Mummy Ready With Shopee!

Already #30weeks pregnant, I find myself being so tired to attend baby fairs or shop offline. It’s just so difficult and exhausting to walk around all day. There’s hardly any time too. This is when I realised I need to shop smarter. When I was shopping for baby stuff during the baby fairs previously, I realised that there were many online outlets selling way cheaper than the price at fairs. After scouting around for the best deals, I came across Shopee and it’s actually a great one-stop platform for mummies to get all their parenting essentials at the best prices! Not only do I save on the time and effort of sourcing for things offline, I also save on the effort of carrying my things to my car.

With a shopping budget of only $200 (inclusive of shipping fee), I will curate the perfect Baby Kit where I will select items within this budget and purchase from Shopee myself. This Baby Kit is perfect for newborn babies.

So what’s the perfect Baby Kit you ask? Being a new mom, there are a lot of things to purchase. Check out the items I have picked out below.

I got a set of Bamboo Muslin Swaddling Wraps which is of ultra good quality! It’s so comfy and soft. This is necessary as infants are usually wrapped around in a swaddle for comfort and when they are just released from the hospital. This costs $43.90 with shipping. So sometimes, you might see swaddles selling cheaper outside but make sure you check the quality first. Sometimes the material aren’t as soft and it isn’t very comfortable for the baby to wear. My husband usually makes sure to go through all the clothes and blankets we buy for the baby so that the baby will be comfortable and happy. It makes a difference when the baby is uncomfortable as he would be cranky and cry.Search for Shopee’s baby and kids toys if you need more options to keep your baby happy and smiley!.

I also got a packet of RealBubee 100 pcs Breathable Disposable Breast Nursing Pads from here. For new mums-to-be, this might all sound so new to you! Trust me, I feel the same way as you do! I read up on pregnancy quite a bit and also on post pregnancy. I realise that it’s important to have breast nursing pads so that you do not leak over your clothes. Initially, I wanted to go with reusable pads as it’s eco-friendly and cost efficient but my friend strongly discouraged me from getting them as coming from experience, she said I won’t have time to wash them.For more nursing options, check out Shopee’s  nursing necessities.


I also got a sexy Maternity Front Closure Seamless Nursing Bra! I’m pretty sure most mummies are damn conscious about how their body looks and need the right support for their growing assets hence nursing/maternity bras would come into good use. They are comfortable and gives the right support. Many women face sagging breasts and other body parts, so it’s important to get the right support if you want to look good underneath as well. I make sure to take good care of myself even when I am pregnant so I won’t regret.

I also got another bra in a different design as I wanted to have some variety in the underwear I would be wearing so I don’t get bored. I used to love wearing pretty lingerie and I don’t think it should be any different when I am pregnant. It can get rather boring when you are pregnant, you won’t feel the urge to buy so many pregnant clothes or underwear since it’s only a few months before you don’t need them. I used to think like that too but then after that I realised, I will have to look ugly for 9 months and I don’t want that.

Lastly, I also bought this highly raved about Electric Portable Breast Feeding Pump from Spectra. I have heard many good things about this feeding pump. It is also cheaper on Shopee than the price at fairs. This pump is widely used by mummies due to the portability and also the efficiency.

I actually went to a local store before wanting to purchase this pump but they were selling it at S$328 which is twice as much as what I could have gotten at Shopee. This is indeed a steal for me.

If you are a first time mummy like me, you might find yourself panicking over what to get on your trip to baby fairs, do know it’snot necessary to head to baby fairs! You can find a wide variety of baby/parenting products at affordable prices on Shopee. I feel that most mothers are as anxious like I am and would attend a couple of fairs here and think the promotions are really good, I feel a need to let all mums-to-be know that not all promotions at fairs are as good. They sometimes jack up the original prices and then give a pretend promotional price and from my experience at fairs, I find that fairs often require me to carry all the items I have bought back to the car. It is way better to have the items shipped to you.

Some other items I would also recommend new mothers to purchase online from Shopee, would be like diapers, napkins, burp clothes, face towels, bath towels, swaddles, blankets, diaper cream, nipple cream, baby wipes, baby clothes, pacifiers, cotton wool, detergent, body and hair wash etc. I have tons of things that I have yet to purchase but I guess I will have to go back to Shopee to buy again after I make a list of what to buy. I have yet to prepare my Hospital Bag too! I will need to buy stuff for the period I am in the hospital. They also have cute gift sets available for your pregnant mummy friends! Findall of these and more with Shopee’s large selection of gift sets.

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