Hello my dearest readers!

Unbelievable, its Tuesday again. Time flies when you are having fun. This weekend was an exhausting but fulfilling one. Would like to tell you guys what I usually do over weekends but that can wait. Today will be on a review for BLACKBOX NIP + FAB Exclusive Box. Being very fair, I chose the Light coloured one.

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​Not knowing what you are getting yourself into could be very dangerous. Hence, BLACKBOX strives in providing you an experience, such as trying out the products first before actually paying for them. They also understand that we are all lazy people (at some point in time) and we just want convenience when we buy things. So they aim to solve these life problems for us.

While waiting for your package to arrive, you can sit back, relax and browse through the various contents that are created and produced specially for you!


1. Nip + Fab CC Eye Fix (Light Shade) | 1.8ml

A refreshing eye cream + concealor in one with Oat Extract + light diffusing pigments to help brighten + lift the appearance of the eye area. Beeswax helps to protect + care for the delicate skin.

Retail Size and Price: 1.8ml, $19.90

2. Nip + Fab Frown Fix | 4ml
Frown fix has been specifically designed to target the appearance of wrinkles with active ingredients. It’s concentrated formula instantly plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles.

Retail Size and Price: 4ml, $19.90

3. Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum | 30ml
This highly effective formula contains powerful glycolic acid to smooth the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles while improving skin texture. Designed with pore refining ingredient PoreAway, the size of pores are visibly reduced for a more refined, even looking complexion.

Retail Size and Price: 30ml, $29.90



To celebrate GSS, BLACKBOX has come out with a few really exciting promotions that can be found on their website. In addition, quote <BBXSYDNEY10> for 10% OFF!!


I have heard of NIP + FAB sometime back, and have always wanted to try it so when I saw BLACKBOX was having it at $23.90 for an entire set that usually would cost $69.70, I knew I had to get it. Besides Nip + Fab, there are other amazing brands with BLACKBOX. Hop over to to check out other amazing offers and their exclusive boxes/packs!

So I tried the Nip + Fab CC Eye Fix (Light Shade) and the coverage is really quite good! I especially like the texture as it glides on so easily. There are two shades to choose from and as I am very fair, I chose the light shade! As this works as an eye cream as well, you can skip one step in your daily morning care routine. How efficient!

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Also tried the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum and the serum feels very light on my skin. After using it for about a week, I find my pores did show some improvement after applying it. My skin did clear up!

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The Nip + Fab Frown Fix is quite essential for people of my age. As I get older I realised my paranasal folds are getting deeper. This is one of my biggest concerns! I found this product quite useful in targeting those areas because within a week of continuous application, I found the folds to be less obvious and fuller.

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Anyway girls, I have something exciting to share! As a special treat for my readers, BLACKBOX has kindly offered to give a NIP+FAB Box to 1 lucky reader of mine! If you would like to win this, please comment below with your NAME, EMAIL, MOBILE NUMBER and why you would like to win this. I will forward these deets after. Deadline will be 5th jul 10pm! 

Hope this helps and thank you for reading xx




Hello you guys!

So it has been about a week since I have done treatments at The Clifford Clinic and things are still looking good! Just a recap, I previously had 1. Dysport for the jaw muscles 2. Hydrafacial for better complexion 3. Fillers for the sunken area under my eye over at The Clifford Clinic. Read all about my virgin experience here!

My complexion has never been better after the hydrafacial treatment. Lesser breakouts and complexion looks more refreshed. Thank you Clifford Clinic for giving me better skin! I also realised my jaw line is more defined and my under eye area less sunken all thanks to Dr Gerard once again.

In this post, I will be reviewing my Dysport experience and will leave the my fillers experience for the next post! Do stay tune if you are interested!



Dysport, which is used for botox injections and jaw reduction mostly is a specialized technique that seeks to reduce the width of the jawline. In some patients, the the masseter muscle, a chewing muscle, is enlarged creating extra facial width. Dysport  weakens this muscle leading to an overall reduction in the size of this muscle.

Dysport can create a natural, subtle improvement to the  jaw without any downtime or potential complications. Dysport is actually another brand of botox that promises faster and more effective results.  The effects of Dysport may kick in quicker than the effects of Botox. Some research shows that it takes Botox three to five days to work, while Dysport takes effect within one to two days. It may also last longer than Botox injections and is now frequently used by patients who in the past relied on BOTOX.


Having previously done Dysport at another clinic before, I have fallen deeply in love with Dysport ever since! Having heard from a few friends, I understand Botox does not offer the same results as compared to Dysport! Dysport takes effect much faster and lasts longer according to their claims. Dysport, like Botox has temporary results.

As mentioned previously, Dr Gerad is well versed with all the procedures and is a very caring and understanding doctor. He is able to understand my needs very well and treated my concerns with care.




During the procedure, I was asked to hold onto a vibrator-like equipment and press it onto my lower chin. This is a method discovered by Dr Gerad to ease the pain during the injection. This is a great way as I did not feel any pain at all! Most of the concentration was on the vibrating area instead.

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Whoever said “Beauty comes with a price?” This is not true if you go to the right doctor for beauty procedures. I strongly believe doctors should always try to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

If this convinces you, do remember to call up Clifford Clinic for an appointment! Thank you for reading xx


The Clifford Clinic
24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10 am to 2pm
Sun: Closed







Hello again!

Just today I went to THE PRESTIGE EYEBROW AND LASH SPECIALIST and had the 3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring for my brows at $888! Not my first time at an eyebrow service salon, I have been to a few other eyebrow salons before. The reason why I chose to do eyebrow embroidery is because its fuss free and very convenient. Drawing brows can be such a pain and hence I really hate to draw. Sometimes, it can even be uneven if that day you are having that artistic form in you.



Felt like a princess instantly when I entered the salon. There were chandeliers hanging and also very comfy victorian armchairs in the waiting area. Magazines were displayed very nicely and the whole setting was gorgeous!

DSC09248 DSC09247 DSC09246 DSC09245 DSC09241

I was served hot tea while waiting for the therapist to get ready. After a short while, the therapist proceeded to draw my brows. This is to ensure the customers are happy with the eyebrow shape before proceeding with the actual treatment. Being very sweet, the therapist actually went to great lengths to make sure I loved the brow shape otherwise she would redraw until I am satisfied.

After the consultation, we proceeded to the treatment room where my brows were applied with numbing cream for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the therapist then proceeded with the treatment. I am not going to lie to you. There was slight discomfort but definitely bearable. Being the most sensitive area on my face, I always feel discomfort when doing my eyebrows, but then one thing for sure at Prestige, I felt little pain as compared to other salons.

DSC09253 DSC09256

The whole procedure took about 30 minutes for both brows. In just a short hour, I was done! This is a record breaking time as usually when I do my brows elsewhere, it would take more than 2 hours. The therapists here are more experienced for sure.

DSC09258 DSC09259 DSC09276 DSC09277DSC09279

If you are interested in this procedure, do call them up at 6822 3395 | 6822 3396 or visit their website to find out more! I hope I helped give you some light on eyebrow embroidery at THE PRESTIGE EYEBROW AND LASH SPECIALIST! Thank you for reading. xx






Quote <SYDNEY> for 10% off!  Promotion valid till end of October! Do remember to book at least 2 weeks in advance as they are always full.


Check out their contact us page for all branches information! Please kindly make an appointment before going down lest you get disappointed.

Address: The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist at Suntec City Tower 2, #02-488 Singapore 038983.


Tel: 6822 3395 | 6822 3396




Hello again!

Back to share with you girls a treatment I been through recently! A few days ago, I was invited to LUSH AESTHETICS to try out their FAT FREZE TREATMENT c/o of The Influencer Network.


A non surgical treatment that eliminates stubborn fat. It uses controlled cooling to target and crystallise fat cells. Crystallised fat cells gradually die off, then are naturally eliminated from your body. In the weeks and months following treatment, remaining fat cells condense, reducing the fat layer. Fat Freeze lets you say goodbye to stubborn fat. This procedure is very useful for unwanted bulges  which can be resistant to diet and exercise but not to Fat Freeze.

DSC08950 DSC08952 DSC08953 DSC08954 DSC08955


Situated at Tanglin Shopping Centre, about 10 minutes walk away from the Orchard MRT, it is actually quite convenient. When I first entered the clinic, I was greeted sweetly by the counter staff. The staff were all very friendly. I was given tea while filling up the form.

DSC08959 DSC08965 DSC08964 DSC08966 DSC08967

After that, it was consultation time. I was brought into the consultation room and had a brief consultation with the Manager. She kindly explained to me the pros and cons of the procedure as well as the side effects. We proceeded to sign the indemnity form as well.

We then went into the treatment room and there, I was given a robe to change and the therapist then came in to help me perform the procedure. They first applied a gel type liquid before using the machine on my arms. My arms were the treated areas for the day. I am not going to lie. There was slight discomfort during the treatment as the machine was a suction like thing to suck your fats. The side effects would be bruises for about a week! Mine went away in less than 5 days.

DSC08970 DSC08973

Each cup/treated area/arm took about 30 minutes. It is advised that during the procedure, you try to move your fingers so that your blood circulates otherwise you will experience numbness after for a short while.

After a week, I believe it is still too early to tell the effects of the procedure, but I am not worried or anxious as I have previously seen my friends’ effects of the treatment and they have told me Fat Freeze at Lush Aesthetics works which is the main reason why I chose to go to Lush Aesthetics.


Specially for my readers only. Get 1 cup for $98 and 2 cups for $188. Quote my name when at the clinic. See you guys there! xx



Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909

Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431


REVIEW – HYDRAFACIAL with Clifford Clinic

Hello again!

So the other day, I went down to Clifford Clinic for aesthetic procedures! I was really excited as I have heard about Dr Gerard for sometime and I am finally able to witness it myself!

Upon arrival, I have to say I am astonished by the grand entrance of the clinic! Extremely convenient too since it is right outside the Raffles MRT station.

The first part of the clinic was actually their beauty products corner which reminded me very much like Chanel’s counter in TANGS! The second part was the reception and the waiting area where drinks like tea and water awaits.

DSC08813 DSC08814 DSC08817 DSC08818 DSC08820 DSC08821 DSC08822 DSC08823 DSC08824 DSC08826 DSC08829

Behind the suave exterior, Dr Gerad is also very friendly! I don’t usually chat with the doctors I am consulting with but I felt very much at ease with him! He always make sure the patients are very comfortable with him.


So during consultation, Dr Gerad actually suggested three procedures for me. He thought 1. Dyspot for the jaw reduction 2. Fillers for the sunken area under the eye and 3. Hydrafacial to clean up my pores was suitable for me.

For this post, I will be focusing on Hydrafacial procedure. The other two procedures will be spread across two other posts on my blog and also on my Mefitted account! So stay tune!

DSC08851 DSC08855 DSC08856 DSC08857 DSC08859

HYDRAFACIAL – Skin Health for Life

Skin Health For Life is not just about improving your appearance but actually restoring youthful, healthy skin. Skin Health is a lifestyle, requiring monthly maintenance and the right treatment for every skin type. That treatment is the HydraFacial. Suitable for all skin types. It serves to detoxify, rejuvenate and protects. It merges soothing and invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant, lasting results.


1. works for all skin types

2. shows immediate results

3. has no downtime for discomfort

4. targets specific skin concerns

5. provides an alternative to invasive procedures


Each treatment uses a series of patented HydroPeel tips. Each one has multiple abrasive edges to exfoliate the skin serval times each pass, achieving better, more even results. The unique spiral design creates a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously introducing hydrating skin solutions and potent antioxidants.

Customers even felt the treatment was like receiving 3 treatments in one due to the effects!


1. Cleansing and exfoliation – dead skin cells are removed to reveal healthy new skin



2. Acid peel – this gentle peel helps loosen dirt and debris from pores without irritation


3. Extractions – painless, automated extractions use vortex suction to clean out pores


4. Hydration – antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid are vortex-fused to nourish and protect.

We straight away went for the hydra facial procedure then. The facial therapist was very gentle throughout the procedure! After the whole experience, I felt my skin was more cleaned, and less flushed. This was the perfect facial experience for me. I liked that the extraction was done by a suction kind of machine so it was almost painless and it cleaned my pores up better than those manual extractors traditional facials use.

So if you are interested in the procedure, do head over to for more information or even call them at their number below! Do stay tune to the other procedures which I will be reviewing over here and Mefitted real soon!

Also remember my previous post on Mefitted? Do hop over to for more of such reviews! Like an encyclopaedia of beauty reviews, I promise you will love their site so much it will become your must-have daily to-do thing!

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps in your decision! xx


AFTER the procedure, skin looks flawless except with a few old pimple spots!




The Clifford Clinic
24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10 am to 2pm
Sun: Closed





Hello again!

Earlier last week, I was invited to a fitting at Triumph. Thank you Cindy from Triumph for having me.


Are you aware of the various promotions happening in Triumph?

DSC08774 DSC08775 DSC08776 DSC08779 DSC08781 DSC08782 DSC08785

From their recent Singapore Fashion Week collaboration, Triumph’s fashion show pieces are now displayed at both Robinsons, The Heeren (Level 3) and Robinsons at Raffles City (Level 2) in celebration of their 20 years of Maximizer Magic.

DSC08788 DSC08791 DSC08792 DSC08793 DSC08794 DSC08795 DSC08797 DSC08798

From 12 June to 28 June 2015, visit the Triumph pop-up store at either Robinsons, The Heeren or Robinsons at Raffles City and stand to win $2,000 worth of shopping vouchers, proudly sponsored by Triumph International and Robinsons.

Just snap and share:

Step 1:  Take a photo with your favourite fashion show piece at the Triumph pop-up store at either Robinsons, The Heeren or Robinsons at Raffles City

Step 2:  Share your photo on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #TriumphRobinsons and #MaximizerMagic

*T&Cs apply.

Two winners per store will be selected and announced on 3 July via Robinsons official Facebook page. So stay tuned!

To have a better view of their fashion show pieces on the models during the runway, do check out to revive the magical moments.

Exclusive GSS Sexy Red Rewards (till 31 July 2015)

  • Buy any 3 items, receive 1 item FREE*
  • Buy any 5 items, receive 2 items FREE*, including a $50 voucher* and a free towel cake*
  • Buy any 6 items, receive 3 items FREE*, including a $60 voucher* and a free towel cake*

*While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.

No time to shop around? No worries. You can now shop online at

Also, since you will be around The Heeren for Triumph showcase, why not pop over to Sloggi popup store right outside the entrance of The Heeren Robinsons and UNCOVER SUMMER with them?

DSC08801 DSC08802 DSC08803 DSC08804 DSC08805 DSC08806 DSC08807

Just go down to their popup store and take part in their in-store game and guess who is Agent A. Stand to win a trip for 2 to Bali, with flight and hotel accommodation included and a half day cleanse juice set by Mission Juice. No purchase required. The grand draw will be held on 27 Sat, 6pm at the Sloggi popup store!


Thank you for reading and hope you guys have fun!xx


Hello sweetiepies!

Hope everyone had a good TGIF! Am sadly back home updating my blog with so many overdue posts! So just the other day, I had the privilege of attending BOURJOIS Rouge Party and it was such a special event. The goodie bag was filled with so many amazing goodies! Thank you for having us, Elson!


In 1863, Bourjois was born on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district, at a time when France was the world’s second leading economic power.

Ingenious products that make beautiful accessories : each product is carefully designed to make them easy to use and a pleasure to carry in your handbag! And for collectors who just can’t resist our iconic Little Round Pots, Bourjois regularly launches limited edition vintage series.

The purpose of the event was to unveil Bourjois’s AQUA LAQUE series, a hybrid lipstick . The event was held in the romantic O’ Comptoir, a modern French creperie & bar. This was one of the most enjoyable events I have attended so far where Interactive activities fuelled the event.

3 567 9 10 11 12 13 14

Using Bourjois’ La Laque, a new nail enamel collection, rich in color and shine, the nail polish booth set up by Soteria Face & Nail Singapore was very popular!

Highlights of the event included a makeover demonstration; introducing the incredibly light texture of the Nude Sensation foundation which melts instantly into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and perfectly moisturized. The model’s complexion was transparently evened out in one single action.

Evening canapés and macarons freshly baked by were also served throughout the event.



Waterproof face and eyes makeup remover. I love how quickly my makeup goes off with just one swipe of this on my cotton pad! Loving it. This is my favourite makeup remover.





Have you seen the ALL of the nail colours available above? Mad love the colours, we had fun at the event applying them on our bare nails! Was happy to have received the colour “white spirit” because the white enamels are perfect for a french manicure which reminds me I badly need to get my nails done!



For dry skin! This is the perfect shower palm to use! I am totally digging the rose milk and fig fragrance! After application, this leaves my skin feeling so baby soft and nice sweet smelling.




Loving the colours on these two rouges! They are so pretty its so irresistible. Swatches will be up soon!




Waterproof, I loved that this really gives that oomph effect! One of my holy grails all of a sudden!





Pretty nude colours perfect for the beach or even for office! Have I mentioned neutrals are my fav colours to use on the eyelids? I love how smooth it goes on the lids and how pigmented it is!




OOOH this is super cute! Thank you for these, BOURJOIS! Mad loved it. These are great for parties and gifts to girlfriends!




One of the most unique products I have seen, I had a wonderful time using this! I especially loved this brow mascara because now I have more defined brows after drawing them with a pencil!





Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.48.54 am


Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.49.03 am

Check out BOURJOIS in your nearby departmental stores and I am sure you would be a huge fan of theirs in no time at all! Thank you for reading and hope this post helped you decide! xx


Summertime In The Park @ OC

Hello my dearest readers again!

Had so much fun last weekend at Orchard Central’s annual vintage car bazaar. It was really exciting witnessing the performances and the various stores put up.


So every year if you don’t know, Orchard Central would transform its atrium into a delightful carnival lined with an extensive fleet of vintage Kombis and Beetles (my fav car!). Summertime in the Park presents a refreshing new experience of its signature car boot sale in a park setting this year!

IMG_1986 IMG_1970

From 29 May to 9 July 2015, shoppers can look forward to shopping for lifestyle bargains and an exciting line up of promotional activities at Orchard Central. Summertime in the Park brings one into a lush greenery park setting where 27 vendors ranging from food to fashion and lifestyle products are showcased alongside an extensive fleet of 14 vintage Kombis and Beetles in the OC Car Boot Carnival event. New first time vendors such as popular Japanese creative lifestyle brand TOKYU HANDS, indie bistro food chain REAL FOOD, cold pressed juice label HIC JUICE, local fashion brand PLEATATION will join regular favourites including Japanese confectionary SHIOKJAPAN!, DEAN & DELUCA, TOTALLYHOTSTUFF AND THE HUNTERS’ KITCHENETTE in this sale extravaganza.

DSC08730  DSC08752 DSC08754 DSC08756 DSC08759  IMG_1940 IMG_1942 IMG_1945 IMG_1946 IMG_1950 IMG_1952 IMG_1953 IMG_1958 IMG_1960 IMG_1962  IMG_1972 IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977  IMG_1987 IMG_1993 IMG_1999 IMG_2001 IMG_2026 IMG_2028 IMG_2029 IMG_2030 IMG_2031  IMG_2038 IMG_2040 IMG_2042 IMG_2050 IMG_2051 IMG_2052 IMG_2056 IMG_2058 IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2065

Weekend shoppers can also enjoy “Iive” brand performances by local artists during the OC Music sessions in June. Happening every Sat & Sun in the month of June ,3pm/5pm/8pm at Level 1.


To celebrate the season of savings, the wildly popular Far East Organisation Mall shopping vouchers promotion is now back for a limited period only. Shoppers may purchase the vouchers at 20% off, for example $100 voucher at $80 to stretch their dollar further when they shop and dine in Orchard Central.


With something in store for everyone, don’t miss this great opportunity to visit Orchard Central from 29 May to 9 July for exclusive deals and promotions. Visit and its Facebook Fan Page at for the latest updates.

2  5


Spend and redeem with UOB Cards

Spend $200 (max. 3 same day receipts) with UOB to redeem a $10 Far East Organisation Mall voucher.

Get Lucky this GSS

Spend $100 (max. 2 same day receipts) for an instant dip chance to win attractive vouchers. UOB Cardmembers receive double chances.

20% OFF Far East Organisation Mall voucher

Purchase a $50 Far East Organisation Mall Voucher at $40 only. Limited to 2 pieces per shopper per day.

#ORCHARDCENTRAL Instagram contest

Share your OC Car Boot Carnival experience with friends and stand to win $50 Far East Organisation Mall Voucher! 5 winners in total!


See you there! xx


Check out Mefitted, your trusted source for beauty, grooming and style

Hello my dearest readers!

Is it just me or is the flu bug in the air? I find myself falling sick due to the insane weather these days! Hence, I would like to ask of you guys out there to please take good care of your health alright?

Besides falling sick, I have also been attending many events and I have come to a realisation that it is near impossible to find a hair or nail salon when I am in urgent need of one.


Hence, when I was introduced to Mefitted, I was like “OMG finally, a life saviour for us vain pots!” I am a strong believer that good things must be shared hence this post to share with you girls what Mefitted is all about! And of course, now all you girls can look forward to looking glamorous all day, any time.



Mefitted is an online interactive directory for beauty, grooming and style.

Curated by 3 beautiful women, Mefitted was formed with the idea of diminishing our days of searching relentlessly for a trusted source. Now live in Singapore, Mefitted provides beauty enthusiast with the right tools to find industry professionals based on location and recommendations by users called ‘Mefitters’, making it easier to discover businesses around locations that we never knew existed, all in just a few clicks!

Featuring over 8,000 listings in Singapore from salons and spas, to tailors and dry cleaners, embarking on a journey towards grooming perfection has never been easier.

So…are you convinced yet? I promise this is something you will not regret signing up to! Mefitted works like a community so go on and sign up an account on Mefitted today so you can start sharing YOUR own personal favourite haunts and steal some really good deals at the same time!

Read more about the team and their inspiration here or watch a short video  on what Mefitted is!

Also, I will be writing a review on Chez Vous hair salon real soon on Mefitted so do remember to stay tune.


Thank you for reading and have fun dearies! xx





L’Oreal Professional

Hello again!

So it has been almost 3 weeks since the Singapore Fashion Week and here I am still having some sort of withdrawal syndromes from it! The highlight of the entire show was definitely the L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Show and I am here right now to share with you guys my experience!

Most of the girls were kindly sponsored by TouchPR and L’Oreal Professional for their pre-show hairdo and I had Levin from Serangoon Nex NK Hair salon as my hairstylist for the night.

36edit WIZ_0695edi zwgkND0RiimyJEpPVnQUl3yeLO-Pnzxac97sn5XqskI,YNHPSq-kV7DR2M2D7ShyAuMUBLtyaVqjiHkhnxAIe5M_edited-1

We were all very excited because Yoon Eun-Hye was the spokesperson of L’Oreal Professionnel and she would be there! We were also lucky enough to have a photo opportunity with her! All of us were starstruck by her presence. She was absolutely flawless and such a beauty!




On the stage, we had Cha Hong and Christophe Gaillet to showcase some of the exciting v-look hair cuts they have come up with. Th entire show was very exciting with a battle of the two towards the end. We had the opportunity to go up close to the models after the show ended to take pictures. Between the two hair stylists, I would prefer Cha Hong’s creations because it is more wearable and also flouncier. Christophe Gaillet’s hair creations were also fabulous but it was probably not that wearable to me at least. However, apparently more people applauded when Christophe Gaillet came up on stage which proved he was more popular among the hair stylists! I guess his skills were something most hair stylists would like to achieve? But well, I shall let you be the judge!

DSC07121 DSC07126 DSC07131 DSC07132 DSC07147 DSC07152 DSC07159 DSC07176 DSC07180 DSC07185DSC07211DSC07216DSC07228DSC07229DSC07261DSC07255DSC07265 DSC07266 DSC07269



_d0haDdRSdTEVd5f7nKP8EJjvQE2gLxZT1ZOEmTOBF0 _oSAMyT85OICVzpJ5qyY22J9TbKs1pNS8nRHLxWHlbU oiEhDInx7ant0--kBgDtQqZdQR63G7xwe1QCw39-I3w uVcGtfopM1trTO0YRJ2iKiKn9J_ZBm5WxUGJhl35qps VZZgQLr2X4OpjmZXldRQTLpwA5DRr-J4xAYh0Ijt3Vo  WvkGpRrh0D3YqbNfCNDqiRtvevgip9wrIgre4zLs0Lg ZGiZNRKHw9Z0J--cOSQSf9dCqEOy_rhEKlDl_3tIrDMepSInM8kiCAbfqzCjpVs67CYaBInGxvteLzjnaciPv4  H3nlGEFPEO9V3FNNd9yM8ECLC8AsGuv1gFIc5FnK-Ds

Christophe Gaillet’s

gBKB0F9mrCo1MfJUEAgyjCj7Hv9k8h3GBNB9ERUHBVQ PzmxJpHqzQ-baqjdo2rZaW675GD_3GY8G4zEq_znLjY wfFiuh8yukvBrQOdnQVx9F1kDuxXENI9sCPvv6vxUIU znL5D5WGT8bByvfyrMVV5UdXVbbfIykJL7GNC4dCEfs yL8Hg3rOb7wN_NtIU3R104A1LYgLkrmeH8vKX-ZSJhs XaW2WFyDUfL1jvBKn1SaSXLdvtbYM7K4eC45x8egdDg zqUhPnfKXUVnKGcSO0TIQJxp5EfkE6yrhcoxan12_24  E4kCeGdxsVqLc-FYOWXBSb4Bc85z-7aai8Gn1mYS0twAqdWjfq8FBE-rQWAmjzKi0a-fiROXWGwsR9132PHmuE

Another incentive we were given was that we could also get our very own customised v-look hair cut and colour makeover at the respective salons! I went back to NK Hair at Serangoon Nex and this time I was served by hairstylist, Ryan. The whole process was rather swift and my hairdo was completed within 2 hours! The process started off with a consultation first on the colours and haircut. He kindly explained what would  V-look hair cut do for me and the steps that would be used to create the look. He suggested a perm at the crown of the head to create a flouncier texture and also shorter layering at the sides. He then suggested ash green colour for my hair and bleached highlights at only the bottom end of my hair because bleaching the entire head would be rather painful and stressful for me. My dry and untreated hair was not suitable for heavy bleaching. I went ahead with his suggestions and I mad love my hair after! I have never tried bleaching before so this was certainly a refreshing change to my otherwise boring one-tone coloured hair. Just look at how unruly my hair was before the hair cut and colour!




DSC08016 DSC08017 DSC08026




So okay, I have a L’Oreal Professionnel hamper to giveaway to 2 of my lucky readers worth $120 each c/o of L’Oreal Professional and TouchPR.

If you wold like to win this, comment below with your name and email address! I will select the winners by 15th June 2015, 1pm!

Thank you for reading xx