Blackbox Exclusive Packs: Nutricap Keratin Vitalite & Surviving Crunch Time

Nutricap Keratin Vitalite, $12.90/pack (U.P $88.70)

Originating from France since 1992, Laboratories Nutrisanté has developed and produced very high-tech dietary supplements from natural biological elements. Nutricap, developed by Laboratories Nutrisanté, also features various lines of hair care products on top of oral supplements. Laboratories Nutrisanté possess their own GMP certified production unit that conforms to pharmaceutical standards guaranteeing the quality and safety of its products. Stringent quality procedures are implemented at each step in the product order preparation, manufacturing and marketing process.

Suitability: Suitable for both men and women
Where to buy: All Guardian outlets



Nutricap Vitality And Beauty Shampoo | 200ml
Suitable for everyday use with its paraben-free formula, the Nutricap Vitality and Beauty Shampoo, contains wheat germ oil and vitamin E, helping protect the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, and adding volume.
Retail Size and Price: 200ml, $19.90


Nutricap Nutritive And Detangling Treatment | 100ml
The Nutricap Nutritive & Detangling Treatment, a nourishing shea butter treatment, promotes shiny and beautiful hair with its gentle vanilla fragrance. With repairing and nourishing properties, it helps strengthen keratin and protect hair against external damage.
Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $18.90



Nutricap Keratin Vitalite | 30 capsules
Nutricap Keratin Vitalite is a dietary supplement containing plant-derived active ingredients, vitamins and amino acids. Nutricap Keratin Vitalite offers an exclusive formula which provides a comprehensive treatment for healthy hair through the action of biotin, which contributes to hair maintenance and aids normal hair follicle growth during environmental or physical changes.
Retail Size and Price: 30 capsules, $49.90; 90 capsules, $99.80


Overall, the products in an exclusive pack are very affordable. It is about 3 times lesser which makes it the perfect christmas gift for your love ones this year! I like that its paraben free and also after using it for some time, my hair is strengthened and also looks healthier. The formula protects my hair against pollution as well.

Exclusive Pack – Surviving Crunch Time, $14.90/pack (U.P $104.60)




Sleep Spray | 30ml

The Marz Sleep Sprays is under a line of products produced by MarzLabs, a leading innovator in oral sprays designed to promote overall health and wellness. Designed with the consumer in mind, Marz Sprays multi range of supplements brings decades of real-world experiences to their products developed by doctors, nutritionists and weight loss professionals. Distilled into a series of high-impact, highly-targeted oral sprays, the Marz Sprays provides a more convenient and efficient delivery system with an effective absorption rate as compared to the alternative pill and capsule consumptions. Manufactured in the United States and approved by governmental health authorities worldwide, the Marz Sprays series has the highest-quality products available in the market today.
Marz Sleep Spray is designed to help you fall asleep, rest peacefully and wake up refreshed. It is a high-absorption sleep aid with variable-dosage control. Supports the high-quality restorative sleep that aids in weight loss. Improves mental toughness and sharpness, and promotes optimal physiological health. Eliminates the drowsiness and “hangover” that can be caused by melatonin pills.
Retail Size and Price: 30ml, $29.90



Force G Original | 30 capsules
Force G Original is an oral stimulant that combines a group of active ingredients with provides pure energy to the body to ensure good physical and intellectual performance. It is made from ginger for its stimulating and tonifying properties, ginseng to help support physical and good cognitive performances, guarana which contributes to maintaining vitality and building resistance, as well as antioxidant ingredients, selenium and zinc to help strength cell vitality and also play a part in the natural defense mechanism.
Retail Size and Price: 30 capsules, $24.90




Force G Power Max Spray | 15ml
The Force G Power Max Spray formula consists of active ingredients known to stimulate and fortify the body, providing an immediate boost in energy and leaves fresh breath. Maxi-concentrated spray comprises of ginger, for its stimulating and tonifying properties, ginseng to help support physical and good cognitive performances, guarana, to contribute to maintaining vitality, taurine, an amino acid which exists naturally in the nervous system tissues and muscles, arginine, another amino acid that helps synthesis proteins and acerola, a true concentrate of natural vitamin C, to help fight temporary fatigue.
Retail Size and Price: 15ml, $19.90


Force G Power Max | 10 single doses
The Force G Power Max cherry-flavoured formula consists of active ingredients known to stimulate and fortify the body, providing an immediate boost in energy. The key active ingredients are ginger, for its stimulating and tonifying properties, ginseng as to help support physical and good cognitive performances, guarana, which contributes to maintaining vitality, arginine, an amino acid that helps synthesis proteins, acerola, a true concentrate of natural vitamin C and vitamin C itself, to fight temporary fatigue.
Retail Size and Price: 10 single doses, $29.90


The sleep spray is very interesting. I use it for a few nights before I sleep and found it energises me, and keeps me awake and refreshed in the morning.

Dentiste’ Product Launch x Kissing Booth

Back again for some updates on Dentiste’ Oralcare range. Had the pleasure of attending the first Kissing Silhouette Booth in Singapore by Dentiste’ the other day at Cineleisure and was surprised with the huge turn out! This Kissing Silhouette Booth was a hit at Thailand and I am glad it came to Singapore as well! Watch the video here to find out more on the event. Social Media Influencers were also gathered there for photo taking of their Silhouette Kissing picture. It was a really fun and cute experience I thought.

DSC05285 DSC05291 DSC05294


Dentiste products has a unique formula that comes with a blend of 14 natural extracts and essential ingredients to inhibit bad morning breath.

DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste contains 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other essential natural ingredients.

This special proprietary formula freshens your morning breath on the first night of use by inhibiting nighttime oral bacteria, which grow rapidly in the mouth while you are sleeping. It is available in PUMP, TUBE and TRAVEL SET.

DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste PUMP


DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste TUBE


DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste TRAVEL SET




And of course what is any oral range if they are without oral rinses? DENTISTE’ Oral Rinse has a special pH balanced formula and uses OPTA FLOW Technology for boosting self cleansing Salivary flow, which helps reduce bacterial deposit, protect the gum and moisturise the mouth naturally to prevent dry mouth for long lasting fresh breath.

Active Natural Extracts : Antiseptic and Antibacterial to help inhibit the growth of bacteria for immediate & long-lasting fresh breath.

Exclusive Self-Cleansing Saliva Flow Enhancing formula : Increases Self-Cleansing Salivary Flow to help clean and reduce bacterial deposit for long-lasting fresh breath and dry mouth prevention.

CDX : Trapping Volatile Sulphur Compound, the cause of bad breath.

Xylitol : Natural taste enhancer that bacteria cannot feed on.

pH Balance : Helps boost Natural Tooth Re-mineralization, bringing minerals back to the teeth, thus reducing the chance of having tooth erosion, whiten and strengthen the teeth.




The New Dentiste 100% Natural Toothpaste is 100% natural and I that the smell is simple and not too strong. The texture of the paste is thick and has a very minty taste. Basically this is the first toothpaste I have ever used that comes in a pump form. I like that the pump form is very hygienic and it is also less messy as compared to the common tube form.

As for the oral rinse, I tend to not rinse my teeth because I found that the brand of oral rinse I was using was very “spicy” hence I stayed away from oral rinses but then Dentiste’ one doesn’t leave that “spicy” aftertaste which I like!

Throughout the use of the toothpaste and oral rinse for about a week, I found that my teeth were less yellowish and free of plaque. Breathe is less stinky upon waking up and gums seem healthier.

LIKE Dentiste Singapore Facebook and watch the Singapore’s 1st Dentiste’ Silhouette Event video HERE!

I would definitely continue to purchase Dentiste’ once I am finished with the products as they are more suited to my lifestyle and preference. Thank you Dentiste’ for giving me the opportunity to try your products!

Dentiste’ products are sold in all major retail stores.


Hope this helped and thank you for reading!


Dejavu Paint-On False Lashes

Recently had the opportunity to head down to Dejavu launch of Paint-on False Lashes and got to try out this product!


I am already a user of Dejavu prior to the event and coincidentally, this is the first brand of mascara I used. Even though most people have never heard of Dejavu, I have actually heard of it since 7 years back when I was starting to explore more on makeup. Dejavu was then very popular in Japanese magazines, VIVI and other magazines would always feature their products mainly due to its affordability.

Always providing one of the best mascaras, their new launch, Paint On False Lashes promises to lengthen lashes and doesn’t cause panda eyes. You can also remove the mascara with just warm water. Tried it on my hands and it works!

This is due to the strong linkage of the film which Dejavu R&D team had uncovered. Paint-on False Lashes keep your lashes curled upward all day long.

Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long


Perfect for lengthening purposes, use this together with Lash Knockout Extra Volume for lashes like falsies.

Dejavu Lash Knockout Extra Volume


Perfect for voluminising purposes, use this together with Fiberwig Ultra Long for lashes like falsies.

Dejavu Lasting-fine S Pencil


Smooth and easy to draw, it defines the eyes without looking unnatural. It is also long lasting due to the adhesive silicone fixative coating.

Dejavu Lasting-fine S Felt Liquid


Repels oil, sweat, tears and even friction but easy removal with warm water.

Dejavu Lasting-fine S Brush Pen Liquid


Repels oil, sweat, tears and even friction but easy removal with warm water.

So if you are looking for affordable eye makeup tools, look no further than Dejavu. Available in SASA and Watsons.


Christmas is coming! Is it just me or is this year going by too quickly? Its strange how everything went by so quickly this year.

Anyway, with Christmas coming up soon, I am also blessed with many goodies this christmas that I don’t even need to go shopping already! One of my favourite gift sets this Christmas is none other than ETUDE HOUSE 2015 holiday collection Snowy Dessert.


Sugary, cosy and laced with the yummiest details, Snowy Dessert features a line-up of beauty indulgences that will pretty up your vanity table. Take your pick (or have them all) from the luscious Pudding Tint that lends the most delectable shades to your lips and the candy cane-striped Play 101 Pencil, to the sweet-smelling Scented Wax Tablet to perk up your senses and travel-friendly Hand Cream Sets.

Perfect as gifts to your best girlfriends and yourself, the Snowy Dessert collection will delight all senses with its whimsical packaging, soft colours and delicious scents reminiscent of your favourite sweet treats.


The Snowy Dessert collection will be available from all ETUDE HOUSE Outlets in Singapore from 1 November 2015.

Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint ($13.90/5.5g)

IMG_3851 IMG_3849

Available in  #01 Soft Strawberry Pudding,  #02 Bouncy Apricot Pudding,  #03 Sweet Grapefruit Pudding,  #04 Sticky Rich Pudding and  #05 Soft Apple Pudding

This is a lip tint that melts softly onto lips. Features a bouncy texture and vivid, moist, long-lasting colour.

To use, scoop an appropriate amount of Pudding Tint with enclosed spoon. Apply onto lips in a circular motion, and spread with back of spoon.

Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil ($12/0.5g)


Available in  #01 Shimmer,  #02 Shimmer,  #03 Glitter,  #04 Creamy and  #05 Glitter

One of my favourite items in the entire collection, this creamy pencil comes in vivid colours and various finishes (shimmer, glitter or creamy) for easy and fun makeup.

Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Blusher ($24.90)


Super cute gift for girls!  This two-toned blusher on a warm and sweet baked gingerbread man is perfect for pretty flushed cheeks.

Snowy Dessert Cookie Contour Maker ($23.90)


Another favourite from this collection, I unwrapped it the moment I got my hands on it. Currently using this as an alternative to my Innisfree blusher when I am doing heavy makeup. The shade is also perfect for me.

Snowy Dessert Scented Wax Tablet ($16.90/40g)


Available in Red Velvet and Tiramisu

This solid fragrance is such a pretty gift and a must to have! Lasts about three to four months and can be hung in any area of your home, office or car

Snowy Dessert Hand Cream ($9.90/50ml)


Available in Vanilla Cupcake and  Apricot Tart

A luscious cream that moisturises and softens with Shea Butter, and warms up your holiday with its enticing scent

Snowy Dessert Hand Cream Set ($29.90/50ml per tube)


3-piece set includes:

  • Loving Days Blooming Love Hand Cream
  • Loving Days Sweet Sparkling Hand Cream
  • Loving Days Cool Sugar Hand Cream

    5-piece set includes:

  • Snowy Dessert Vanilla Cupcake Hand


  • Snowy Dessert Apricot Tart Hand Cream
  •  Loving Days Blooming Love Hand Cream
  •  Loving Days Sweet Sparkling Hand Cream
  •  Loving Days Cool Sugar Hand Cream

This is a  skin moisturiser set that hydrates and warms up the holiday with its enticing scents

With such pretty gifts at affordable prices, what are you waiting for?  Head down to Etude House today for your early Christmas goodies fix.

Thank you Etude House and Olivia from TouchPR for the love!

Arch Angel Brow and Eyeliner Embroidery Review

Had the pleasure to head to Arch Angel Brow located at Clementi to try out their Brow and Eyeliner embroidery about two weeks back and am really happy with the results!


The place was well decorated and organised. From the front, the store looks pretty small but actually there is another room further inside which is quite spacious. My beautician first drew my eyebrows at the consultation room outside before bringing me into the treatment room. Separated with luxurious curtains, every customer is given adequate privacy.






Arch Angel Brow was founded by two young aspiring lady entrepreneurs with over eighteen years’ combined experience in the beauty industry. Both specialists in eyebrow embroidery and other beauty services, you may wish to refer to their Facebook page for more information.

In addition, Kelly who was my beautician for the day was also previously a trainer at the popular Allure before opening her own storefront.






Did Arch Angel’s specialty, Korean Combo Eyebrows this time. I consulted with Kelly before deciding on doing it as it wasn’t my usual Creative eyebrow type I was doing. I was convinced when Kelly advised me that Korean Combo Eyebrows would add a softer appearance to my look. This is not my first time doing eyebrow embroidery but this is my first time doing Korean Combo eyebrow, which is currently the “in” thing in Korea Beauty industry. The process is longer than the usual Creative eyebrow process because there was more steps involved. I have previously done eyebrow embroidery at other places and the common complaint I had over at those places were the numbing cream wasn’t that useful as I felt pain very quickly into the process. Korean Combo eyebrows are much thicker than the usual creative eyebrows. The front appears thicker and also looks more natural, with lesser dark strokes. Pain was insignificant too. Kelly was also very patient and a true perfectionist. She noticed that my brows were uneven hence she tried her best to make sure that both brows are as even as possible. She redrew my eyebrows several times to ensure that.




Time taken: around 40 mins

Pain level: 4/10

Discomfort level: 5/10




I have never done Natural Eyeliner embroidery before but have heard that it is more painful than Eyebrow embroidery. Tried it and thought that the process was not as painful as I have expected but it was slightly uncomfortable because my eyes are definitely more sensitive than other parts of your face. Kelly was very gentle with me but as my eyes are towards the sensitive side, I felt very slight discomfort. Even though I was scared, Kelly tried her best to calm me down and this was very important to me. She was very genuine and sincere in making me feel at ease and had to stop at times when I got really scared.

I have always wanted to do Eyeliner embroidery and am glad I did it. It makes my eyes look more awake than before and I do not need to spend too much time applying eyeliner . I am also glad that now with eyeliner embroidery, the white spaces on my upper inner eyelid is also covered fully as this is the area that I used to find so hard to cover up.



Time taken: around 40 mins

Pain level: 5/10

Discomfort level: 7/10


PicMonkey Collage

Photo 14-11-15, 2 50 21 PM




For my readers, get Korea Combo Eyebrow at $100 off! This is valid for the first 20 customers. If you are interested in Natural Eyeliner, get 10% off when you quote my name!


Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3 #01-08

Tel: 62501151

ShopVenture – Your Solution To A Safer Online Shopping Experience.


ShopVenture was launched with the mission of changing the online shopping world, one review at a time. The idea for ShopVenture came from founder, Min’s own experience purchasing bridesmaids dresses from an unknown online shop. Unfortunately what she received was nothing like what was advertised, and she set out to share her feedback with other women.

ShopVenture is a customer review platform that allows women to share their online shopping experiences and help others make smart purchase decisions. Your review will help other customers decide if they should make a purchase, and your feedback is sent directly to the online shop for their comments.

ShopVenture has been around for some time but recently did a website revamp, do check out ShopVenture’s new sleek site!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.07.15 pm



Every time I go to a sign up page, I secretly wished that it has a Facebook Account Sign Up alternative because its so convenient for us users! I am not a fan of the email address account sign up option because I am so forgetful! I often forget what email address or password I used.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.06.56 pm


Most websites I have used (shall not be named) have a thousand and one steps to go before you can add a store/review into the ever-growing list but not ShopVenture! ShopVenture gives us users ease of convenience like never before.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.14.59 pm

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.06.08 pm


Not just Beauty or Fashion, ShopVenture provides a comprehensive one-stop solution to your needs.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.05.23 pm


Searching cannot be any easier. With advanced search features, you can easily find the brand you wish to review for in seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.17.10 pm

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.04.37 pm


At ShopVenture, feedback is taken seriously! Your reviews don’t just go into the system and are forgotten.  ShopVenture takes one step further by bringing your feedback across to the brand themselves! This is killing two birds with one stone. You get to share information with your peers and at the same time share your feedback to the stores themselves. You don’t have to repeat your efforts twice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.04.07 pm


No time to review on your computer? Fret not because ShopVenture is on a mobile optimised platform so that you smartphone zombies can review on the go!

To sum it all up, I would introduce ShopVenture to everyone and anyone mainly because it is your one-stop solution to a safer online shopping experience. ShopVenture makes the internet a safer place helping consumers make better and safer purchases, which is why I am onboard.



Enough of the consumers’ benefits, what about the merchants? If you are a company, you will be happy to know that ShopVenture makes your life easier by coordinating all the reviews for you so you can periodically come in and check on the status. In time to come, you would not need to worry about how to answer to your customers’ feedbacks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.02.46 pm

You can also see some of my reviews on ShopVenture!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.02.17 pm


Wyld Shop Pop-up2

Win this amazing swag bag + $50 gift voucher from theWyldShop. To enter follow these easy steps:
  1. Sign up at
  2. Like/follow ShopVenture on Facebook
  3. Tag 2 friends who would love the look in FB post
  4. Share the photo to double their chances
Contest runs from Nov 16th-Dec 6th.

I started online shopping since 7 years back when I started working in a popular online store. I never had any trust issues with shopping online unlike others may have perhaps its because I understood how the backend works in an online store and it was just like any other brick and mortar store outside.


This is a question I often ask myself. I am known to be rather picky and cautious with my online buys. Even though I have scored a few good buys, I have also made some nasty purchases. When I shop online, I basically look for 5 things. The site must be easy to navigate, has reliable and prompt service, a wide variety of clothingclothing are of good quality and sizing is consistent.



Below are just some of the good buys I scored from online stores:





I love the convenience of shopping online and how simple it can be! It can get so addictive. I shop frequently at Love, Bonito, Style Of LEDA and Taobao (just some of the stores I shop at) and usually its because I have shopped there before. The one good experience often turn me into a loyal customer. However, there are some stores that have made me swore never to purchase from them again. It can be difficult to want to shop at a store that I have never shopped before due to past bad experiences. Hence, when I found out about ShopVenture, I was so excited because finally I could “shop” around at ease for a new service I could trust!



Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.33.36 pm

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.09.29 pm

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.08.17 pm

Thank you for reading!

Favorites From Sigma

Thank you kind Katrina and the Sigma Beauty Team for showering me with so much love! Way before even receiving the products, I have always been a fan of Sigma products. I am already using their Face and Eye brushes.


Was given 5 brushes: Eyeliner, Flat Angled Kabuki, Small Duo Fibre, Blending and Shader Inner Concealer. I am already using their Large Angle Contour on a daily basis for my cheeks ever since i bought their Essential Set about few years back. One thing I like about Sigma brushes are that they are so soft. Using an exclusive selection of high performance synthetic fibres that outperform animal hair. I like that sigma brushes are soft on the face even the most delicate areas like under the eyes. The hairs do not fall as easily as other brushes and usually can be for multi purposes like I usually use the eyeliner one for lip corners too. They are also very affordable and comes in a pretty brush holder.




I have never tried Sigma makeup but have always wanted to. This time, I managed to get hold of  Eyeshadow in Lunar, Standout Eyes Gel Liner in Stunningly Ladylike, Powder Blush in Modesty and Brow Powder in Medium.


The colour of the Powder Blush (Shade: Modesty) is very pigmented and can I just say I like how the name complements the shade? This modest shade adds a light tinge of colour on the cheeks without going too over the top. The pink shade is wearable on all skin tones.


Each Eyeshadow (Shade: Lunar) comes in an individual container that contains a smooth, blend-able formula with rich pigmentation and long-lasting wear. You can mix and match your favorite colors to create a customised collection!

The perfect base for my everyday eye makeup. i like the pigmentation on this lunar colour.


The Standout Eyes Gel Liner Collection (Shade: Stunningly Ladylike) features an array of long-wearing, opaque and saturated colors. All gel liners are versatile, yet unique and unexpected with intense pigmentation and a smooth, fluid-like finish. Paraben-free.

I like that it glides on easily and doesn’t turn dry too quickly.


Create full, natural-looking eyebrows with the Brow Powder (Shade: Medium). Build further definition and intensity of eyebrows when layered on top of brow pencil application.

Brow Powder has two other uses. It can be used either as an eyeshadow or contouring powder. I like that intensity can be recreated with this brow powder because of its soft and light texture.



The Sigma Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Glove was designed as a compact brush cleaning device featuring 7 patented textures for both eyes and face brushes. The glove provides a quick and effective cleaning process including a universally fit strap to be placed around the thumb and wrist to help secure the glove during vigorous brush cleaning. Also travel-friendly, it conveniently occupies minimal space for easy storage and transporting.

Probably the next best thing besides a brushes cleanser because brushes cleanser are so heavy and also doesn’t clean well. I like that this provides thorough cleaning for the brushes without being too harsh on the brushes as well.



Visit SIGMA today for your beauty fix!