I am pretty sure most Singaporeans would agree, when it comes to shopping and dining around the world, the first country that pops up in your mind is Bangkok, Thailand. This is of course the same for me too! I go to Thailand at least three times a year and this is the second time I have been to Bangkok in a year.

For those who enjoy going to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, you are in for a special treat. AirAsia is offering specially priced fares on tickets to Thailand and even better, they have partnered with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) alliances like departmental stores and restaurants where AirAsia Boarding Passes can be used for discounts and other privileges. The reason for this treat is that they hope travelers will enjoy their time shopping and dining in Thailand even more (now isn’t this a good reason for us to shop and dine even more?)

This year, AirAsia joins hands with TAT to organise Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise to attract tourists from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore to visit Thailand during the Green Season. They are holding the ‘The Top Shopper’ competition  to highlight their premier shopping destinations. The winning team will receive free air tickets from AirAsia for use on any route within 1 year along with 100,000 THB (now isn’t this exciting).

So along with 4 other bloggers, I was there to support our Singapore team consisting of Roz Pho, Cinddie, Rebecca Tan and Jill Marie Thomas. The competition was indeed intense. They had to complete 6 missions in total and had access to one thai blogger each for information and guidance. At each mission, they would be given 47,000 THB to complete the missions. The missions vary and they have to do a wide variety of activities like styling, cooking and purchasing.

On the flight there, we had a wonderful in flight meal. Did you know AirAsia have recently launched a whole new menu for their inflight service? Do remember to check them out the next time you book your flight as some meals are only available for preorder. I had the Salmon Bento and Chicken Katsu Noodle for my meals there and back.

We arrived at the airport and was quickly ushered to our hotel, Centara Grand after. This was my first time staying at Centara Grand and now I know why its so expensive! It is so luxurious and I am so happy that I got to stay alone in a room all by myself. They are home to the popular Red Sky Bar too.

View from my room

We went shopping at Central World which is easily accessible and is of walking distance to our hotel. If we wanted to go to Siam, it would be easy too. We were then brought to EmQuartier for the welcome dinner where we had the most wonderful experience over at Cafe Chilli. The dishes were very exquisite and so yummy. Thank you so much TAT and AirAsia for hosting us!!!

welcome flower! how sweet of them
the prettiest dessert – coconut ice cream!

So besides all food, we cannot miss out on the main purpose of the trip right?  We arrived at the opening ceremony of the competition the next morning to witness the official introduction of the three participating teams. After which the teams split up to complete the missions. Our final destination was Asiatique which we went over quickly to wait for our Singapore team.

Though we were the last team to complete the race, it didn’t matter. We had fun and that’s most important. We ended the night with party and drinks curated by the respective teams. It was indeed a fruitful and eventful trip where we got to make new friends in Asia and walked away with a one of a kind experience we could not get anywhere else. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, and I will be sure to return the next time when there’s such a race again!

To mark this wonderful occasion, AirAsia is offering promotional fares on 9 routes; Ho Chi Minh-Bangkok, Da Nang-Bangkok, Hanoi-Bangkok, Hong Kong-Bangkok, Hong Kong- Chiang Mai, Hong Kong-Phuket, Singapore-Bangkok, Singapore-Phuket and Singapore-Krabi with discounts up to 50%. The promotional fares will be available on from 19-25 June 2017 for travel from 19 June to 30 November.

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Semi Permanent Makeup Course at!

Being in the beauty blogging industry for a couple of years, I have always wanted to dabble into a career that could help change lives and especially in the beauty area hence when I came across, I thought why not learn a skill that could maybe land me a job that would allow me to fuel my passion.

When I first heard about, I was skeptical as there are no Korean academies around and they were the only one. However I later got to know that they are a franchise from Korea and has expanded quickly in other countries already. They also provide a recognised certification at the end of the courses.

There are several courses available. I took  the Ouni 5+1 Korean Semi Permanent Make up and skincare course. Prices wise, I suggest you contact them directly. You might wish to check out the course structure below:

Here’s some of the before and after looks of the different procedures done to the real life models. Some were done by the teacher and some were done by students. The teacher would perform the procedure in front of us students.

Hairline embroidery
Eyebrow embroidery
Lip embroidery
Eyebrow Embroidery Wu Mei

The course I took costs around 2k+ which includes course materials. Besides being an academy, they also distribute cosmetics and materials which you can purchase from them when you start your business. I will answer some of the FAQs I came across when I was taking this course:


First and Second day, we learnt about semi-permanent makeup both theory and practical. We first learnt about how to create the outline of the brows before filling in the brow color. There was two techniques learnt – traditional and modern wu mei. These two techniques required two different tools and could be done manually or by machine. It was easier to go forward to lip and eyeliner after learning the brows as its the same technique just different areas. We were given faux skin to practise on.

Third Day was several demo sessions by the teacher. Fourth and Fifth Day we had real life models to do on. The models just kept coming in! We also learnt how to handle customers and their issues along the way. If you are unable to pick up everything during the class, you are welcome to return to the next intake to enhance your skills. This is how committed is.

During the last day of class, we learnt  face and body skincare techniques such as Korean Water Shine Covered BB glow skin treatment and more.

Here is the before and after of the Korean Water Shine Covered BB glow skin treatment.

This is the injection of BB and performed by me


Honestly, in this volatile economy, it is quite difficult to find a decent job that you enjoy and most young people around are finding it easier to do their own business instead. This is definitely a skill that  you can always fall back on if say you can’t find a job.


It costs 2k++ and includes course materials.


For a start, I spoke to some other students taking the course who have previously learnt from elsewhere and they mentioned that our course syllabus is more up to date and in trend. We also have an abundance of real life models to test our skills on. Our teacher actually guide us through step by step and gave us ample guidance on how to perform on real life models.


Many existing salon owners have come to learn. This course can serve as a beginner course or a refresher for experienced beauticians. If you are looking to start your own mini house business or even wish to expand your current line of services, this would be for you!


Even though she is Korean, she does speak very good Chinese and English. There is also an assistant teacher that is fluent in English and Chinese to translate and help out in the class.


There are around 10 students in my class and the ration is about 1 teacher to 10 students.


It includes theory lessons, practise sessions and hands on training on real life models.


I would definitely go for the entire 6 days course as I think its just a short period of time and it isn’t too expensive too.


Being quite shy, I like that this course builds up my confidence in performing on real life models. I think this is the biggest hurdle I had to go through because I am very scared of causing physical pain to others hence I am really thankful that I have the teacher to guide me step by step in how to create perfect brows without causing too much pain. It was not only about making it pretty for the customer but also putting her at ease and lessening her “suffering” and pain during the procedure too. In addition, I find it very satisfactory when I finished the brows of my model. You can see the before and after look of my model below.

Eyebrow embroidery

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!

Seeing Double at Wild Wild Wet!

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credits: wild wild wet
With dear Regina whose husband kindly took pictures for us!

What’s a better way to get wet? Its none other than visiting Wild Wild Wet!

If you have never been to Wild Wild Wet, you are missing out and if you have but it has been some time, there is no better time to revisit!

To celebrate the completion of the expansion of Wild Wild Wet to double its original size, Downtown East is bringing an overload of fun to the public with a Seeing Double promotion.

Members of the public just need to come dressed identically with a friend to enjoy double the fun for half the price at four key offerings at Downtown East – Wild Wild Wet, D’Resort, Orchid Bowl and eXplorerkid.

Now spanning 4 hectares, Wild Wild Wet is home to new attractions such as the Royal Flush.  Royal Flush is Asia’s first hybrid ride combining the Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE – effectively combining two rides into one unique experience. For younger kids, they also have the Kidz Zone, a set of miniature rides and slides that are suitable for kids.

Kidz Zone consists of five miniature rides for kids and families to enjoy an overload of fun at

credits: wild wild wet
credits: wild wild wet
credits: wild wild wet

Cafeteria for food and rest

I used to visit Wild Wild Wet when I was younger as I thought it was very fun. I remember enjoying the relaxed attractions such as the Shiok River and the Tsunami.  Hence when I heard they have introduced new attractions, I was very excited! I am already planning a trip there with my friends again.

The Woosh is already available

look at the massive queue!
Royal Flush, Wild Wild Wet’s new key attraction, was opened in March 2017
credits: wild wild wet

My favourite ride has to be The Woosh, which is 50 metres long, making it Singapore’s Longest Inflatable Freestyle Water Slide! The dual lanes allows guests to challenge each other and compete to see who can slide further along the slide.

Take part in setting Singapore Book of Records for the Most Number of People In Pairs Dressed Identically & win exciting prizes in the Best Dressed Competition!

Group photo of the “Seeing Double” participants. (credits: wild wild wet)

Why not come dressed identically to participate in the Seeing Double campaign at Downtown East from 4 June – 31 July 2017 to enjoy twice the excitement of special promos!

credits: wild wild wet
Old favourites – Ular-lah and Waterworks
For your safety, there’s life jackets available in adult and children sizes too!
Professor’s Playground – a kiddie play zone


Now you can rent fancy floats too! Comes in interesting designs etc.
Rental services to make your experience more interesting

Find out more about the Seeing Double campaign HERE. What are you waiting? Go have fun at Wild Wild Wet today!