These gorgeous VELVET MATTE LIPSTICKS from NYX are highly pigmented, lasting lipsticks with a velvety- matte finish.


Love how pigmented they are, though abit drying on the lips but I found I was able to layer them on nicely. I especially love mixing EFFERVESCENT and BEACH CASUAL to form a soft pink. Below you can find the full swatches of the 9 out of 12 shades I have. 

Personal, A brand new me

Well, I am not one who love to share about my personal life all over social media because of the fear of being judged or being criticised but I guess I don’t really have to care about what others might think right since we all have secrets anyway. So what I really want to talk about is my new year resolutions. Its never too late to talk about them right? I think the important question is whether am i going about fulfilling them. So month of January was a serious wake up call for me. I met with so many disappointments I can’t even…but I think because of this, it caused me to question myself if whatever I am doing is right and this should be the way. Watched the show La La Land, and honestly, it wasn’t very interesting to me and I don’t want to pretend it is. Even though it wasn’t interesting to me, but it did served a higher purpose, it actually enlightened me. I had a few doors slammed in my face this month and was on the brink of giving up but then this show just give me a jolt and made me question that what if I dared to be different and showcase a different side of me, somebody that I really am.

I want to be a better me this year and all in all i want to love myself more this year. I have been neglecting my health and my heart that I want to give myself more love this year. Instead of pouring out love to others and probably get taken for granted, why not give myself more love? So the first thing I did was to sign up GYM. I am damn lazy and I never ever exercise. I am the kind who will never go to the gym or do any sports. I am probably the “dragger”?  And because of this notion I went to sign up fitness first.

I want to keep a routine, something to build on my resilience and discipline. I will wake up at 630am every day to head to gym before working or running errands.

I want to travel at least half a year for purely holidays to recharge myself and find inspirations.

I want to give my affection to a pet. Someone who is my best friend and companion.

I want to indulge in sweets that are good for my health like my fave dark chocolate. I wanna smoother myself with body lotion, neck cream and hand cream and whatever creams. I want to sleep to a nice scent every night.  I want to indulge myself. If no one buys me flowers I want to buy myself some flowers. If no one buys me a present, I want to buy myself a present. So yes, my notion for this year is to love myself more.