5D4N Taiwan Itinerary

Recently went over to Taiwan and visited the two main cities – Taipei and Taichung. They were beautiful and really interesting. I had so much fun there! I will be introducing you to some of the hot spots great for taking photos and food. To make it easier for you guys, I have split up my itinerary to Taipei and Taichung.



I like the street cafes and cool vibe I get here. There are many youngsters and hippies surrounding the area. You also get a fantastic night life over here when you are bored at night and do not wish to hit the overrated night markets or clubs.

I actually caught a movie here too because I had many days to spend in Taipei. Expect Cinemas, cute shops and interesting local delicacies and snacks here.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

If you are up for some history, here’s the place to go. I like the majestic structure of the building. As the building is white, you can lots of photos here. 


Shifen Old Street and Jiufen

I like railway stations because they remind me of Japan. I like how rustic this place is. I even got a lantern when I was here. The lantern is something everyone does when they visit Taiwan.


Strawberry Picking

I really love strawberries so when I heard there’s strawberries to pick, I was super excited. This was actually along the way while heading to Qing Jing. I had so much fun and this was one of the best thing in the itinerary.

Qing Jing

This is a must-visit tourist spot. I love how quiet this place is. You even get to watch a sheep show and snap a close up with the sheeps. I even got to feed a few sheeps! Its rather difficult to steal a solo shot with the sheeps though as its super crowded.

Fengjia Night Market

Okay, most night markets are proably the same but what stands out is there’s cute cotton candy designs here!!! I did not see this in other night markets hence when I saw this on my friend’s instagram page, I knew I had to go here.

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