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Hello lovelies!

Hope you guys are having an awesome TGIF!

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing upon my younger days whilst I was still pursuing an education, and boy oh boy, do I miss that phase of life! Carefree and with a main focus on simply studying. Time indeed flies and waits for no man at all.

I’ve always been an independent individual all my life, and have never fancied receiving an allowance from my parents even when I was still schooling. Almost every semester break I would take up an internship or a part time job because of two main reasons. Many people belittle the importance of an internship but I strongly believed that having an internship not only looks good on my resume but also gave me a head start in learning to manage my personal finances from a young age, too.

Amongst the various internship jobs which I undertook previously, a few of them include being an event organizer and marketing assistant. Apart from the monetary remuneration, I have also gained much insight into the real world from such work experiences, so to say, which in turn, has allowed me to become more ‘street smart’ as opposed to being solely ‘book smart’. I feel this has benefited me a great deal even till today, and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am currently without going through such experiences.

As such, to my younger readers and followers out there, my advice to you is to start cultivating a working habit when you are young. If you’re afraid your studies might be affected, perhaps try considering looking up an internship in Singapore for a few months during your semester break! Fret not, for there is a vast array of such job opportunities available and I’m sure there’ll be no issues finding a job you will fancy and have a great time working as!

Oh, and since I’m on this topic about Singapore internship jobs, just thought I’d share a good platform for sourcing for such opportunities as well. I find Stroff.com to be an easy to use and very concise platform for sourcing internship work opportunities in Singapore; after all, good things are meant to be shared!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 12.56.48 am


Look at the hundreds of awesome internship Singapore opportunities waiting for you!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.54.58 am

Hope you guys find the site as useful as I did! Xx.

REVIEW – MY COZY ROOM High Tea Fruity Indulgence Treatments

Hi girlies,

I am back with something amazing to share! Recently had the opportunity to try My Cozy Room’s exclusive High Tea Fruity Indulgence Treatments which consisted of the High Tea Fruity Facial Spa and the High Tea Body Spa Indulgence.


Nestled in Orchard, My Cozy Room Boutique Spa offers holistic beauty and spa experiences that are dedicated to cultivate a sense of well-being and the replenishment of mind, body and spirit. Since 2010, the city sanctuary pampered thousands of patrons including celebrities and beauty kings/queens, with indulging beauty and body services, bringing about effective results with Germany’s No. 1 professional skincare products – BABOR, in the comfort of the unique charismatic Victorian setting.

Due to previous bad encounters with pushy salespersons from beauty salons and dermatological clinics that did not improve her skin condition, Celine (the founder of My Cozy Room) was motivated to start a beauty salon that uses only effective quality skincare products with caring certified therapists who share the same empathy.

DSC05421 DSC05423 DSC05427 DSC05429 DSC05430

DSC05431 DSC05432 DSC05433 DSC05435 DSC05442



For treatments, you can choose between the High Tea Fruity Facial Spa and the High Tea Body Spa Indulgence, or simply, both, if you want an unforgettable relaxing experience.

The High Tea Fruity Indulgence Treatments are only available on Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 4pm, by appointment only. Each treatment is priced at $50 for first-time customers only. For the first 30 customers, receive a complimentary Cupcake Towel Gift*!


In celebration with SG50, My Cozy Room has kindly offered my readers a special price of $50 (Usual Price: $128) for choice of 1 treatment.
For the 1st 20 readers, you will receive a complimentary Cupcake Towel Gift or Cookie Mirror with purchase of treatment. Quote “High-Tea Sydney’s Promo” to receive this offer!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid for 1st time clients of My Cozy Room
  • Promotion valid till 30 June 2015, from Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm
  • *While stocks last


High-Tea Fruity Facial Spa (60min)

Refresh your senses with a whiff of luscious fruits! Nourish your skin with a delectable fruity facial spa, using Babor Mild Peeling that contains Peach Kernel, exfoliating away rough, flaky skin while conditioning it. The treatment also includes the usage of an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber that helps removes dead skin cells, dirt and debris that cause skin dullness. A thin metal spatula will vibrate ultrasonically to extract from the pores without causing physical pain so that the skin is prepared for infusion mode where topical skincare products penetrates for maximum results.

Experience a more even and beautifully radiant appearance with our Vitamin C Serum, highly concentrated with a Vitamin C derivative that supports the skin’s natural collagen production and protects against environmentally-induced oxidative damage to the skin. Choose between an exotic Kiwi Mask (for anti-acne and detox) and a sweet fragrant Cherry Mask (for hydration and whitening), coupled with a stress-release head massage to heighten your facial experience.

High-Tea Body Spa Indulgence (60min)

Treat your body to a decadent sweet escape with a Matcha (Green Tea) Back Scrub that helps exfoliate dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin. Indulge in a Hot Chocolate Massage with hot-stones and chocolate cream, coupled with varying massage techniques that our skilled therapists will use. You’ll be sure to leave feeling entirely soothed, relaxed and smelling like rich chocolate!


My experience with My Cozy Room was fantastic. The moment I walked in I felt like a princess instantly. The place was beautifully decorated with a charismatic Victorian setting. As they often host hens and birthday parties for ladies, the entire place has a very bridal feel and touch to it. I truly loved how the entire place was decorated.

DSC05443_edited-1 DSC05444_edited-1 DSC05447 DSC05448


DSC05452 DSC05453 DSC05455


DSC05457 DSC05458

Was greeted by my lovely therapist who kindly explained to me all the products that will be used on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire treatment because I slept so well throughout the treatment. I rarely sleep during treatments but it was so painless, I simply could! After the entire treatment, my complexion was glowing and unlike most treatments, my face was not red from the facial. The next day, I even had clean and baby soft skin as all my impurities has been removed!





As I had the full treatment, I was entitled to the body spa as well. The body spa treatment was a soothing and comforting one! The best part of the whole treatment was the after-smell of chocolate and the strength used in the massage. This was the first time I found a lady masseur good at massaging. The techniques used for the massage were strong and on point. My sore shoulders and neck felt better immediately after the massage.

Do check them out if you are looking for a serene space to have your personal grooming time. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

56A Cairnhill Road. Singapore 229667

Tel: +65 6732 0030

Operating Hours:

Mon to Fri : 11am to 9pm

Sat & Sun : 10am to 8pm

Like us on Facebook!

Follow us on Instagram: @MyCozyRoomSpa #MyCozyRoomSpa



REVIEW – Japan IPL Express

Hi guys,

I am back with something exciting to share! Recently, I went for IPL sessions at Japan IPL Express and am pleased to say it was a very pleasant experience. I have once went for armpit IPL but as it was one session I hardly saw any effect at all.


Intense pulsed light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses including but not limited to hair removal. IPL can permanently reduce hair growth, most effectively in darker, coarser hair.


As Singapore’s first unisex IPL centre, THEY are committed to offering the most effective and convenient IPL service that’s focused on your needs and wants.

There’s no need to call ahead and rearrange your schedule around a series of appointments — come when you want, and get what you want. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair and blemishes, THEY think it’s as simple as that.

CHECK OUT their website for more answers to any doubts you may have!



DSC05840_edited-1 DSC05841_edited-1











DSC05850_edited-1DSC05883_edited-1 DSC05885_edited-1



What I love most about the place was 1. No appointment is required. 2. No packages and 3. Convenience (it is located in Somerset MRT itself)! If you aren’t convinced, you can go down for a free trial (1 session of 20 shots)! Register for your free trial here.

The next thing that amazes me is how clean the place actually is. Japan IPL Express makes sure that the entire place is kept clean. In each room, there is a specific area for you to keep your shoes and hang your clothes. Everything is kept in plain view. Also, during the session you will be given a pair of googles to protect your eyes. Japan IPL Express also gives wet wipes for me to clean my private area.


12 copy

I chose to do the Brazilian and Armpit this time because I have always wanted fairer and hair-free armpits and also a cleaner private area. As this was my first time doing the Brazilian, I was feeling quite shy initially but thank goodness for sweet Rachel (my therapist), I felt a lot less awkward. As you can see my brazilian area is full of stubborn stubbles. For the armpit area, it is quite sparse with thick and coarse hair. Do look out for my results after 6 months! I will be keeping my blog updated whenever I go for a session.


1. Rachel, the therapist first cleaned the areas with wet wipes and sanitiser.

2.  After cleaning the areas, Rachel then went ahead to shave the areas completely with an electronic shaver.

3. Once the areas are thoroughly shaved, Rachel then proceeded to use the machine on the areas. It wasn’t painful throughout the procedure but slightly uncomfortable instead. I felt nothing on the armpit areas but it was slightly stingy when Rachel was going over the Brazilian area.


DSC05861_edited-1  DSC05868_edited-1


If you are unsure of the number of shots you need, you can check it out in the picture below.

body parts_shots_NEW_LOGO


For now, Japan IPL Express has so kindly given 2 VERY exciting promos! Check out their May and Student promo below:


In addition, Japan IPL Express has an ongoing promotion where all customers that make a bulk purchase of 200 shots and above (in single transaction) receive 50% off.

  1. Purchases of 200 shots or more, customer will get 50% off
  2. 300 – 499 shots: customers will get 50% off AND 50 free shots
  3. 500 – 799 shots: customers will get 50% off AND 100 free shots
  4. 800 shots and above: customers will get 50% off AND 200 free shots


Customer A wants to buy 600 shots. As per the promotion mechanics above, she is entitled to 100 free shots on top of her purchase.

Usual Price: 700 (because 600 shots + 100 shots free) x $1.98 = $1,188

Promo Price: 600 x $1.98 x 50% = $594

Basically, the customer can get 700 shots at $594 instead of $1,188.

The calculation can seem confusing, but once you get it its pretty straight forward.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.24.55 pm


All students aged 18 and above will receive each shot at $0.99 (50% off) with every purchase of 100 shots and above, with the presentation of a valid student ID.


DSC05871_edited-1 DSC05873_edited-1

Hope this helps in your decision and thank you for reading!

REVIEW – Svenson Treatment Solutions

Hello again!

Attended the Svenson Hair Enrichment Workshop a few weeks ago and was really pleased to know more about how to tackle hair and scalp problems. Thank you for sharing such insightful information with me, Svenson! There was a complimentary hair scalp analysis and also a 5 course meal c/o Monochrome Bistro for us bloggers. The fish and tiramisu were my favourites! Too bad I didn’t managed to take a photo of the tiramisu.

DSC05886 DSC05887 DSC05892 DSC05890 DSC05896 DSC05901 DSC05898


SVENSON is a leading brand of solutions for hair and scalp problems using the most advanced technologies. With over 40 years of trichological expertise and knowledge, Svenson offers scientific diagnosis and customized and effective solutions to almost all hair problems.

Operating a global network of hair centers today, there are 54 branches across Asia region, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and of course, Singapore.

Today, they are proud to present its three best-selling hair care treatments: Folligro, Micro-Transdermal Therapy (MTT) and PLGA Total Solution.


The latest treatment to be introduced, Folligro, delivers a potent mix of vital oxygen and rich nutrients deep into the roots and stimulates greater cell regeneration and collagen production for significant results.

Making use of Radio Frequency (RF) to promote regeneration of tissues and hair growth, the energy is fractionally delivered in micron spots into the dermal layers of the skin via 22 uniquely-designed gold conductive pins.

The Folligro treatment takes about 45 minutes and is pain-free. The scalp is first cleansed and hair is blown dry. An Amino Peptide Solution is then applied directly on one section of the scalp, followed by immediate application of RF energy over the same section. This is repeated in sections all over the crown area before a scalp massage is performed to end the treatment.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.29.32 am


Using a handheld micro-needle roller device with a wheel attached to the handle, the Micro- Transdermal Therapy (MTT) treatment works by triggering the production of human growth factor.

Outfitted with a total of 540 micro-needles, each of varying lengths from 0.2mm to 2.0mm, the device is rolled over the skin, causing the needles to press against the scalp tissue, resulting in minor surface wounds. The body must then work to produce new skin in the area of the wound and releases the human growth hormone, collagen and other chemicals to assist with this process.

In addition, the treatment also creates a new transcellular route (microchannel) for the delivery of small doses of active ingredients of different medications, such as the Svenson MPC Solution, to enter deeper tissues.

This efficacious solution contains vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, minerals, hyaluronic acid, gluthathione and copper tripeptides that stimulate the growth of epitelial cells of hair bulb, inhibits catagen phase and stimulates anagen phase (new growth).

This treatment is effective for common male and female baldness problems, such as male front- parietal alopecia, diffused hair loss and post-pregnancy alopecia.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.29.24 am


Svenson’s PLGA Total Solution is a breakthrough Do-It-Yourself home treatment that combines remarkable properties of the rare Loquat leaf and nanotechnology to produce noticeably thicker, fuller looking hair for those suffering from thinning hair.

The key active compound extracted from the Loquat leaf is Corosolic acid, traditionally used as a herbal medicine. This herbal extract encourages better blood circulation and manages testosterone level, often the primary cause of hair loss.

To be applied daily after hair wash using a light head massage method on problem areas, clients can expect to see a gradual increase in fine, thin and thick hair growth at alopecia neurotic areas from the convenient PLGA Total Solution home treatment, from as early as two months after starting. A typical complete treatment process will take six months of consistent application.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.28.45 am

After the presentation of the products, we were introduced to the 5-step massage directed by the therapist which we all tried on ourselves at the same time. Having previously taken a short course under Kimage training school, I have learnt to do head massages but this was pretty different. I will definitely use this instead because it requires lesser strength and seems effective.

1504-9408-MBF v3 1504-9408-MBF v3


  • Shampoo daily, or twice daily, using the appropriate shampoo for your hair and scalp type
  • When applying styling products, avoid getting them on the scalp
  • When blow-drying, avoid direct strong heat and keep the blow-dryer moving
  • Brush or comb hair gently especially when wet
  • Practice daily scalp massage − recommended to use Svenson’s NEW 5-Step Head Massage (as detailed below)


  • Significantly more hair falls during combing, brushing and shampooing
  • Scalp feels sensitive; inflammation (redness), prone to getting itchy, oily and scaly
  • Frontal hairline starts to recede with more small “baby” hair appearing
  • Overall hair becoming more limp and lacks body or volume
  • Hair texture becomes finer and hair growth appears slower

Each of us were kindly given some sample products to bring home. I started using the products the very next day and to my delight, the volumizing shampoo was too good to be true. I have to say it restored my crowning glory! More on the shampoo will be shared later in the post.



DSC05950 DSC05952 DSC05953 DSC05954DSC05961

The treatment was to be applied before shampooing and I quite like that the treatment soften my scalp and hair. I could feel it was easier to detangle my hair afterwards. I like that the treatment was not harsh and did not cause any burning sensation at all. Usually I am quite afraid of treatment solutions due to the harsh ingredients included. However, for this range, I quite like it!



When I first applied this product on to my hair I was shocked at how cleanse my scalp was! I love the minty cooling feel after shampooing my hair with this. Felt instantly refreshed afterwards. I also felt my hair was more volumized overall and not as flat as it was usually even after a whole day of activities. I checked with my hairstylist when I went back to cut my hair and she complimented that my hair was softer and less oilier as before which is a good thing!


DSC05957 DSC05958 DSC05960 DSC05970 DSC05972

The reviews of this product is incredible. Given only a 10 day sample, I was able to tell that I faced lesser hair drop during this period. There was lesser hair clogged in the sink after a shower. If you are interested to find out more about this product, you could read up on the properties and benefits above. I personally found this product to be quite precious since it had a lifespan of only 10 days! I had to make sure I finished within 10 days.

I hope this post helped you in discovering more about Svenson and its latest technology. Thank you for reading and stay tune for more beauty reviews xx

REVIEW – MooJaa Mookata

Hello again!

The weather has been rather insane these days! Some days are so unbearably hot and some days are just so cold! Take today for instance, it has been raining all day that its so cold! If only I can have some Mookata right now!


Anyway, this reminds me! Just the other day I was invited to go down to MooJaa Mookata’s new opening and it was such a great experience. I love MooJaa Mookata’s concept! It is so damn cool that the hot pot is tucked away below the table so that the smoke would not hit you directly. I also like that they have a wide array of sauces for you to choose from (self service). This reminds me of Hai Di Lao and I simply love this concept!

The whole place was kept very clean and the staff was very friendly too! I don’t really like to drink Thai Iced Tea on a whole because I always find it too sweet but the Thai Iced Tea here was not that sweet which is a plus point! They have ala carte and also set meals available. We had the Set Moo recommended for two and it was so filling even though it looks like not much in the beginning! The set comprises of scallops and also prawns at a very reasonable price.

The meat was also very tender and well marinated. I love the chicken so so much!

DSC06793 DSC06805 DSC06817 DSC06818 DSC06827 DSC06829 DSC06830 DSC06832 DSC06835



The Set Moo (recommended for 2) we had was so filling and only costs $45! What a steal really!

DSC06841 DSC06844 DSC06845_edited-1  DSC06853 DSC06858 DSC06861_edited-1

Thank you MooJaa Mookata for hosting me and my friend and congratulations again! If you live around the area or just looking for a good place for mookata, do drop by! You will not be disappointed.


220 Upper Thomson Road, S(574352)

Tel: 64511611

Check out their FB page here!

REVIEW – Eyelash Extensions at Hair Republic

Hi girlies!

Back with another special treat for you girls! Had my first eyelash extensions last weekend and gosh I think I am addicted to it already!



I especially love how pretty my eyes are with the fluttery lashes on. I don’t really apply fake eyelashes often and probably only a few times a year. I initially thought with false eyelashes, my eye makeup looked really unnatural…but these lashes were so pretty and natural looking, I think I might have to make this a beauty necessity already! Minmin, my therapist was very patient and she took about 1 and a half hour to 2 hours for the entire procedure. It was rather fast and we were happily chatting away.  Minmin has very gentle fingers and hence it was not painful at all! There was no tugging or discomfort during the whole process.

DSC06733_edited-1   DSC06738_edited-1  DSC06740_edited-1 DSC06741_edited-1

Seen from the pictures, you would see that the whole place is brightly lighted up so that the therapists are able to do a proper job. The atmosphere felt like home and it was rather cosy with all the friendly-looking Hello Kitty toys! You would love this place if you are fans of the cartoon character!


DSC06731_edited-1 DSC06732

AFTER (Sorry for the spam! The lashes are too pretty to not take pictures)

DSC06756 DSC06761_edited-1  DSC06764_edited-1 DSC06765_edited-1 DSC06767_edited-1




So…this is my first time doing eyelash extensions and I had absolutely no idea what to expect or how to take care of the lashes but Minmin at Hair Republic kindly shared with me a few tips on how to take care of them so they stay pretty for a longer time! The trick is to wash/dry your face with a towel and avoid the eye area (including the eyelashes)! Water shouldn’t touch your lashes but its alright if some water gets on it. Just be very gentle when touching the lashes. I must admit it was rather difficult to get used to washing my face at first but then again, it was worth all the trouble I should say! It has been about a week and the lashes are still going strong! I don’t look bare or funny at the time being even though a few tiny lashes have dropped! I often forget their existence and would rub my eyes haha!


If you are interested, you would be happy to know that Minmin, the eyelash extension specialist of Hair Republic (who also kindly did my pretty eyelashes for me) is currently giving a 10% discount for my readers! All you have to do is just quote my name “Sydney Ho”


Cluster Lash

$30 for standard thickness

$50 where you can choose the length and thickness

Single Lash (the type I did)



Check them out at FacebookIG and their website!

Address: City Plaza #02-47

Contact them at 67450560 to make an appointment today!

DSC06770 DSC06776


Eyelash extension, hair extension, face threading, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow lightening, eyelash perming

Hopefully this helps in your decision on whether to go for eyelash extensions! Thank you for reading xx

DSC06780_edited-1 DSC06777_edited-1


REVIEW – THE SKIN PHARMACY Silky Smooth Sunscreen SPF 50

Hi girlies,

How’s your weekend so far? Hope all of you are having a great TGIF so far! Caught the BIG MAN earlier and it was quite a good show! Am back to the grind before I get to enjoy the rest of my weekend! It can be rather difficult  sometimes to churn out reviews but I am not complaining! I am definitely grateful to all the opportunities I have gotten thus far!

Today’s review will be a rather short one. Just the other day, I received the The Skin Pharmacy’s Silky Smooth Sunscreen SPF 50 and was so excited to try it out! I have heard quite a number of good things about the product range before actually receiving it.


THE SKIN PHARMACY was founded by two pharmacists, with more than 15 years experience in the beauty and pharmaceutical industry. All the products with THE SKIN PHARMACY label are our own special formulations, with particular emphasis on natural and active ingredients that work and are safe.

THE SKIN PHARMACY was set up with the belief that no two skin types are the same. Skincare products should be made to match different skin types and consumers should be able to choose what goes into, or out of, their products. At THE SKIN PHARMACY, you can get that personalised service of having your own skincare products made to match your needs.


This sunscreen is soft, light, and does not feel greasy. Protects against both UVA and UVB. Free of artificial preservatives, colouring and fragrances.
Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product.

Find out more from their website!


Besides the Silky Smooth sunscreen, The Skin Pharmacy also has other types of sunscreen available. I chose the Silky Smooth type because I wanted to try something different. A sunscreen that could protect your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays and also keep your face non-greasy and silky smooth for better makeup application at the same time? This is every girl’s dream!

To my amaze, I tried it and fell in love. I loved how non-greasy this product feels on my skin and being in a liquid texture, it doesn’t cake up easily too. The best part is it is FREE of artificial preservatives, colouring and fragrances. I am rather allergic to fragrances hence this is really important to me. I try my best to steer away from fragrances because I can catch a flu from just using a certain brand of perfume.

PS. I also really love that it comes in a pump mechanism for the packaging! So hygienic and cost effective.

DSC06716 DSC06720 DSC06721




Available online

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and thank you for reading! Happy TGIF! XX

REVIEW – THE BODY SHOP The Queen Of Moisture set

Hi girlies!

So its the Mother’s Day weekend already! Are you guys well prepped for this day? I hope you guys already made reservations if you are celebrating outdoors because I am pretty sure everywhere will be packed to the brim! Thankfully, my family is always well-prepped and we celebrated way in advance (a week in advance to be exact).

Before I drift away to chat about my Mother’s Day celebrations, I should go back to sharing with you guys an exciting Mother’s Day gift! I was SO excited when I received The Body Shop package because it was the only time where I could gift something to my mom from the sponsorships I was getting! This is a good way to show my appreciation to my mom. And of course this isn’t the only present I have prepared.

Being one of my favourite brands, THE BODY SHOP have come up with a specially designed set for the most beautiful women in the world (AKA our moms) and it is packed with the ultimate best selling Vitamin E range. Vitamin E range has been a skincare success at The Body Shop for over three decades, and to celebrate this British icon they’re giving it a positively regal redesign. What are you waiting for? Gift your Queen bee the best royal treatment she can ever ask for!

According to THE BODY SHOP,  our bodies do not make vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, mopping up free radicals from the environment, protecting your skin from sources of stress. Overall, it’s highly beneficial for your skin, something all mums deserve.

1 2 3


Utilising nutrient rich, superfood wheatgerm, the highest source of vitamin E
in nature, it offers long-lasting all day hydration which is easily absorbed and loved by all skin types! This skincare range is perfect for busy mums as it nourishes and protects tired skin with antioxidant hydration. In this set we have four amazing products that I will share with you my review on.


DSC06256 DSC06257 DSC06259 DSC06260 DSC06262

The latest innovation in this range is this ingenious anti-fatigue stick, which revives and refreshes the appearance of the eye area. Dark circles and signs of fatigue look diminished, and the cooling massage effect helps depuff the appearance of under-eye bags.


Being the latest innovation, I thought The Body Shop has done a fantastic job! Another one of my favourites in the set, I like how innovative this is. I have tried it for 1 week now and I like how cooling my eye area was and I thought it did somehow helped in the puffiness maybe because we constantly massage the area with the balm.


DSC06277 DSC06279 DSC06280DSC06281

Fresh, lightweight but very moisturising, our 50ml ‘Pink Cream’ is our all-time best seller. It’s one of our most loved skin saviours, with one selling every 14 seconds!* Now you can double the hydration power, with a bigger and better


This cream has a very strong hydration power at only a fraction of the price for higher end brands. Suitable for both young and old skin, this cream is lightweight and doesn’t feel like it would clog pores. It smells really good too!


DSC06269 DSC06271 DSC06273 DSC06274 DSC06275 DSC06276

This moisturiser is a true all-rounder, it provides 24 hour hydration while refreshing skin. The innovative sorbet texture feels instantly cool and ultra-light on your skin.


Exactly how it is described, the texture is extremely light on the skin and calms my skin leaving it refreshed and hydrated at the same time. I love that it doesn’t feel like it would clog my pores and I haven’t had any breakouts after using this product. It works like a aqua based sleeping mask apparently.


DSC06263 DSC06266 DSC06267

Our hydrating serum-in-oil is like an 8hr beauty sleep for your skin, combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight.


The serum/oil was non greasy and easily absorbs into the skin. I was able to layer on the next product quite quickly since it was absorbed into the skin. I liked that my face had a sheen to it after the product was absorbed completely.


After applying all the products on my face step by step, I truly loved how soft my complexion is that makes it so easy for the make up to set! I had radiant and glowy complexion all day! My ultimate favourite has to be the VITAMIN E OVERNIGHT SERUM-IN-OIL because it is lightweight and effective on old/new scars! See how my complexion has this soft glow to it?


My style would be to first 1. cleanse my face with facial wash 2. Apply VITAMIN E OVERNIGHT SERUM-IN-OIL and gently rub it in till it absorbs fully. 3. Smooth over the VITAMIN E AQUA BOOST SORBET 4. Layer on #1 BESTSELLER VITAMIN E MOISTURE CREAM for added hydration,  5. Lastly, roll the NEW VITAMIN E EYES CUBE over the under bags and eye area for blood circulation.

DSC06296 DSC06299


Vitamin E Moisture Cream 50ml – S$30.90

Vitamin E Moisture Cream 100ml  (available for a limited time only) – S$49.90

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet – S$32.90

Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil – S$42.90

All products are available in store from 27 April


You can find out the different locations here

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and have a splendid Mother Day’s weekend! xx


Hi girls!

I am back with something amazing to share again! Thank you Samantha for introducing me to THE COMB! I am really glad to have THE COMB as my hair sponsor to treat my horrible hair condition!


Located in a prime location on Club street, THE COMB provides affordable and outstanding services to trendy professionals. Equipped with an international team, THE COMB promises to create stylish hairdos for their customers under a relaxing salon ambience.



Last Saturday was my first time heading to THE COMB and what I loved most about the salon was that it was super convenient! I drove there on a Saturday and there were unlimited parking lots at a nearby public parking area but for those who don’t drive, you would be happy to know that the salon is a mere 5-8 minutes walk from Telok Ayer MRT station!

13 DSC06119 DSC06120 DSC06122 11

I was rather overwhelmed the moment I stepped into the salon because it was so pretty! My stylist, Henry was very friendly and comfortable to chat with. I was surprised to see that THE COMB even had a drinks menu and they served tea from TWG! It was really awesome because I could sip on comforting tea while having my hair treated and coloured which can be quite a torture due to the wait!

As I have recently dyed my hair somewhere else, I went for the Mucota hair treatment instead this time and gosh, I could feel my hair was softer and silkier after the whole treatment! Wait till you see the pictures! The results are SO AMAZING!


A 4-STEP treatment, Mucota Dyna Oil Treatment is a popular hair treatment originating from Japan that helps to reduce frizzy hair, making hair straighter. Unlike most anti-frizz treatments in the market, Mucota Dyna Oil Treatment has 100% NO Formaldehyde. The key ingredient is Argan oil, which is commonly being referred to as “liquid gold”. When Argan oil penetrates the hair follicle, it gives the hair plenty of volume, while making it smooth and silky at the same time! This treatment is suitable for people who have rebonded their hair before or have unruly and un-manageable hair.

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IMG_8592_edited-1 IMG_8600 IMG_8581

PicMonkey Collage


  • Colour/highlight – Uses Loreal and Shisedo colors
  • Rebond/Perm (Heat Wave/ Cold Wave) /C-Perm
  • Magic Setting (Rebond and perm)
  • Wash- Shampoo, conditioner and treatment (using brand: John Masters*)
  • Hair Manicure**
  • Treatment using a Jap Brand – Caretrico Privvy/Mucota Treatment/Keratin Keratase

*John Masters is a a popular organic solution from the states. Boxes are made from recycled material hence environmentally friendly. You may check out more information here!

**Hair Manicure gives the hair another layer of coating to restore and create a permanent shine. This is usually used to lock the dye in and is popular amongst the Kpop stars.


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Treated by: Henry Yu (Senior Stylist)

12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer

Parking Lot: Available nearby.

Tel: 64383138

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 10am – 8pm

Thats all for the post! Thank you for reading! xx

REVIEW – CLARISONIC Sonic Radiance Range

Hi pretties!

I am back with something really exciting to share! Personally, I am a huge fan of Clarisonic’s most handy facial cleansing devices, the very popular MIAs! So…when I received Clarisonic’s new Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution Range, I was so excited to try it out! Check out my personal REVIEW at the end of the post!



The Clarisonic® system uses breakthrough technology to make skin look younger, healthier, and more radiant than ever before. Using gentle sonic frequency micro massage waves, it far outperforms manual methods or rotary cleansing devices. That’s why it’s the choice of millions of consumers, notable celebrities, and the #1 solution among skin care professionals everywhere.

For more information on Clarisonic (I do not wish to bore you with so much information), click here!

Check out the benefits of using Clarisonic here!


Today’s highlight would be Clarisonic’s newest breakthrough in transformative skincare – the Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution range. This will be the key to unlocking your brightest complexion.

The synergy of device and innovative formulations work to slow down the synthesis of excess melanin, combat future dark spot formation, and exfoliate existing pigment at the skin’s surface. With the new brightening activator swum and Skin Renewing Essence Boost, Clarisonic makes its debut into leave on treatments, responding to a growing consumer demand for amplified results by combining devices and formulations.

Find out more about the Sonic Radiance Range here!



AFTER 1 USE: 93% of consumers with hyper pigmentation felt skin looked brighter and more radiant.

AFTER 4 WEEKS: 72% of consumers with hyper pigmentation saw a reduction in dark spots

AFTER 8 WEEKS: 100% of consumers felt their skin appeared younger!


Clarisonic Aria. The sleek device that is both ergonomically and customisable with a pulsing T-Timer and three adjustable levels of sonic speed: Delicate, Universal and Powerful.


The Radiance Brush Head. Designed and patented spot and dullness-fighting brush head with softer, denser, extra fine bristles to deliver a highly effective cleansing experience.



Skin Illuminating Cleanser. Formulated specifically for use with the Clarisonic Cleansing device and Radiance Brush Head, this high foaming rich, luxurious cleansing milk helps transform the appearance f dull, uneven skin. The high foaming gentle cleansing action combined with the pigment balancing activity of liquorice helps brighten and even skin tone while removing impurities. Key ingredients such as peppermint leaf extract and gingko biloba leaf extract soothe skin and increase circulation for a more radiant, healthier complexion.



Skin Renewing Essence Boost. This intensely hydrating high performance essence water features the anti-oxidant Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Licorice Extract and Peppermint Extract to help smooth and retexture skin for a more radiant, healthy looking complexion. Essence Boost hydrates the skin up to 8 hours and helps refine skin tone while diminishing discolouration and improving skin’s elasticity.




Brightening Activator Serum. Featuring powerful depigmentation ingredients, Ellagic Acid and Phenylethyl Resorcinol, this clinically proven serum is formulated to provide intense hydration and help reduce the synthesis of melanin and lighten dark spots, age spots and acne-induced discolouration .






#1 Cleanse. Apply a nickel-sized amount of the Skin Illuminating Cleanser directly onto skin or onto a dampened Radiance Brush Head. Begin sonic cleansing using the Clarisonic Aria on speed 3, and follow the one-minute T-Timer prompts. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and finish with a cool water splash. This Clarisonic Sonic Method combine three speeds of sonic action with dermatological formulations to help remove sebum and surface-level pigmentation.






#2 Hydrate and Renew. Immediately after cleansing, apply 5 drops of the Skin Renewing Essence boost onto the palm of the hand, press hands together and smooth all over face, neck and chest. Avoid the eye area.


#3 Treat and Prevent. Apply 1-2 pumps of the Brightening Activator Serum and massage with fingertips onto face, neck and décolleté for dramatically more radiant and event skin tone.



I am sure most of you out there know the brand Clarisonic but for those who don’t, here’s what you should know! Clarisonic, is the #1 Cleansing Brush recommended by Dermatologists. Sure, there were other brands that came up with their own Cleansing Brush after but however, based on my own experience (from using other brands), I still prefer Clarisonic’s due to the following reasons.


#1 It is after all the pioneer in sonic cleansing.

#2 It has three modes of speed which most brands do not have.

#3 It is more sturdy. I have bought other brands (will not name which) and it stopped operating after 2 months? My Clarisonic however, is still going strong at 6-8 months.

#4 You can electrically charge Clarisonic but for other brands, they operate on batteries which is not very efficient to me as I would have to spend on an additional battery cost.

NOW, back to the highlight of today’s post, the Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution range.

The first time I applied the Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution regimen, I could feel my skin was softer and looked visibly brighter immediately after undergoing the whole regimen.

After using it for about 4 weeks now, I can certainly say my skin is overall more even toned, less oily and also brighter. I like that my skin haven’t had any annoying breakouts for a month now! This has definitely improved my overall complexion I must say! I can now enjoy brighter and less clogged skin! Some friends also commented that my skin looks glowy and more translucent during this period. I also mad love the leave on treatments. I think Clarisonic has done an awesome job with their leave on treatments and I am surprised this is their first time introducing leave on treatments! They definitely should further explore this option.


PS. I am digging the pump feature on the bottle of the Brightening Activator Serum because it is so hygienic and easy to use!


The Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution retails for $355 and is available at Sephora (from 1st April 2015), TANGS Orchard & Robinsons Raffles City (from 18h April 2015). Sonic Radiance Customization Set, $170 (Only available in June 2015); Skin Illumnating Cleanser, $35; Brightening Activator sERUM, $75; Skin Renewing Essence Boost, $55; Radiance Brush Head, $40.

Feel the difference with Clarisonic’s Cleansing Brush today! Receive smoother. softer, and healthier looking skin. See your pores, fine lines & wrinkles reduced.

I hope my review helped you in deciding if you would like to purchase the range! Thank you for reading! xx