Face Tightening Treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Who doesn’t like a youthful looking face? Well I sure do. There are many ways to achieve a youthful looking face like Fillers, Fat Graft, Face Lifting and Botox etc. To achieve a youthful looking face, you have to prevent ageing and even though there are anti-ageing skincare in the market, it doesn’t offer instant results. For the last few years, I have always been more concerned with Whitening and Acne treatments but as age catches up with me, I am more concerned with anti-ageing treatments now. As I prepare for my wedding, I want a youthful looking face fast and which is why I turned to Halley Medical Aesthetics‘ Dr Terence Tan for help!

As always, Dr Terence is all smiles during consultation. He advised me on the procedures I should consider with no pressure added. He told me the differences between the various lifting procedures available in the market and which are better in my case. He even went through the process of ageing. I felt I went through an important lesson as I never knew ageing could be that scary.

Halley’s HIFU Face Tightening Treatment ($675):

The procedure Dr Terence recommended me was the Halley’s HIFU Face Tightening Treatment which is a non-invasive facelift treatment that uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to lift and rejuvenate sagging skin with no downtime. It firms the face by stimulating collagen and is suitable for tightening areas such as the cheeks, eye and brow, jowls, neck, and chin. For young patients, HIFU is good for maintaining firmness of the face and for mature patients, it lifts and contours areas that have sagged due to aging.

HIFU uses sound waves to penetrate deep into our skin, going pass the epidermis and dermis layer to heat up our face’s superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) which is a layer of of muscles and connective tissue that is rich in collagen. When this soft tissue is warmed up, collagen is produced thus firming up loose, saggy skin. This treatment is very precise as it penetrates the skin at depths of 4.5mm, 3.0mm, and 1.5mm to induce collagen production. HIFU can also be used to reduce fats and tighten skin in areas like our tummy, thighs, hips, and arms.


This review is absolutely true and in no way fabricated. The process was relatively painless. Numbing cream was heavily applied over the face to ease any discomfort during HIFU. Even though Dr Terence had informed me of the discomfort I might face before starting, I was surprised I felt almost no discomfort at all.

The HIFU treatment felt like tiny heated zaps over the face. It was really bearable to me and some parts was so comfortable I could fall asleep. Dr Terence went through the whole face and went over the jawline with the probe a few extra times so that I could have a more well-lifted face.

Of course, for a complete anti-ageing makeover, this HIFU treatment is best complemented with other synergistic face lifting treatments. Face lifting treatments are typically done with an extra something and the extra something happens to be fillers in my case. As I have some dents on the under eye, chin, and laugh lines, Dr Terence will be proceeding with Restylane fillers next to achieve maximum effect.

Dr Terence also mentioned that it will take 3 months to see the final results, and HIFU should be done prior before fillers are injected. However, for those who can’t wait to see instant results, don’t be disheartened as there are gradual lifting changes to your face during these 3 months. For me, I did feel my face got tighter and pores were visibly smaller right after the treatment. Due to HIFU, the pimples and scars on my skin kind of got better too. Will be heading to my fillers soon so do stay tune for the final results!

This is a very recent photo, about 2 days back and 3 weeks after the procedure. Jawline looks slightly sharper.

Thank you for reading and hope this helps!


Valentine’s with Pandora


Celebrating this Valentine’s with PANDORA. I received my first PANDORA bracelet for my 24th birthday and till today this bracelet he presented to me still bears so much memory and significance.


To me, jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive. My fiancé would always gift me a charm from different parts of the world whenever he returns from overseas. More than a gift, it not only symbolises his love for me but his safe return and I think that’s the most important thing right?

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique and even though I am not the only one who has a PANDORA accessory, I know mine is unique for the fact every charm is lovingly chosen by my other half. PANDORA’s Valentine’s Collection 2016 offers sparkling jewellery that can be mixed and matched, combined and stacked or elegantly adorned alone to tell your very own unique story of love. That’s the beauty of PANDORA.

Seen on me today are from the Lucky in Love Collection. This Petals of Love series is designed with four heart-shaped petals that join to create a single flower, the graphic and glittering series is inspired by the heart-shaped leaves of the violet, the birth flower of February and a universal symbol of the triumph of love. This new series unites symbols of love and delicate petals in a minimalist yet expressive declaration of love. Below, I will share with you how you can create three different looks (Resort Wear; Glamorous & Casual Wear) with the Collection.


The PANDORA’s Valentine’s Collection 2016 is versatile, fresh, modern and elegant. Here, I have paired the collection with a Laced Baby Blue Resort Maxi. If you are looking for something simple yet outstanding to wear during your trips or holidays, you can look at PANDORA for some inspiration.


PANDORA is the epitome of elegance. I selected these pieces to go with my evening wear as it enhances the beauty of the dress and my look. Their classic pieces and colour combinations make it easy to mix and match with anything, everything you wear.


PANDORA fits perfectly with your schedule and daily activities. They can be worn day to day for a casual look. The neutral colour combination goes well with any colour and outfit type you choose. Here, you can see I have paired a white casual shift dress with the PANDORA collection.

Watch as my fellow girlfriends and I share our Unforgettable Moments HERE and you may EVEN stand to win yourself a Valentine’s Day Pandora Silver bracelet! May the luck be with you.


Happy Valentine’s Day!




Crabtree & Evelyn Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection

This Valentine’s day, Crabtree & Evelyn® restages the idyllic romance and invites you to pamper yourself.


Limited Edition Butter Rose Biscuits (NEW!)

Suitable for men and women, the classic butter biscuits have a delicate rose flavour that complements with the Afternoon Tea. Beautifully packed in a rose-themed tin, these classic butter biscuits are sprinkled with crystallised rose petals and will make an elegant alternative to chocolates this Valentines’ Day.

Retail Price: $18.00 

Available from 19 January 2016


I like the soft and buttery taste of the biscuits. They complement the Afternoon Black Tea perfectly. A huge fan of their biscuits and tea, I have always bought them during Christmas or holiday seasons when there will be huge discounts and promotions available. Do check out this limited edition set!

Smell fresh and playful with the Pear and Magnolia Bath Gel and Hand Therapy. Created for the fun and elegant ladies, this scent leaves an alluring impression. Pamper yourself with this special combination of fruits and flowers.

Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Wash 250mL – S$30.00

Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy 100g – S$33.00


The signature hand therapy lotion glides over so smoothly. I have always been a fan of their lotions so am not surprised with this one. The scent is light and not overpowering. I have quickly grown to like the smell.  Do check them out this Vday and pamper yourself and your love ones with this set.

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading!

Thigh Skin Tightening Secrets II with Halley Medical Aesthetics

Here I am again back with my review of the second treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics. If you wish to find out about my first treatment and its process, you can refer HERE.


As I wanted to tighten the loose skin on my thigh areas, I went to Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics for their Tightlase 3D Laser Skin Tightening which is best at targeting such stubborn areas. This treatment uses two different laser modes to heat our tissues at both superficial and at a deeper layer in order to tighten the skin. As usual, I felt at ease with Dr Terence Tan because he is always all smiles.




At Halley Medical Aesthetics, I always feel safe as they use the latest technology. The previous time they used the iPAD to maintain and check against the temperature of my skin tissue as the treatment requires heat to work. However this time, they used a temperature sensor that is integrated into the hand piece to ensure that the skin does not overheat and that temperature maintains at a right level to deliver optimum results.

Before starting the procedure, similar to the first time, Dr Terence Tan and the nurse would draw the areas that need to be treated. The treated areas were the inner, outer and back of the thighs.



As this is my second time undergoing this treatment, I am aware of what is expected. I was more prepared and relaxed as well. The first and second time did not have much difference in fact. There was still some biting feel but I was less nervous so I felt time did pass faster. Dr Terence Tan also performed the procedure quicker than before as the integrated temperature  probe allowed him keep a closer track of my skin temperature. This is why he always insists on using the latest in modern medical technology. Not only does this improves outcome but makes things more comfortable for patients.





This is the new hand piece with the integrated temperature sensor.







As I mentioned before, the treatment has two modes. The first laser setting gently but consistently heats the tissues in the deeper layer to tighten the skin. He has to complete all three areas on both my legs before he can proceed with the second mode.




You can see from here that the area treated (left thigh) looks more pinkish than the non-treated area. It shows the laser is working to heat the tissue to deliver the desired skin tightening effect. The laser in this second mode delivers some degree of fat removal (or lipolysis) as well.


Dr Terence Tan is always talking to me and cracking jokes during the treatment, which helps passes the time as he has six areas to treat with two different laser modes!

This treatment takes about three sessions to see results, and it depends on individuals too. This is my second session.

Definitely, the loose skin around my thighs have decreased significantly. I have lost about 1 inch to date from my last measured. At least now I do feel more confident when wearing bikini, jeans or pants! Looking forward to my next review.

IMG_9275 copy

Hope this helps and thank you for reading!