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Always find it a hassle to call salons and book your appointments? I have the same problem! Hence when I got to know about JustBookSalon, an app that gives you the flexibility to book appointments at your fingertips, I was told.

Offering beauty solutions at your fingertips, this amazing app benefits consumers, salons, and even distributors. Never heard of an app that could do benefit three ways? Now you do! They offer a cloud base salon management system where salons can build their website and grow their business with them. They are different from other apps out there that only allows you to list the services and nothing more. Download the app off Google Play or Apple Store today and when you refer a friend, you either get a choice of S$1 cash instantly

Use their mobile app today when you book an appointment with a salon and you WILL receive and accumulate reward points which can be exchanged for e-vouchers or cash too!


So what are some of the common issues we consumers face? Aren’t there times when you find it hard to locate trustworthy salons in a foreign country? When I was in Taiwan and wanted to get a manicure because my nails broke, it was so difficult to find one because I wasn’t that proficient in my mandarin.

There were also times when I had to go through the hassle of calling the salon many times just to reschedule my appointment. I also din’t like that I was  forced to  head down to the salon just to get the pricing from a consultant. There was also zero updates on promotions.


Besides the problems we raging consumers face, small to mid tier salons do have their own set of problems too.

They are unable to reach out to new clients resulting in limited revenue. They have to go through the hassle of updating multiple systems and websites and as humans, we tend to make mistakes so there’s the information synchronisation issue as well.

In addition, they have to pay heavy upfront salon software costs. Where can they find time for a salon management system that handles their website, mobile app, and appointment booking system? What about budget limitation?

Besides consumers like us and salon owners, even distributors face issues. There is no common platform for Advertising and Promotion, hence it is impossible to reach out to new clients. Accounts are not updated or followed through when a salesperson resigns and don’t you just hate it the tedious process of handing over to a new salesperson?

This is where JustBookSalon comes to the rescue, offering you a one-stop solution where consumers, salons, advertisers and distributors can benefit.


For consumers, you can search and book appointments via the mobile app and purchase salon products and services online. Expect swift appointment bookings from now on. Expect International Salon Search at your fingertips and receive SMS/email alerts when you book your appointments with this app. You can also view promotions and prices at your own pace. Customers can book on the go and even keep their appointment history so they can refer.

Distributors will be able to receive ordering and consolidating delivery request by individual salon on the app.

Advertisers can also advertise on this one-stop platform.

What’s more? We are in for a treat as they will be launching an exciting new e-Salon shopping portal this 2017! Consumers can look forward to shopping for cosmetics/shampoo/spa products and other salon related services online! A new training academy will be launching soon too!


For salons, they offer a cloud base salon management system. Salons can build their Website with them and receive Mobile App content management with push notifications for Promotions. There is an Admin Console to manage all functions of Salon Single point of content management for Web and APP and spa administration so you can manage anywhere, anytime. You can also receive and manage Online appointments at your flexibility.

1.Receive visibility in an International Platform as overseas consumers can search and book your salons.

2.Receive assistance in advertising & promotion at an affordable price. Receive your own profile, design and branding with a free website and mobile app.

3.Expect Operational Efficiency (Automation) with the Salon Management System and CRM system.

JustBookSalon will assist salon owners to increase their business revenue.

Wish to find out more? Find them on Facebook and Youtube! Download it off Google Play or Apple Store.


Recently, thanks to Just Book Salon, I got my hair treated organically at their affiliated salon – Natural Organic Hair Studio. I had the Invigorating Hair Regrowth treatment. The whole experience took me only an hour and I thought it was very affordable for such a wonderful experience. This treatment targets the scalp mostly but also takes care of the hair. Even though it is not supposed to take care of the hair strands, I find that my hair is more manageable after the treatment. It has been about a few days and its so smooth and manageable.

They use O&M products that are also retailing at Sephora.

Before the treatment
During the treatment
After the treatment

Conveniently located at Block 271, Bukit Batok East Ave 4 #01-142. You can contact Timothy at +6597397077 to make an appointment or simply download JUSTBOOKSALON app to book an appointment.

Here are some salons that Just Book Salon is affiliated with in Malaysia which you might wish to visit.

Nail Mostilo – A nail salon and nail academy. Check it out here.

De Bella Concept – Check it out here.

Imperial Reflexology –  Check it out here.


So when you refer a friend today to download the app, YOU will receive  a choice of S$5 cash voucher or reward points!


Use their mobile app today when you wish to book an appointment with any salons and you WILL receive a promo code which you can present it to the salon and get discounts from the selected salon. Promo code is only available for new customers!


Pamper Your Breaking Feet with OSIM uStiletto!

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playing with my dog while enjoying a massage

If you noticed, I am rarely in stilettos as being in high heels all day makes me so prone to backaches and tired feet. I usually only wear high heels on the weekends and the rest of the week, slippers or flats.

I believe most of us will agree that although our feet do a lot of work, they are the least pampered part of our body. To pamper our feet and keep them strong and flexible, a daily dose of foot massage is definitely recommended.

Regular foot massage on our reflex points will help to improve blood circulation and promote better well-being.

How often do you feel your feet turn cold and numb after a day of walking in heels? Well, I do. This is the result of poor blood circulation.

I think the older I get, the more I find I need a day to rest in between and not wear stilettos every single day. I do want to wear stilettos for beauty’s sake as it makes me look better so in order to still wear them, I found a solution.

However how many of us can afford regular feet massage? Won’t that be very costly or tiring to upkeep the routine if you like visiting the massage parlour? Or won’t you have to tire your partner out to help you as well? Sometimes our own hands don’t give off enough strength as well. We might not be able to know exactly where our reflexes are too as well. This is when OSIM uStiletto comes to the rescue.

Recently I attended the launch of OSIM uStiletto and this is one of the most interesting event I have ever attended. We were ushered into the uStiletto experience zone where we were pampered like princesses. We were given a first hand trial at the uStiletto with guides serving us and attending to our needs throughout the experience.

sitting on the uStiletto Homemaker design.
super cute cupcakes in heel design
putting our water-colour painting skills to the test.
Alene (@paperkitties), Me and Celine (@chiamhuiy) all enjoying our massage. Follow them on instagram!

look at the other girls enjoying their massage!

After a long tiring day, the best way to relax is getting a soothing and relaxing foot massage with the OSIM uStiletto. OSIM uStiletto is a leg massager that understands a person’s needs (or should I say a woman’s needs?) as it has 5 auto massage programs available. The programs available includes: Pamper, Relief, Beauty, Reflexology and Sleep.

you may want to read a book while relaxing

For daily pampering, you may wish to go with Pamper or Relief mode. My personal favourite would be Beauty mode and for daily usage I will go with Reflexology or Sleep.

From day to night, you have a suitable program for each purpose. In the morning, you can settle for ‘Pamper’ massage program to gently awaken your legs for a brand new day. Fortnightly, you can go for the ‘Reflexology’ massage program to stimulate vital reflex points to enhance circulation. After a long day of wearing stilettos, you can alternate between ‘Relief’ and ‘Beauty’ massage programs. ‘Relief’ program reduces stress and tension accumulated on the legs and ankles. ‘Beauty’ program tones and shapes legs to restore vitality and glamour. Before gong to bed, I will go with ‘Sleep’ program to relax my body and mind for a restful beauty sleep. Instantly after the massage I find that my legs are less tight and looser after putting back on my stilettos.

I own a leg massager before, and honestly, I don’t find it as good as the OSIM uStiletto because the OSIM uStiletto has ‘S-Tone Airbags’ and ‘S-Care Rollers’ that provides you with a thorough and pampering massage for your legs. You can even select the intensity for both the airbags and rollers too.

The Airbags are strategically positioned so that they can massage your ankles, soles and calves separately. Intense airbag massage effectively melts away the tension caused by wearing stilettos , relieving muscle aches and strains for lighter footsteps.

The S-Care rollers stimulate vital reflex points (toes, ankles and arches of the feet), relieving pressure that builds up in these areas while encouraging positive flow of energy throughout the body for better health and well-being.

its so light, i can lift it up with one hand!

Available in 3 designs – Homemaker, Elegant and Kawaii, I like Homemaker most because of the sweet floral prints.

Homemaker design
Kawaii design
Elegant design


Limited Period Pre-sale Exclusive: Use my code < OSIMKOLzodnik> at to enjoy exclusive offer off the uStiletto from now till 30 May! uStiletto is also available at these selected OSIM roadshows, try it today at:

  1. Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun)
  2. Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May)
  3. Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun)
  4. Waterway Point, outside Charles&Keith (29 May till 11 Jun)

For more information on uStiletto:
Heard that prices are only going to go up, so do grab it fast!




So besides a very good massage, I would also recommend applying moisturising lotion and exfoliating your legs regularly. Personally, I think this massager is a very good buy and it is different from other leg massagers out there. Besides its sleek design, it targets the entire leg up to the knees for some of us which none of the massagers out there does. Go check it out on today!

Eyebrow Embroidery with Chrysalis

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Being a very fuss free person yet vain, I often opt for the easy way out when it comes to beauty. I like the idea of anything that screams semi-permanent and I chose to go for eyebrow embroidery ever since I learnt about it. However when I was young, I did not know that you have to choose your therapists and salon properly and went for whichever that was “cheap”. And the result of going to cheap salons? Well, my eyebrows are now uneven and it is not going to be easy to shape the eyebrows again without some correction.

Thank god I found Chrysalis Spa, which is so near my house! I am really very thankful that I found them.

love the treatment rooms
the gorgeous hallways
the locker rooms
the meeting rooms
the beautiful sitting area
the rooms where the magic happens
the front desk

This is the first time I feel like home when I am at a Spa, the spa managers were so friendly and warm. You might think its because I am a blogger but no, I see the way they treat customers as well and I know that they are genuine. Being a specialist in spa and facial treatments, they have recently launched their Brow Haven.

The Brow Haven™ – The Semi-Permanent Makeup Expert

The Brow Haven™ is a newly launched beauty sanctuary for those looking for natural brow and lash products as well as for effective, creative and pain-free Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lips Embroidery by Chrysalis™ Group. The Brow Haven™ is your one-stop Semi-Permanent Makeup brows, lash and face boutique, giving you the most natural look. Expect a natural and subtle semi-permanent makeup that is smudge-free.

all settled in my comfy chair
before starting on the procedure

The Brow Haven™ uses top-notch certified-safe colors and strict hygiene procedures of using new blades and tools for every customer. Other than cosmetic artistry like eyebrow shaping, eyebrow designing, lip, eyeliner & eyebrow embroidery, The Brow Haven™ also offers some very interesting and luxurious Face Treatments such as our signature Aqua Shine BB Semi Permanent Makeup Facial. High quality ingredients, tip-top spa rooms for you to indulge yourself while you have your little spa haven in easily located places where luxury meets comfortable, lifestyle and beauty are all integrated into one.

how comfortable it feels lying in that chair while Sally patiently draws my brows

eyebrows final shape
artistically and patiently drawing my brows

redrawing the brows because Sally is a perfectionist
checking out the mirror to see if the shape is good to go!

The Brow Haven™ now operates a chain of 2 Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialty outlets in Singapore.

numbing cream application, about 10 minutes
plastic wrapper to seal in the numbing cream

For eyebrow embroidery they have many options available. I chose to do their speciality, Wu Mei. I have tried it before in another clinic and honestly it did not last long so when I went to consult the therapist at Chrysalis and she chose Wu Mei for me, I was hesitant but she managed to convince me to try Wu Mei again which I did. I am really glad I chose to do Wu Mei instead of Creative eyebrow. It looks very natural and there is lesser downtime.

using the instrument to carve out the shape of the eyebrows

I love my therapist Sally who did a wonderful job on me. She is one of the star therapists there and she managed to change my Korean Thick Eyebrow shape to one thats thinner and has an arch. You might think its impossible to achieve a thinner eyebrow shape from a thick pair of eyebrows but she did it. She went the extra mile and applied removal cream to remove the unnecessary strokes leftover from the previous shape.

brows right after doing
brows after a week

Check out my eyebrows! I love them so so much. They are now even and also some of the unnecessary strokes leftover from the previous shape are looking less defined and have faded. Thank you Chrysalis for the beautiful eyebrows! I can’t wait to return for my touch up.


Simply quote Sydney at Chrysalis The Brow Haven™ – The Semi-Permanent Makeup Expert to enjoy a special promotion benefit:

  1. Classic Eyebrow Embroidery S$128.40 (UP S$243.96)

Follow Chrysalis on their following social media channels to find out more about their other treatments and services.




You can visit their outlets :

Ang Mo Kio Hub (AMK MRT)

AMK Hub #03-26, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569933

Tel: 6481 9270

Operating hours: 11am – 9pm (mon-Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat, Sun and PH)

Jurong Point (Boon Lay MRT)

Jurong Point, #01-23 JP2, 63 Jurong West Central 3 Singapore 648331