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I am back again with another beauty review.

Have you girls heard of BlossomElixir bust ampoules cream? This product is a non sticky/oily ampoule that can enlarge breast naturally without any side effect. It has been proven to increase a woman’s bust size by stimulating the growth of new bust cells secrete.

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According to the brand, common bust problems includes undeveloped bust, imbalance bust size, sagging bust, dry and wrinkle bust and flat bust.

The causes of these problem are mostly due to weight gain, smoking, number of pregnancies, ageing changes in the bust and undeveloped bust.

Bust Orthopedic surgery is often seen as the only method that can solve the problems but this is very risky. Hence, BlossomElixir recognises this need and has come up with a miracle product that offers a safe and non-invasive bust enhancement without surgery solutions.

Besides the bust, you can also apply the product to every other area as this product claims to help ease the tension of skin tissue, removes skin moisture, get rid of skin that is too thick like your cuticle, moisturise, nourish skin and create a sexy butt.


1. Increase blood supply

2. Estrogen mimicking properties

3. Alleviate PMS symtoms

4. Ultimate pump up bust size

5. Induce Mastogenic effect

6. Strengthen skin tissue structure

7. Accelerate cell division

8. Push up droopy bust

9. Anti skin sagging

10. Regenerate skin tissue

11. Promote skin elasticity and smoothness


Personally I have never tried any bust enhancement type of cream before so this is a first. Anyone that knows me would know that I am a A-B cup size. So being a small B and like every other woman in the world, no one woman would say no to bigger breasts. I am not that greedy perhaps a fuller B would my aim. So of course I decided to try out the product.

Firstly I really like the smell. It smelt like everything sweet I could think of..berries, pomegranate and roses. So I tried this cream on my legs, knees, ankles, hands, bust and butt so as to see if the claims are true. And I did feel when I applied it on my hands the tightening effect was most obvious mainly because I had full control of my hands and absorption was quicker than expected. The beauty manual mentioned that it is best to rub for 10-15 minutes but I had no patience and only rubbed for 5 minutes but lucky me maybe because my skin was so thirsty the cream was fully absorbed into my skin in less than 3 minutes. The end result was baby soft and non oily/sticky skin. If you are not a fan of fragrant products, you would be happy to know the smell leaves after awhile and the best part is you do not have to rinse it off. I have a huge butt so I am quite concerned about butt sageness therefore I can’t wait to try it for a longer period if possible I will review this product again. Each box comes with 2 tubes and a beauty manual that states the product benefits and how to use.


DSC03739 DSC03743

After squeezing the liquid on my hand, It is a gel type formula.




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