Whitening My Smile With Pop Smile!

whats in the ultimate kit!

Do you have a thing for pearly whites? Went for laser teeth whitening at a clinic before and even though it was effective it did not last and it was crazy expensive too 🙁 This changed the moment I found my whitening magic, POP SMILE! Perfect for sensitive teeth like mine, its peroxide free! Do you know Peroxide can damage your enamel, burn your gums and leave your teeth sensitive? Smile brighter and whiter without breaking the bank. All you need is simply 10 minutes a day and you can get clinically proven results at home. Not only is it easy to use, you get fast results too!

A teeth whitening brand, POP SMILE helps your selfie game to get a whole lot stronger!

With a 99% natural, peroxide-free whitening gel, plus a patented pre-treatment and a little LED magic, POP SMILE‘s teeth whitening kit brightens teeth by up to 8 shades (clinically proven).

3 peroxide-free whitening gels.
per syringe

√99% natural and peroxide-free formula.
√ Clinically proven results.
√ Made in the US. FDA registered.
√ Patented pre-treatment.
√ Whitening trays customisable to your own teeth shape to maximise results. Teeth Whitening Pen, Whitening Trays Case and Travel Pouch included.

comes with a travel pouch

Besides the performance benefits, you get to enjoy Free Shipping World Wide and its SAFE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH.

LED Device

Use the kit everyday for 10 mins only for 9 days! Enjoy your beaming smile for up to 3 months before repeating after 3 months!

1. Prep your teeth using a Pre-Treatment swab – Whitening Accelerator for the first 5 days

2. Form the whitening trays by boiling water and pour into a flat container allowing it to cool slightly. Using the handle tabs on the whitening trays, place the trays in hot water for 5-7 seconds only before placing in your mouth and pressing with fingers to form around your teeth. Remember to cut off the tabs!

3. Fill the whitening tray with 0.5ml of the peroxide-fee whitening gel and place in your mouth, removing excess gel from the gums.
4. Smile and place the LED Light in front of your teeth. Close mouth and press the white button to activate the light. Sit back, relax and get ready for your bright, new POP SMILE! After 10 minutes, remove the LED device and trays. Rinse mouth and trays with lukewarm water. Remember to remove plastic under the batteries before use
Follow with the whitening pen for even brighter teeth!


I have went for teeth whitening at aesthetic clinics before and boy was it a hassle! The process was tedious, long and uncomfortable. The process took about 45 minutes but it was very uncomfortable as I had to put the device and tool inside for the entire 45 minutes which didn’t felt good and wasn’t worth it I guess.

Love that this kit provides so much convenience and makes the perfect travel kit! I love how easy it is to use and how effective the product is.



Thats all about my experience so far,  I highly recommend this kit for those interested in teeth whitening! Thank you for reading and hope this review helped you in deciding if this kit is perfect for you. Find out more information here!


My Buys From USKOOP!

Enjoy Online Shopping? Me too! There are many perks that comes along with online shopping. I especially love to ship things from overseas because thats when its more unique as local Singaporeans don’t really have access to them! I have been purchasing from a few shopping portals previously and thought they were really slow and expensive when it comes to the shipping portion so I went on a hunt for a better shopping portal and guess what, thats when I discovered USKOOP! Have you heard of them? If you haven’t, you are missing out!

Uskoop IS your NEW best friend when it comes to online purchases! They are an online concierge who specialise in helping shoppers buy and get their purchases delivered with a simplified and integrated shopping process.

They are an one-stop portal that helps online shoppers enhance their global shopping experience. With their platform and services linked to merchants in the US and UK who sell authentic and quality products, shoppers (like me and YOU!) who desire to buy from overseas merchants overseas can simply use Uskoopto buy the products they want and shipping will be coordinated and managed by Uskoop. Avid shoppers no longer have to navigate different web sites to buy and arrange shipping separately OR fear not being able to buy products that overseas merchants do not ship internationally.

Striving to make the shopping process as simple as possible, the purchasing process is really easy. There are only 4 steps to it!

  1. Head over to USKOOP
  2. Visit the Global Merchant websites
  3. Paste the products’ URL onto USKOOP portal
  4. Checkout

This saves so much time, shipping costs and agent fees as well without the hassle to navigate and checkout from various online stores. As a bonus,  they even help shoppers source the products WE desire AT A BETTER PRICE from lesser known merchants and provide full service support to follow up with the merchants on their orders. Don’t you think we will benefit in saving much time and costs when shopping great buys from overseas merchants with Uskoop?

If you are a makeup and brand addict, some of the items you can get are the LIMITED EDITION HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Surreal Light Blush, Bronzer & Strobe Powder Palette from Nordstrom, LORAC palette, Anastasia Beverly eyeshadow palette, designer bags, wristlets and shoes from Macys or 6pm at a very reasonable rate. Other trending stuffs like beauty products from BH Cosmetics, designer bags from Coach US or Kate Spade US or even luxury items like Christian Louboutin US are also available too!

I bought this gorgeous fully customised Adidas Superstar from them and guess what, they perfected my customised features for me! No other portals that I know of are able to do that for me. Thank you USKOOP for going through the pains of understanding my customisable features and getting it for me. Now you guys know my secret. You too, can get this from USKOOP! Don’t say I never share.


Oh and make sure you follow their FACEBOOK PAGE or INSTAGRAM PAGE for more of such promotions and offers. Hop onto #USKOOPBUYS to checkout what other people bought too!


Fav Collagen Drink: FANCL TENSE UP

Many of my friends like to ask me this question about how I can look this radiant and as always, my secret is the same. All thanks to FANCL Tense Up collagen drink, I look radiant and have this radiant glow on my skin all the time! I have always been a loyal consumer of FANCL Tense Up since I was 19. Never stopped since. My sister is a firm believer of FANCL Tense Up too! She drank for a consecutive 3 months right before her wedding and was raving about it the whole time which got me on the bandwagon too.

I believe you guys have heard me raving about FANCL Tense Up previously right? In my previous trip to visit FANCL outlets in Hong Kong, I was educated on the harmfulness of preservatives in skincare and how preservatives affects the efficacy of the active ingredients in skincare. It also affects the skin’s DNA and causes stress to the skin. Not only that, it weakens the skin’s elasticity and stimulates melanin production too! Of course, if you do not want any of these adverse effects happening to you, usage of products with no preservatives are a must! FANCL stresses strongly that their products are 100% No Preservatives and contain no skin damaging additives, or mineral oils.

With that, FANCL developed the Tri-Peptide Collagen, a patented Japanese technology to replenish the exact collagen type needed by skin to produce or replenish collagen loss. Each FANCL Tense Up drink has 2600mg of collagen.

Tri-Peptide Collagens are tiny molecules that are easily absorbed by the skin. Retailing at $58 for 50mL x 10 bottles in a box, I found it very affordable! They also come in small bottles that are very easy to bring whenever I travel!

We just had a fun blogger event where we used TenseUp as an ingredient in coming up with desserts and drinks. You can try it too!

Of course, not many people like the taste of collagen drinks and even think collagen is something extra and unnecessary. And if you have tried other brands’ collagen drinks and find the taste strange, you will like Tense Up because it has a very fruity taste. It’s actually delicious.

Most of us only care about the outer beauty, but what about inner beauty? We should not neglect the importance of Beauty Supplements! Beauty Supplements are what you need to ‘boost’ your skin care regime. Supplements brings much needed skincare into your body. . Like your usual vitamin C and E intake, collagen should be included in your beauty regimen too! Collagen helps maintain the skin’s firmness, moisture level and elasticity which is key to staying youthful!

Many people think collagen is for mature women, but do you know that the earlier you start, the better? Suitable for whether you are in your 20s, 30s and 40s, it is never too early or too late to replenish collagen. So, after taking Tense Up Collagen Drink, I found my skin to be more moisturized and makeup stays longer throughout the day too! And of course, that subtle glow on the face cannot be missed! Before, my skin would appear dull after a long day at work—but now it’s visibly radiant even if I’m out all day. I also don’t have to retouch makeup as often as I used to.

For usage, wise, you can consume it any time of the day after meal, or before bed but its highly recommended to drink it at night before sleep because skin metabolism rate is higher at night during sleep. I like to bring FANCL Tense Up with me wherever I go, its quite travel friendly so I would bring some bottles with me when I go travel. I can also just have it after a jog!

You can find FANCL at Isetan Scotts, Robinsons Raffles City and Suntec City West Wing. And just last 25 November, they opened a new counter at VivoCity! If you visit their VivoCity counter, you can participate in a lucky draw where you can stand to win an iWatch Generation 2 with any purchase! Just visit any time from 25 to 25 December to participate!

You can also get a FREE $10 e- voucher when you download the iFANCL app for the first time! You can download the iFANCL SG app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Also, remember to follow FANCL Singapore Facebook Page for amazing offers and discounts!

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped you in understanding the benefits of drinking collagen while young.

Exfoliate & Lift With Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion!

Remember my last review on Phillips latest VisaPure Advanced skincare tool and me raving about it? I am currently trying their Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion and boy am I surprised how amazing this product is!

The new range of Philips skincare tools offers women four new ways to refresh and pamper their skin. The range comprises of Philips VisaPure Essential Anti-Blemish, Philips VisaCare, Philips VisaBoost, and Philips VisaPure Advanced and they feature innovative technologies in the areas of skin cleansing and care, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. Designed for women across different age groups and skin types, this line of smart beauty solutions is sold exclusively at five Sephora stores in Singapore.

Philips VisaPure Essential Anti-Blemish, Philips VisaCare, Philips VisaBoost, and Philips VisaPure Advanced aim to bring the salon experience into the home, giving women’s otherwise manual beauty regimes a face lift through advanced technologies.

Exfoliate and lift with Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion. Equipped with the microdermabrasion technology commonly used in professional beauty salons, the Philips VisaCare invigorates and maintains skin’s natural youthful look. Philips VisaCare’s DualAction Air Lift and Exfoliation system encourages blood circulation, while removing dead skin cells.

This stimulates the natural cell renewal process, resulting in younger-looking skin in just four to six weeks. Suitable for all skin types, the Philips VisaCare can be used for five minutes twice a week for a smoother, firmer and more radiant skin. 93% of women who have used Philips VisaCare reported instantly smoother skin, while 84% agreed their skin looks more radiant and healthier.


I felt that the product was easy to use and liked that right after using the product I could feel that my skin was tighter and definitely more radiant afterwards. Being a home based spa treatment product, the product is less bulky and provides almost similar to a good spa experience except minus the time and money spent.


The new range of Philips skincare products will be available from March 17, 2016 at the selected Sephora Stores: Ion Orchard #01-05/06; Marina Bay Sands #B2-43/44; Serangoon NEX #01- 35/36/37; Suntec City Mall #01-314/315/316; and Vivo City #01-178.

The product is retailing at S$489.

Rejuvenation with Philips VisaPure Advanced!

Been trying a new skincare tool recently and love how useful it is! The Philips VisaPure Advanced, one of the four new products in Phillip’s New Line of Advanced Skincare Tools retails exclusively at Sephora stores in Singapore and is the product I am in love with recently.

Building on the success of the award- winning Philips VisaPure, Philips is now bringing in four new skincare tools for women in Singapore. The Philips VisaPure Essential Anti-Blemish, Philips VisaCare, Philips VisaBoost, and Philips VisaPure Advanced feature innovative technologies in the areas of skin cleansing and care, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

With women increasingly leading such hectic lifestyles, the Philips VisaPure Advanced combines several beauty tools into one device, for a stepped up beauty routine that leaves skin radiant, revitalized and healthy quickly and more affordably at home. The new line of Philips skincare tools aims to bring the salon experience into the home, giving women another alternative to add to their beauty regime that uses technology to enhance and protect their skin.

The new range of Philips skincare tools offers women four new ways to refresh and pamper their skin. Taking at-home skincare routine to the next level, the Philips VisaPure Advanced features a tailored cleansing and care approach, providing women with a pampering three-step facial in less than five minutes. Developed in collaboration with Japanese massage experts, this advanced facial cleansing tool comes with three interchangeable heads – Deep Cleansing, Revitalizing Massage and Fresh Eyes – that work to improve micro-circulation, increase absorption of skincare products and refresh tired eyes.

Fresh Eyes Brush – which is used for the eyes but can double up as a face massager too!
Revitalizing Massage Brush


I found the tool to be an interesting addition to my home and with the convenience given, I no longer need to travel far and out to get my facial treatment done. I love how  convenient this skincare tool is, and how it cleanses, rejuvenates and refreshes my skin. The bristles on the brushes are also not painful and are not harsh on the skin.


The retail price is S$455 and the new range of Philips skincare products is already available at the selected Sephora Stores: Ion Orchard #01-05/06; Marina Bay Sands #B2-43/44; Serangoon NEX #01- 35/36/37; Suntec City Mall #01-314/315/316; and Vivo City #01-178.


WISH to win a  PHILIPS VisaPure Advanced? All you have to do is answer this question, WHY do you want to win the Philips VisaPure Advanced? 

ONE lucky winner will stand to win a Phillips VisaPure Advanced for herself/himself!

Hope this post helped in your decision on whether to purchase the product and thank you for reading xx