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Hello again, my dearest readers!

Hope all of you had a thoroughly enjoyable break over the weekend which just concluded and are rejuvenated for the remainder of the week ahead! Oh, and before I forget, a belated congratulations to all my readers who have just graduated from their polytechnic tertiary studies recently! Give yourselves a pat on your back for finally attaining your diploma after 3 gruelling years!

Sigh, touching on this topic makes me feel as though I’m getting on in years, as my time as a polytechnic student has unfortunately been more than a couple of years ago. Even with the numerous project deadlines and assignment deadlines to meet, I have to say that my 3 years of polytechnic studies have been the best times of my life thus far! Carefree and enjoyable, so to say.

Studies apart, I recalled holding a couple of part time jobs Singapore opportunities throughout the 3 years, mainly as working as a part time events model and organizer in order to earn my own allowance as I chose not to depend on my parents for an allowance due to my independent character ever since young.




I have to say that it wasn’t exactly the easiest to juggle between managing my school workload and my part-time work itself, but well, I’m glad to say I managed to pull it off! The takeaway experiences have been nothing but largely positive and an eye-opener to the young teen which I was at the time.

Personally, I feel that every youth should try to earn their own allowance while they pursue their tertiary education. It really widens your horizons and makes you realize that the ‘real world’ differs vastly from what we are acquainted with on a normal basis. It also provides a good insight into what our working parents have to deal with on a day-to-say basis and allows us to better relate to them and understand them better.

I found a couple of my part time jobs for students while I was studying through online forums and google searches, which were, a little troublesome. These days, however, as I mentioned in my earlier post about a week ago, there is Stroff.com to help simplify the hassle of looking for part time jobs in Singapore.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.02.22 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.02.29 pm

I feel it works as a perfect platform, especially so for students looking for a part-time job while studying in Singapore. This is due to how it is extremely easy to use and delivers results according to your search parameters almost instantaneously! Simply create a new account and you’re good to go! If only Stroff.com was around during my time as a student, it would have saved me so much time in searching for a suitable part-time job! Oh well. Hopefully all you lovelies can benefit from this website even if I didn’t stand the chance to!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.02.44 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.03.02 pm

Guess I’ll be wrapping up here, and hope you guys enjoyed reading my short random ramble about my former days as a student!


DEJA, your personalised styling app!

Have you girls ever wanted to find out how would you look with various styles? I would like to introduce to you Deja Fashion, a really interesting personal styling app!

Recommended by a friend, I decided to try out this amazing app! I was instantly hooked and could not stop playing around with the app the moment I started using it. The very first time I started using, I actually spent two whole hours on mixing and matching clothes to create different styles. This app allowed “me” to try out a range of styles from comfortable to daring! This is truly a wonderful app to inspire my inner fashion stylist.

iso_960_color and category filte

iso_960_explore and follow

iso_960_fitting room


What’s more, I fell in love with the try on function of Deja, with the trusted assistance from my personalised virtual mannequin. You can create your virtual icon to look almost the same as you! Surprisingly mine did look like me and I could visualise better too! Deja provides a real time style assessment before you shop away online.

iso_960_virtual mannequin

How amazing is that?

The best part is that it is not just a shop but doubles up as a personal stylist as well. It allows you to explore new styles you have been dying to try. From here, you can also figure out YOUR style.

Usually, I spend about an hour dressing up but yesterday I spent only 5 minutes in front of my wardrobe and mirror. I was inspired by one of my Deja’s style inspirations!

Photo 2-6-15 11 33 50 pm Photo 2-6-15 11 35 27 pmPhoto 2-6-15 11 34 18 pm Photo 2-6-15 11 34 55 pmScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 1.07.04 am

If you are like me and you usually spend hours deciding what to wear and still unhappy with the overall look, you should download Deja and see how fun and simple dressing up can be!

Do follow me when you get your Deja account! All you have to do is search by my username, Sydney Ho! See below for the steps to search for my username

Photo 2-6-15 11 18 53 pm

Photo 2-6-15 11 18 56 pm

Photo 2-6-15 11 19 13 pm

or you may even search for me from the explore page!


Deja – It makes shopping fun and styling so easy!

Hope this helps xx

Download here: http://deja.me/