Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Samsung Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2016 [FSO 2016] returns for a six-week extravaganza from 25 March – 8 May 2016. Was honoured to be invited as one of the VIP guests for this event thanks to Saffron Communications! Was at the show last year and it was an eye-opener as it was the first time I saw a fashion show on Orchard Road Runway itself! I remembered the after party was not bad as well. It is a must if you like unconventional stuff and shows!


Organised by Orchard Road Business Association [ORBA], FSO 2016 is presented by Samsung, the festival’s Official Technology Partner.

In conjunction with FSO 2016, Samsung is also launching its latest Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+ and S7 edge 4G+. Samsung Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2016 is supported by Singapore Tourism Board [STB], with MasterCard as the Official Card.

A string of lifestyle activities from events, a signature runway show, fashion installations and exclusive MasterCard® shopping promotions have been planned for the annual festival, as Orchard Road’s famous shopping belt celebrates the Spring/Summer fashion season with local and international brands.

So on the 26 March, last Saturday, Celebrities, VVIPs, influencers, a record cast of 188 models / talent in the fashion festival’s seven- year history, and more than 150,000 visitors were at the spectacular Orchard Fashion Runway, which raised the curtain to the annual Samsung Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard 2016 last Saturday. I heard they even celebrated JJ Lin’s birthday! Such a pity I was sick and couldn’t make it.

The hour-long Orchard Fashion Runway is curated by Singapore’s fashion doyen Daniel Boey who presented eight fashion labels – FOX Kids & Baby, Raffles Privato, RÊVASSEUR, SEAN & SHEILA, MASH-UP, PHANTACi, Thomas Wee and UNIQLO. The street event continued with an after-party featuring Zouk’s resident DJ Hong till 11pm. I am sure thats fun! Last year’s after party was good too! We were shopping like mad at the after party!

For the first time, an entourage of more than a dozen personalities, influencers and artistes from Singapore and around the region will join the Orchard Fashion Runway. They include JJ Lin [Singapore]; VJ Daniel [Indonesia]; Min Chen [Malaysia]; Laureen Uy [Philippines]; Aisyah Aziz [Singapore], Sheila Sim [Singapore], Hayley Woo [Singapore], and more.


Throughout FSO period, at various venues, lifestyle and/or fashion-themed events and experiences, organised by Orchard Road stakeholders, will also be made available for the public to enjoy throughout this period.



Fri 25 Mar – Sun 8 May 2016
Charge $300 to your MasterCard® card at participating malls and redeem a $30 shopping voucher.


Fri 25 Mar – Sun 8 May 2016
Stand a chance to win shopping vouchers in the Shop, Dine & Win
Draw with every S$50 spent at participating malls. Charge your purchases to your MasterCard® card and TRIPLE your chances of winning!

Do check out the exciting fringe activities happening between 25th March to 8th May! For more info visit

FANCL Junket To HK

Had the time of my life in HK this year thanks to FANCL and Touch PR team! Thank you for having me at this junket. It was truly an eye opener and such an opportunity of a lifetime. Actually, come to think of it, a lot of good things happened to me this year and I have to thank my lucky stars for them. I even extended this trip with Miyake as its her first time in HK. So before heading to this trip, I have already heard of FANCL and in all honesty, I was their paying customer when they were still in Singapore! They got out of the Singapore market a couple of years ago but fans of FANCL rejoice! You will be happy to know that they will be coming back to Singapore this April 1st! SO excited for this! I have previously heard so many good things about their collagen drink and I myself bought boxes of them after seeing actual results from my sister!

Anyway, FANCL got us SQ flight tickets and it was a wonderful experience as usual. I have always been a fan of SQ flights because of the spacious leg room and food on board. Even though we were all separated, I managed to sit with Celine on the flight. Thank god I had her on the flight so it wasn’t boring at all.

Upon reaching there, we met up with Rachel (our lovely guardian from Touch PR) and Gary (Representative from FANCL team). They were such lovely hosts! They brought us to Marco Polo hotel to check in first and then we had an hour to prepare before we leave for FANCL head office visit and brand presentation. We were greeted with a spacious room for each of us and also a specially packaged sample kit from FANCL.

Our itinerary for the day was to go through a brand presentation, watch some demonstrations of the products and skin consultation with device workshop at the FANCL HK Head Office Training Room before ending off with a French fine dining experience. Now this sounds like quite a treat already right?

First up at FANCL HK Head Office. I like that it had a stairs within the office itself. The entire office took up two floors and you can simply walk up and down to the desired floor you want to go to or you can walk out to the lift lobby and take the lift instead. They have huge spacious meeting rooms, skin analysis stations and training rooms where they conduct workshops. Best part, we were greeted with their very own brand of Green Tea (No preservatives added) and delectable sweet treats by one of the famous patisserie in HK.

FANCL HK Head Office Boardroom, Fantastic Natural Cosmetics Limited, 20/F., Sun Life Tower, Harbour City, Tsim Shat Sui, Hong Kong

It was a thorough brand presentation led by Candy and Karen from HK Fancl team. They were very warm towards us and all had such beautiful skin. I was truly envious of their complexion! The entire Fancl team had really good complexion I have to say.

After the presentation, we went on to try out the products and did a series of tests at their training rooms. We compared FANCL products with some other trusted brands in the market and as expected, FANCL products came out as the best. FANCL products are far more moisturising and hydrating than any other brands. They also carried the long lasting advantage as well. So in FANCL, they focus on the LESS IS MORE philosophy and do not add preservatives into their products. Originating from Japan, they use high-penetration nano-capsule technology. This technology delivers precious nutrients to the deepest layer of the epidermis. Skin will look younger, radiant and more translucent with continuous use.

Using highly active ingredients, cells self-repair, and lead to healthy hydration and unparalleled suppleness. They also focus strongly on collagen nutrients. Very known for their mild cleansing oil, their cleansing oil thoroughly removes all traces of makeup and prevents skin damage. Containing super refined Nano Cleansing Particles, makeup is dissolved effortlessly. Texture is smooth, easy to apply and gently removes all my makeup. I have tried other brands of cleansing oil before and honestly, this removes faster than the rest.

So with a rather huge R&D department, they sell their products in small sized bottles to ensure the products stay fresh within the 60 day golden efficacy period. Production date is also shown so you can tell when it is manufactured. The way of sealing the bottles is also very unique as they use a unique patented seal design. I had a fun time unlocking and opening the products. However the main selling point of FANCL products is they do not contain preservatives. Preservatives can cause stress to cells and aggravate oxidation damage which is why they don’t incorporate them in their products even though preservatives can keep products fresh. These problems will lead to weak, sensitive and premature aging.

For me, as i have tried Tense Up before, I am glad to have the opportunity to try it again. Collagen as consulted by my friends is key in preventing ageing. Collagen is there to increase skin elasticity. Every bottle of Tense Up contains 2600mg of tri-peptide collagen. Tri-peptide is also patented by FANCL.

After going through the skin consultation with device workshop ,  I must say it was very to the point and quick. They explained to me how I should consider taking whitening and collagen supplements because whitening can remove scars/marks while collagen can improve elasticity. My skin is seriously lacking in these two aspects. Was convinced after seeing the skin test results on the brand manager. She is close to 40 but her skin is even better than mine!

She showed us how to use the FANCL washing powder with the sponge ball.

Came dinner time, and we were all invited to dinner at EPURE French Fine Dining (Private Dining Room). Sourced from the freshest ingredients and in bite sized portions, we had a very enjoyable dinner. During the dinner, FANCL’s management started sharing about their other products like the Fat Burner and the Calorie Burner. Apparently they bring these sachets with them everywhere they eat to maintain their weight and figure. They gave us some samples to try along the way which convinced Celine. She bought three boxes of each the very next day when we went FANCL stores’ visiting. For every meal you take, you have to eat one satchet before meal and the other satchet after meal followed by a 15 minute exercise everyday.


Address: Shop 403, Level 4, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The next day, after having a great sleep, we went on to visit FANCL store counters. We managed to cover up to three stores.

The first day, we already saw FANCL’s F&H store and thought it was so cool! Stock up on FANCL’s food supplies and products here! They even have a health dietician in the store to offer you advice.

尖沙咀海港城 F

On the second day, we went crazy shopping, thanks to the 20% discount given. We bought all the supplements we wanted. Miyake and I bought the Hyaluro Premium tablet supplements which is perfect for improving dryness and skin’s suppleness. The skin consultant recommended me to take these after doing another skin consultation for me as I was unsure if I should buy whitening or collagen supplements. If you are interested to know what you need most, you may wish to do a skin consultation with the device. She recommended me to take these tablets together with collagen for baby soft skin! On the other hand, Yina and Celine bought the Fat Burner and Calorie Burner tablets instead.


The first store has a really artistic designer concept to it. There is a cooling chamber where images of FANCL’s products will appear. This store concept is way more artistic than the rest. Met the prettiest skin consultant here! She had really good skin and it was thanks to her we bought our supplements after hearing her recommendations.

FANCL Festival Walk

80 Tat Chee Avenue, Shop 30, UG/F
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


I like that they stock up on Makeup here. Some of the stores do not carry cosmetics at all. Celine and I bought the oil controlling powder and foundation pact! They also stock up on the food products here.

FANCL Cityplaza
18 Tai Koo Shing Road, Shop No. 285, 2/F
Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong


This store concept was brighter than the rest and had a really pretty resting area at the corner for your boyfriends or even for your friends.

FANCL Nan Fung Place, Sheung Wan, 

Shop G4, G/F, Nan Fung Place, Sheung Wan

After the visit, we ended the day with yummy dim sum lunch at ChiuChow Garden! The best thing about hanging out with blogger friends? I guess its the photo taking part, everyone takes tons of photos so its not awkward at all and no one has to wait for anyone. We can even advise on angles for one another and take OOTD shots together!


The rest of the trip was FREE and EASY for us already. Later that night, the girls and I went out to Lan Kwai Fong for dinner and party.

Will carry on the rest of my trip in another post! Thank you again FANCL and Touch PR for this opportunity! I am really glad to be one of the bloggers chosen to write for you.

If you would like to know more about FANCL or even want to purchase their products, you can do so online or when you are travelling to HK/JAPAN. However, they will be opening their stores counters in Singapore very soon (1st April 2016) so do stay tune! Will update again on the store opening!

Till then! xx

Achieving Flawless Skin with Sephora’s Magic Cleansers

Have you checked out Sephora latest online store? Check it out here at!

Discovering Sephora’s new-gen cleansers that go above and beyond their cleansing duties. Thank you Sephora for the love!

Flawless skin can be achieved by revisiting the basics of your skincare routine – the cleansing step. With these new and ever changing innovations and textures, cleansing will no longer be a chore.

Some of the game changers we discovered:

FOREO LUNA 2 (S$299)

Six new areas of innovation, this LUNA 2 boasts 26% kinder touch points allowing for a deeper cleanse and 12 adjustable pulsations intensities for enhanced T-sonic cleansing and anti-aging system. Comes in 4 pretty colours that target the specific needs of each skin type – Lavender for Sensitive Skin, Pearl Pink for Normal Skin, Light Blue for Combi skin and Teal Blue for Oily Skin.

I like that its soft to touch and to be honest works better than most sonic cleansers I have used before. It is not harsh and also travel friendly as its lightweight. I chose the Lavender one as I have sensitive skin.


Removing makeup has never been easier thanks to Magic Eraser. This is well-known to be able to remove makeup using only water. A magic cloth that removes all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara without any chemicals. To use, all I do is dampen the cloth with water, rub in circular motion and watch the makeup disappear from the face. Can be re used up to 1000 times. I mad love this because its so cool and really works!


An anti-aging formula that foams easily. Containing Alguronic Acid and Microalgae oil that minimises appearance of fine lines. This gentle cleanser promises supple and youthful skin. I like the foamy texture as it is not harsh and doesn’t strip away moisture.


This took all my attention away tom the other cleansers due to the rich texture. Infused with PURE 24K Gold Cleansing butter, this is a solid to oil cleanser that melts away makeup and impurities. This is perfect for dry skin and contains chamomile butter and honey to provide hydration and revitalisation to the skin. Also comes with a Konjac sponge in a teardrop shape to allow targeted cleansing and exfoliation.


These multi-taskers babies are my favourite. Perfect for the busy lady and made with natural sun-dried french clay, this 3-in-1 product acts as a clay mask, cleanser and foaming wash to complete deeper pore cleansing, keratin care and cleansing at one go. Sold in a pack of three, the calming white clay features chamomile to provide a mild and purifying effect. The moisturising pink clay features hydrating lotus flower extract to deliver a hydrating and purifying effect while the refreshing green clay features tea tree, eucalyptus and lemongrass extract to control excess sebum.

Texture is lightweight and also easy to glide on and smooth across.


A mud and oil cleanser reveals a gentle foaming lather upon contact with water. Contains bio-mineral green clay to detoxify the skin. Comes in two pumps and is usually mixed together.


Containing cranberry enxymes, this powerful cleanser unclogs and minimises pores leaving the skin visible refined and clearer. Also an award winning formula that protects the skin by reducing free radical damage. Can be used 2-4 times a week on the neck and décolleté.


gathering their roots from their organic skincare line, Estelle * Thild, included in this solution is soothing botanicals such as the black elderflower and aloe vera in their products. At the same time, it sweeps away impurities yet maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.


Finally, we have the last super cleanser of the lot. This baby removes makeup and moisturises the skin at the same time. Skin is soft to touch and kept clean. You don’t even need to rinse after use which makes it perfect for rushed days.

Rather than heading to the stores in Sephora you should also try shopping online at Receive amazing offers when you shop online today!

Restylane Fillers at Halley Medical Aesthetic

Remember the other time I did HIFU at Halley Medical Aesthetics and I said I will be sharing about my Restylane Fillers procedure as well? Here it is!

I have always wanted to achieve a youthful looking face, and of course to achieve that, the first step is to prevent ageing with Anti-ageing skincare but what happens if you can’t stop nature from taking its course? There are limitations to what skincare can do for us. After having a talk with Dr Terence Tan, I realised besides going for a Face tightening treatment (HIFU), I will need to do some fillers to plump up certain areas to achieve optimum results.

With so many brands of fillers in the market like Radiesse, Juvederm, Sculptra etc. which would be the best to target delicate skin areas like the under eye, laugh lines and forehead? The answer to it is Restylane. Restylane fillers as according to Dr Terence Tan, is one of the softest in the market which allows more efficient moulding to take place.

And of course besides the brand of fillers, it is essential to have an expert accompanying your procedure. Not everyone can treat these areas I have to say. Dr Terence Tan is the ONLY person I know who can do that. There could be other doctors who could but in my aspect he’s the only one!

Dr Terence Tan has one of the sharpest eyes around. He noticed I have dented areas on my lateral forehead nearer to the eyebrow as well as the chin area. He explained that when we age, we loose facial volume at the side of our head as well so plumping up the lateral forehead will give me a more youthful look. I decided to skip the chin area for now but go ahead with my forehead, tear trough and laugh lines. After removing my makeup and numbing cream, we are ready to start!

During the procedure, I could laugh and smile because Dr Terence Tan was cracking jokes all the time.

He also made sure to show me the Magic Needle and the boxes of filler before opening to ensure that I was getting new and unused products. This is something I really appreciate because most doctors don’t do that. The Magic Needle is not a needle but actually a micro-cannula used for injecting dermal fillers, which distributes the filler more evenly. As the Magic Needle is blunt and extremely pliable, it slides under our skin with minimal pain. And because he only needs to inject once using the Magic Needle compared to a normal needle, there will be no bruises too. Dr Terence Tan also explained this results in less bleeding.


Being a veteran with fillers procedures, I have tried almost all the brands of fillers over the years to target my two biggest concerns, under eye area and laugh lines. Have visited many clinics till the extent I almost gave up as I thought these areas were untreatable. Of course, under eye concealer can hide this issue temporarily but what happens if your skin is drier under your eye area and it is impossible for you to use concealer at all without it caking up and forming fine lines after?

Besides the eye area, who has issues with laugh lines as well? I am sure many of you do! I have unbalanced laugh lines. My right side is deeper than my left and when I am not smiling, it is VERY obvious and of course I hate it. The thing is many doctors I have been to can’t seem to tell and always inject the same amount to both sides which is unforgivable! Who doesn’t want an even face right? I was initially skeptical when Dr Terence Tan told me he could fix these issues for me but I am glad I took the plunge.

His technique is also very interesting. For my lateral forehead and tear trough areas, Dr Terence Tan said he would use a “sandwich technique” for me. This involved injecting Restylane Perlane, which is a firmer filler below for lift first before putting in Restylane Vital Light, which is a softer filler to smoothen out the fine wrinkles. This results in a more natural look. For my nasolabial folds, he used only Restylane Perlane, which is a good choice for severe facial wrinkles like those pesky laugh lines.

Thank you Dr Terence Tan! After the procedures, my forehead seems fuller, laugh lines are even and also most importantly, I do not need to dab concealer under my eye anymore! I can finally go concealer free!

As you can see, the side of my forehead is not so sunken in and the filler has filled up the lines under my eyes and laugh lines.

So there, this is my honest review and I hope it helped you and made you believe there’s something for you out there that will solve your issues.

Till next time!


LANEIGE Two-Tone Lip & Shadow Bars

This is going to be a really short review so do stay with me!

Received the Two Tone Lip Bars and Two Tone Shadow Bar a few days back and love the colours!

The improved Two-Tone Lip Bar takes the design of its predecessor, but differs in its texture and chemistry. Having a creamy texture, the improved Two-Tone Lip Bar has a combination of high gloss and matte lipstick to give a voluminous look to your lips. The upgraded pigment technology enables a brighter and vivid color on your lips. I thought the Two Tone Lip bars glides on better this time. Lips feels a lot more moisturised.


Apart  from the lips, LANEIGE has formulated a fun and innovative way to apply your eyeshadow. Blending is made way easier with the oblique cut, which provides a natural gradation effect on your eyes.


Two-Tone Lip Bar

Price: $34

Two-Tone Shadow Bar

Price: $38

ALL ITEMS available in all Laneige boutiques in March


Visited Nude Wax Parlour the other day and had my first Brazilian waxing in 5 years! I have always abstained from Brazilian waxing because of the intolerable pain. I have always preferred IPL but decided to try out Nude Wax Parlour because I heard so many good things about them.

Anyway, the thing I LOVE most about the place is that pain is MINIMAL. Hard to believe? Its true. Unlike other waxing salons that like to rush through the waxing process so it becomes really intolerable, here at Nude Wax Parlour they make it so comfortable, I could even sleep.

They also made sure the area is waxed clean.

Love how cosy they make the beds. I do not feel like a patient at all. I like how clean and fresh the place feels the moment I enter.

Can I just say the place is aesthetically pretty? I like how the place is decorated with artistic furniture and fixtures.

They also have drinks (cold and hot) for you to choose from. I love their DIY drinks station I have to say.

I chose the Chocolate fudge flavour this time, but am definitely going to experiment and try all the different flavours on my next few visits. Choose from Wild Berries, Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla and Mango Tango. You can also choose a style you like!

Here is the after care guide if you are interested!

All in all, I love this NUDE because

  1. It is so hygienic as they don’t do double dipping
  2. The therapists are so sweet and friendly
  3. Pricing is currently the most affordable in town
  4. 5 mins walk away from Telok Ayer MRT Station
  5. Accessible parking at the Condo nearby
  6. Pain is minimal

Thank you once again for having me! Looking forward to my next visit.

Amazing Hair at Chez Vous’s Trilogy System

Having done my hair at Chez Vous a few times already, I am always a believer of their technology and I know I am in safe hands. Check out my review of my previous experience here.

Always coming up with cutting edge technology, it is of no surprise they have recently come up with the Hair Trilogy System:  Express Revitalizing Supreme unique to the hair industry.
Drawing inspiration from skincare’s technology, process and ingredients, this is the perfect treatment for today’s time-strapped, stratospheric-paced world.

Inspired by the concept of all-in-one cosmetic solutions, such as CC creams, in just 1 hour, rejuvenate + re-glass + re-instate your locks over lunch with 8 tested and proven skincare ingredients that were formerly reserved for the skin.

This treatment Infuses 2 different technologies (European and Japanese) to offer guests a wide range of hair treatment benefits all within 45 mins. The base product from Goldwell Kerasilk Premium used in Express Revitalizing Supreme nourishes and reconstructs stressed hair.

In combination with recommended Goldwell Kerasilk Premium home care products, you can enjoy the treatment benefits for 3-4 weeks.

When I applied Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair treatment on my left hand and sprayed a few droplets of water on both hands, I realised that the water on the left hand gets absorbed  whereas the water will remain as a droplet on the other hand that is without treatment.

An Ultrasonic iron of cold heat is also used to miniaturise the pre-applied treatment to the hair so it can better penetrate into the shaft of the hair, packing more goodness in the hair to prolong the lastingness of the treatment while reducing waiting time.

Trilogy comprises of 3 services. To know more about the other 2 services in Trilogy, check out the videos below. They have tried Resculpting Supreme and  Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder respectively.

To ensure this is of absolute truth and an honest review, I was treated with Chez Vous’s Express Revitalising Supreme on one side of my hair and brand ‘X’ treatment on the other side of my hair to assess the results after subsequent washes to know which treatment can really last. Hair is visually smoother and more radiant. Hair feels softer and non tangled on the side treated with this new treatment while the softness on the other side that was treated with Brand ‘X’ was slowly withering as days went by.

I used the following home care regime as instructed for optimal results.

STEP 1: Rinse hair wet followed by applying Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct or Color Conditioner focusing on the mid to hair ends without rinsing it off

STEP 2:  Use their Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct or Color Shampoo to cleanse hair and rinse off.

STEP 3: Apply and massage the Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct OR Color mask on hair in downward motion and leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. This is the key step to prolong the effects of the treatment.


So of course, the question is how much does it cost!






Purchase 7X@20% OFF + enjoy 10% off prescribed homecare ( Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct or Color shampoo, conditioner and mask)

Thank you Chez Vous Hair for always taking such good care of my hair.


TCM Quantum Wellness at Body Wellness

Visited The Body Wellness for their TCM Quantum Wellness treatment (Usual: $498) the other day and it was a lovely surprise! I have never tried TCM before so I was actually quite excited to try it for the first time. I have heard before that TCM is an alternative approach to Western medical approaches and it is certaintly more effective even though its actually relaxing.

The ONLY spa therapy of its kind, Quantum Wellness TCM enables slimming, de-aging and radiant skin thru the process of restoring you to optimal wellness using heat therapy.

Some of the perks:

Ø  Dissolves fats

Ø  Relieves bloatedness

Ø  Reconditions and encourages rejuvenation

Ø  Gives your abdomen the exercise it needs.

Ø  Controls cravings.

Ø  Invigorate internal organs functioning

it was a real surprise upon entering the spa because its so beautiful! I am shocked I have never heard of this place to be honest. I reckon this is going to be my favourite spa from now on because of so many reasons.

I love that their salon is ladies only. It can be a pain to see the opposite gender when you just want to wind down and feel relaxed at the spa without worrying about being judged.

The therapist was very gentle with her touch and also took her time to explain the benefits of the massage I was going for.

Even though I cancelled and rescheduled my appointment once, they were so sweet about it and quickly rescheduled my appointment for me asap.

It is quite difficult for me to fall asleep during massages but I managed to! This goes to show the massage was very comfortable. Using a unique technique of Ba Guan, there are no red marks after unlike the original Ba Guan technique.

You will be happy to know this is the largest ladies day spa (houses 34 treatment rooms, 4 hydro-bath rooms and steam room) with nearly 2 decades of service and their main offerings include therapeutic personalized program where each visit begins with a consultation so that every program is tailor-made and total customer care is provided throughout the entire spa experience. Their other spa at Heritage Court (Tanjong Pagar), it is decked out in a  resort style orientation with 22 treatment rooms, 4 hydro-bath rooms and steam room.

Be sure to check out their popular treatments, Signature Body Massages and Face Spa.

Check out their FB and IG page!


Quote RT1626 and get 50% any ala carte treatments

Check out their outlets too.

Winsland House 1

3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #B1-02
Singapore 239519
(5 minutes walk from Somerset
MRT station, Exit A )
Hotline: +65 6737 1577

 Heritage Court

60/64 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079323
(3 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar
MRT Station, Exit A)
 Hotline: +65 6323 1511



Staycation with Hotel Jen Tanglin

Had a lovely weekend staying over at Hotel Jen Tanglin two weekends ago. Thank you Hotel Jen Tanglin for the wonderful hospitality! We managed to check in at 2pm, their usual check in time. Just look at their lobby area with swings and comfy couches.

We were warmly greeted by the frontline staff and were given one of the best rooms. The club room we stayed in was luxuriously designed with exquisite looking lamps and sofa. The room was fully equipped with everything (hair dryer, kettle, safe) I needed. Thankful that my room overlooks the city as well as the the hotel’s swimming pool.

Brought over my favourite set of skincare from The Body Shop with me on this staycation too!

Check out their extensive room service menu. Prices are really reasonable too!

From 5pm to 7pm, there is the cocktail hour (you wouldn’t want to miss) at the club lounge where you can enjoy their buffet spread of small bites and drinks. The lounge is opened all day until the wee hours with free flow of beverages, nuts, cookies and fruits. I love the hot chocolate concocted by the staff! At the club lounge, its so relaxing you can do your work or simply chill there.

Besides the cute swimming pool, you can find a gym, spa and hair salon too!

Situated in the heart of Orchard, it is really convenient for us to have some leisure time around the area.

The next morning after a good night sleep,  we rented the luxurious tokyobikes to tour around the area. If you don’t know, tokyobikes are the best! I wanted to buy it previously but it was over my budget.

The next day, we had the weekend chamapgne brunch (worth $128) instead of breakfast. The sumptuous brunch was amazing. There was accompanying live music. The cold spread was fabulous and had oysters, lobsters and scallops. The hot food was also fantastic. The spread had duck confit, lamb rack, pork knuckle, laksa and chicken rice. The dessert spread was also outstanding. The ice creams were served in individual scoops making it simpler for us. Got to sip on free flow champagne too.


And that wraps up my staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin. You may want to check out their latest promotion HERE!

Thank you Hotel Jen Tanglin for accommodating me for that weekend! I look forward to having more staycations.