug home three boxes all by myself. It is recommended you only buy one month’s supply each time because of its weight.


3. Each bottle contains 5000mg, which is not a lot. However, it is the quality that matters and NOT the quantity.




It is recommended to drink a bottle everyday before you go to bed.


It is recommended to consume the Collagen Drink for 2 months to see results.

We have come to the end of the post. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the insight.. very helpful. I am also worried of skin BREAK OUT if I try multiple products at the same time. Good to know Laneige I can safely try.

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