Skincare Regime With IDS

So I recently started my IDS skincare journey with JYSK SKIN SOLUTIONS, the manufacturers of IDS Skincare. Have been a fan of IDS sunscreen for the longest time ever. About 2 years back, I actually visited IDS clinic as a customer and bought a few of their products after consultation however, as I was not willing to spend money on a brand new range of skincare products, I bought only a few out of the entire range. The range I bought at that time didn’t really improve my skin condition hence I stopped but I have to say, I love their non-tinted sunscreen and I been using it daily ever since I bought my first bottle! It is non greasy and controls oil very well! I like the matte finish too. At that time, my friends were all raving about IDS Skincare. Can you imagine my happiness when fast forward two years now, I have a chance to finally try the entire range of IDS Skincare with JYSK SKIN SOLUTIONS? I was literally jumping with excitement. Hence, below, is my entire regime (Day & Night) in sequence.


Texture is lightweight and foams easily. Love how fresh and clean my skin feels right after washing with it! I like that it doesn’t strip off moisture too. Comes in a hygienic pump so it makes cleansing easier.


Suitable for all skin types, the texture is lightweight and somehow smells citrusy! Comes in a mist-like pump, which can act like a mist or toner. I usually spray some on my cotton pad at night before I apply my nightcare regime and in the morning, I just spray this all over my face.


This is used as a drying step in the entire regime. Meant to dry up the sebum and unclog the pores, my face turns slightly red over the areas applied. Comes in a hygienic pump so it makes sure sufficient amount is being taken only. It stings a little and also smells slightly more medicinal like.


My favourite of the entire range! Did you know that Vitamin C is good for your skin and body? I love this so much I usually apply over my whole face. This acts like a potent moisturiser for me! Very lightweight texture and absorbs really fast too. It smells so citrusy and glides on smoothly when applied.


Was given only AA to reduce my pigmentation on my first visit but on the subsequent review, I was given HC to try as well. HC is only meant for use of 3 months, and this is more potent than AA apparently. I usually apply this lightly over my pigmentation areas. AA’s texture is more liquid while HC is more gel type. Quantity is much lesser compared to the other bottles. So far, my pigmentation has significantly reduced.


Meant for pimples and acts like a pimple gel, this is perfect for reducing my acne. So far, I have used it for awhile now and while small pimples disappear, the bigger ones have yet to. However as I have recently travelled, maybe my skin needs readjusting again! Texture is gel type and lightweight. I like the mechanism this bottle has though! It works like a syringe and is super cute!


Have been using the non-tinted sunscreen for awhile now and never thought of switching to the tinted one, but after using this, I am hooked. Being a creamy yet lightweight texture, this glides on so smoothly and acts like a light primer over the face due to the tinted colour it provides. I sometimes use this as my base and then put some powder over it to set when I want lighter coverage.


Used as a make up base or foundation, this is perfect for daily use. It is non-oily but hydrating enough so my skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped of moisture. I like that it provides adequate yet natural coverage and glides on smoothly. Being a creamy texture, it is so easy to blend into the skin.


Meant for whitening purposes, I was so happy to be able to try this! You have to take 3 tablets a day to see results. Typically, results will only show after 2 months of intake. I have previously tried other brands of whitening tablets and have achieved quite good results.

The tablet size for this is slightly bigger than other whitening tablets I have taken before. So far it has been only a month, so I have yet to see results haha but will review again when I do!

So currently, these are all the products I am using. Cant wait to witness better skin soon! Till next time xx.

Eyelash Eyebrow Services At True Eyelash Beauty

Visited True Beauty Eyelash yesterday, the first Taiwan-based salon in Singapore. Located in Bugis Cube, just opposite Bugis Junction, it is so convenient! It is about 5 mins walk away from Bugis MRT station.

Specialising in Eyelash Extension and Creative Eyelash Design, I got to try out the eyelash extension and “Wumei” eyebrow embroidery. I have previously went for MANY eyelash extension and eyebrow embroidery services so I guess I am in a good position to review their services.


So it’s been just a week since I did it and I have been raving about it to everyone who asked me! I have never experienced such thick eyelashes before and I love it! I have once tried to ask a certain salon for their thickest eyelashes but it wasn’t as thick to my liking. Reason why I like thick eyelashes because they look better in photos and as I am going towards the American look now, I want thicker lashes like how the Caucasians have it. I used to like the natural look but that’s passé.

Even though eyelash extension is common and is currently trending in Singapore, they strive to differentiate themselves with authentic lash extension technique imported from Taiwan providing professional consultation and after care services. Some of their therapists originate from Taiwan too! Had a good talk with them about my recent Taiwan trip. They even gave me a cute eyelash brush for my newly added eyelashes.


Ok…so I have no idea why they are not promoting aggressively on their eyebrow services too (they are more well known for eyelash services) but I thought their eyebrow services should be the HIGHLIGHT because this is my FIRST time trying out an electrical method of eyebrow embroidery. If you have tried eyebrow embroidery before, you would know that it’s very painful because they actually “scrap” line by line manually using a tool over your eyebrows with ink. BUT it is not the case here. It is less painful as they use a tiny machine to go over your eyebrows. She also said the electrical way strengthens the colour (also means “shang se”). It is also SUPER fast. They finished my eyebrows in less than 20 minutes minus the waiting for numbing cream to set time.

Usually I am tormented for more than an hour when they do it manually. So yes, I am extremely grateful its that fast. Using the “wumei” method, she merely goes over my eyebrows slightly but covers all the empty holes I had due to my last eyebrow embroidery fading. I asked for a slight arch because I am sick of the Korean straight eyebrows. She told me that if I were to do another touch up in about a month’s time, my eyebrows would last for about a year to a year and half. The best part? I could wash my eyebrows with splashing water right away, no need to wait unlike the traditional way.

Check out their FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM or contact them at 8651 9067!



The Face Inc Correct Blemish Kit REVIEW

I have been facing blemish/acne problems every now and then. During certain seasons or periods, my acne would act up again. It gets really bad during polluted periods as well such as the haze. Those with sensitive skin would face this issue prettyyyy often.

During my teenage years, I would often face teen acne but now as I am older and into my adult years  I faced adult acne. This is a real issue for me because my teen acne wasn’t as serious as now.

Anyway, if you have the same issue as me…here’s a little something that aims to treat acne/blemish! I recently got to try The Face Inc Correct Blemish Kit which is pretty good however the only bad thing I found was that the smell is pretty bad.

If you haven’t heard of The Face Inc you might be happy to know that they are Doctor prescribed skincare. The Face Inc comprises a range of products near pharmaceutical grade, specifically formulated to tackle the prevailing conditions of acne and blemishes, pigmentation and scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

1. Step 1 – Blemish Essence: A proprietary formulation that reduces and prevents the appearance of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and decreases sebaceous activities.Texture is watery and has a very strong scent similar to Ammonia.

2. Step 2 – Blemish Concentrate: A proprietary formulation that controls the production of sebum and soothes irritated skin. This reduces occurences of blemishes and breakouts. Texture is thicker and has a very strong scent similar to Ammonia.

3. Step 3 – Acne Treatment: A proprietary spot treatment that clears infected pores and dries up blemishes. Texture is more runny and has a very strong scent similar to Ammonia. Easily absorbed to the skin and non stingy.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly recommended for combination or acne prone skin


Online purchase available at or Sasa cosmetic stores islandwide


Blemish Essence 30ml and S$58, Blemish Concentrate 30ml and S$58, Acne Treatment 17ml and S$58


CHECK OUT new samples available to purchase at! QUOTE <BBXSYDNEY10> for 10% off other exclusive items


I guess, for every modern girl it is essential to know how to take a good OOTD shot especially for those who wish to showcase their love for fashion online. When I first started taking OOTDs, I did struggle with it because I was a newbie and had to do a lot of trial and error. So here are my tips! Please understand I am not a professional model so these are purely tips on how I take MY OOTDs that I would like to share with likeminded people.


So when I choose clothes, I always go for the fitting. I rarely shop offline, always online. I go for clothes with stretchy material and try to avoid bodycon and skin tight outfits because it forms a weird bulge at the tummy area and it is quite difficult to pose in these outfits. Instead, my favorite outfits to take photos in are flowy dresses or street wear because you can walk in them without being too stiff and allow the wind to do its magic. Since I shop online very often, I am always on the lookout for offers and promotions. Save huge on your Shopping AND check out ZALORA’s latest fashion coupons! I always shop at ZALORA.


I can’t stress the importance of using a DSLR. I have an interchangeable camera and also a DSLR and no matter how amazing my interchangeable camera is, I still prefer my DSLR. By the way, my interchangeable camera comes with a professional lens too. DSLR somehow can provide the depth that even sometimes the human eyes cannot see. What a DSLR can capture is a picture that tells a story whereas an interchangeable camera can only take a photo. When I first started photography, I went straight into buying an expensive DSLR (which I had no idea how to use then) and till this day after 2 years, I am still using it. It is my heavy-duty camera and I use it almost EVERYDAY.


(Wearing SHUCOUTURES’s Kelly Off Shouldered White Dress)

I am such a geek that I often use my free time researching on how to edit photos and even though the raw photos are good enough, I can’t help but edit them a little more. When I am on the computer, I use Photoshop & Lightroom to edit. When I am on the phone, I use VSCOcam, Facetune and Photoshop Express for my edits.


So many would tell you that location is everything and who doesn’t know that? When I first started taking OOTDs, I didn’t drive so going to beautiful locations was tough. If you are new in this, I recommend going somewhere accessible and below are a list of pretty locations that are rather accessible (you might need to do some walking) and even have clean toilets for you to use. You definitely need a toilet to freshen up before every photo.


  1. Flyer
  2. Victoria Museum
  3. National Gallery of Singapore
  4. Marina Bay Sands
  5. Fort Canning Park
  6. People’s Park Complex Rooftop


I can’t stress this enough. Everyone has a good angle and a bad one. I am not good with my right side but it’s still bearable. My best sides are the left side of my face and frontal. You have to take a few photos to know which is your best side.


(Wearing SHUCOUTURES’s Old Shanghai Dress With High Split)

When I first started out, I tried to mimic the poses other bloggers did but now as I am getting the hang of it, I can do my own poses without looking at pictures for inspiration. I have huge hips and humongous thighs, so when I pose, I keep them straight or cross one leg in front for a slimmer look.


Well, this is the most important thing ever. For me, I don’t usually ask my friends to take photos for me unless we are SUPER close because I get awkward. I am extremely awkward in studio shots however when I am outdoors, I perform much better. I always ask my boyfriend to help me take photos because it’s so much easier and less awkward. He somehow knows all my angles already so that somehow speeds up the process too!


Damn, so there are obviously times where I look like shit especially times during my period. Breakouts, enlarged pores etc. Even my hair looks like a mess. These periods, I try not to take photos because when I feel like shit I look like shit. Hence, I always make sure I sleep well the night before I know I will be taking photos. I don’t look perfect everyday too since I am only human.


So some tips here don’t have a subject headline because I have no idea where to categorize them. The last tip I have about OOTDs is that you have to choose a background that goes well with your clothing. Very often, the photo looses its touch because the places don’t go well with the outfit you are wearing which can essentially ruin the picture.

(Wearing SHUCOUTURE’s Valerie Kelsey Suede Dress)

That’s all for my tips! Hope it helps. Till then xx.

Labo Labo Super-Moist 5H5C Giveaway & Review

Win yourself a Labo Labo Super-Moist 5H5C full range worth $119+! Details below so keep reading!

The Labo Labo Super-Moist 5H5C series is the first products of it’s kind in Japan to have this powerhouse of beautifying ingredients. You will be surprised to learn that 5H5C stands for 5 types of Hyaluronic acid and 5 types of Collagen. Each product in their range is incorporated with 5H5C. Labo Labo being the sister brand of Dr. Ci:Labo is highly sought after and even have their flagship store in Ion Orchard basement. 

I have always been a fan of Japanese skincare products since young as they work best for my skin! Unlike European brands, Japanese brands comprises of ingredients that are more suited for our Asian skin. Can you imagine my amazement when I found out Labo Labo series is developed by certified Japanese dermatologists and 100% Made in Japan? I was also surprised to find out that the Labo Labo series is free from irritants which means NO fragrance, NO artificial colouring, NO mineral oil and NO paraben are added.

With an adhesive strength that keeps the product from washing off, Their products retains moisture over long periods of time and protects the surface of the skin. I tried and tested it with my hands and true enough, even after washing it off with water, the moisture is still kept there. Skin is still moisturised.

SUPER-MOIST GEL (60g, $34.90)

A multi-functional moisturizing gel that approaches the signs of First ageing. Works as a moisturizer, toner, serum, whitening cream and makeup base. It is highly recommended that those with dry skin apply several layers of the product. I find that the texture is extremely lightweight and absorbs really quickly into the skin unlike most gels. It is also very cooling when applied which is a plus factor for me especially when we are located in such a humid country like Singapore. Gel type is best for those who have combination skin type! Plus, the light citrus-y scent made me fell in love even more.

Super-Moist UV Cream SPF30 PA++ (25g, $29.90)

A sunblock cream rich in beauty ingredients that treat dryness and dark spots. Made of Mandarin orange peel extract which naturally gives off a light citrus-y fragrance to it. Mandarin orange peel extract is best for brightening purposes! I used to apply Mandarin Orange peels as a home-made face mask. Although it is a sunscreen, I could experience the elasticity and resilience of the skin as I use it daily. It provides ultimate comfort to my skin thanks to its light texture. It does not tug the skin as it glides on really smoothly with little strength needed.


After skin care, place an appropriate amount onto the palm of the hand and gently apply to the entire face. As it works as a base, makeup can be applied immediately.

Super-Moist W-Washing (120g, $24.90)

A Foaming cleanser that combines the 2 steps of “Makeup removal” and “Facial wash” in 1 Step! A 100% plant based soap made out of Palm Tree, it can cleanly remove makeup and dirt with just One Wash! With a creamy foam texture, it foams up really fast. Look how easily it foams with that tiny amount. After rinsing with cold water and patting dry, skin is clean but doesn’t feel stripped at all and even feels moisturised.


Place an appropriate amount of the product on the palm of your hand well while adding cold or warm water. Wash the face while gently enveloping the face with the entire foam. Rinse well.

Super-Moist Lotion (150ml, $29.90)

A lotion that provides a satisfying degree of moisture! Thoroughly permeates the skin for supple, elastic skin that is filled with moisture. Made with Sesaflash (from sesame seeds) and Rosefruit extract that gives skin elasticity and strong in antioxidants, this lotion feels light on the skin due to its watery texture. I usually like to use this with cotton pad after removing makeup at night or pat with my fingers during the day before putting on makeup.


After washing the face, place an appropriate amount on the palm of the hand and blend, ensuring that it permeates the entire face OR moisten a piece of cotton with a generous amount of lotion and apply to particularly dry areas for 3-5minutes.

Labo Labo Super-Moist 5H5C is now available at their Ion store, #B3-41 Ion Orchard (tel no. 6238-8395) or via online at You can also find them in selected 12 Watsons stores (Anchorpoint/ Bugis Junction/ Bukit Panjang Plaza/ Causeway Point/ ION/ JEM/ NEX/ Ngee Ann City/Parkway Parade/Toa Payoh Hub/  Westgate/ West Mall) 


Until 20 April, get 15% off from the selected Watsons stores above.


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Collection period:  15-23 April at our Ion store


Good luck and till then!