EHA Skincare launch

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CNY is approaching, have you girls prep for it yet?

Anyway, I am here to share with you EHA skincare products! Widely known for their 24hour Sunshield, I have always wanted to get to know the products better. Thank you MFP for the opportunity!

Had a great time the other day at the EHA skincare launch understanding and testing EHA Skincare products. It was great to meet the other bloggers and also Bianca from MFP! I was so psyched to find out that this cult skin care brand has finally opened its very own store at Shaw Centre in Orchard.

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With a range of skin care products from Japan, US and France, this comprehensive range of skin care is specially formulated for the humidity of Asia and sensitive Asian skin.

Listed below are EHA Skincare’s range of Japan-made skin care, which also happens to be the brand’s best sellers. The unique formulation of this range makes it suitable even for those with acne prone, congested and sensitive skin.

I managed to score two best selling products, the EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel and EHA Moisturizing Gel. It was a hard choice between the sunshield and these two products but I eventually chose the exfoliating gel because I lacked of a scrub and lacked hydration.

For more product information, you can see here:

EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel 50 ML SGD 68.00

Gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin.
Reduce pigmentation and skin discoloration while maximizing your skinʼs ability to absorb the beneficial nutrients of your skin care and prepare skin for treatment by stripping away old keratin, gently and effectively. Unlike traditional scrubs, this exfoliating gel is so gentle it can be used even on sensitive skin, but still packs a punch, removing old keratin and keeping skin fresh and clean. With ingredients like Evening Primrose oil for its anti-oxidant and whitening properties, Algae extract for its moisturizing and whitening properties and Glycerin for its hydrating properties, skin looks brighter and cleaner without any greasy after-feel.

EHA Moisturizing Gel 50 ML SGD 88.00

A deeply hydrating but lightweight gel-lotion moisturizer to protect and nourish skin.
Free of artificial activators and dehydrating alcohol this non greasy gel-based-lotion forms a protective barrier that locks in moisture and nutrients so your skin stays hydrated for longer. Non greasy and suitable even on oily skin, it can be used in place of a primer, so foundation applies smoother and lasts longer.

With Evening Primrose extract known for its anti oxidant and whitening properties, seaweed extract for its moisturizing and whitening properties, plant collagen and protein for its deep hydrating and anti-aging properties, silicon for its ability to form a barrier and keep skin hydrated and protected from oxidation and Titanium Dioxide for its sun protection properties this water-based gel type moisturizer hydrates without leaving a greasy or shiny residue. Works perfectly under makeup and can even be used in place of a primer.

EHA Skincare products are available exclusively at EHA Skincare, located at 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre # 03-28. Singapore 228208


EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel

When I tried this product at the event, I thought it would be good for me as my skin doctors once told me I am not able to use harsh scrubs, it is good that this is rather gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin. It also comes with a pump opening which is very hygienic. For the first time, you are required to press the pump a couple of times before the liquid comes out.


Ingredients depicted below:

dsc03083 dsc03084 dsc03089 dsc03091

The liquid as seen is transparent and when rubbed lightly, tiny white clumps form. This shows that the skin is actively clearing away old keratin which causes acne problems. I like that after rubbing old keratin away, I don’t have to wash it with water and it is non-sticky and greasy. The last picture is after i have washed away the white clumps. Doesn’t it look brighter than before?

dsc03093 dsc03095 dsc03098

EHA Moisturizing Gel

Initially I wanted to get another product from EHA but the staff actually said that this would be better for me as she can see my skin is rather sensitive and dehydrated. Free of artificial activators and dehydrating alcohol, she recommended this because it is water based and very lightweight on the skin. This is suitable for oily skin and can be used in place of a primer, so that foundation applies smoother and lasts longer. I have tried it and loved it!  Do check with the staff there as they always know best and would love to help! The tub comes with a very unique opening, with a small circle pump right in the middle. To use, you will have to place two fingers on each side of tub and press down a couple of times before the pump is activated and releases the liquid. In a gel typed formula, I placed some on my hand (the spot I used the Gentle Exfoliating Gel with) and lightly rubbed the cream till it is completely absorbed. To my surprise, the gel turns into water droplets. After which, I wiped it away with a tissue. You may also leave it on to dry and fully absorbed.

dsc03100 dsc03102 dsc03103 dsc03104 dsc03106 dsc03112

So this is all for now, thank you for reading!



ADVERT – BakeByFaith CNY Cereal goodies

Hi pretties,

Am back with something amazing to share again! So earlier this week, I managed to collect some tiny guilt free goodies from BakeByFaith! They so generously gave me 4 boxes each!

The flavours I chose are Strawberry Rice Krispies, Chocolate Cornflakes, Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and White Chocolate Cornflakes.

Items can only be kept up to 7 days from collection date and they are halal certified.

Even though its CNY, there is no surcharge and prices remain the same. Prices are 40 cups for S$13, 88 cups for S$28 and 200 cups for S$60

For more information, you can see the website and also their instagram.


I have tried all the flavours and my favourite has to be Chocolate Cornflakes and Strawberry Rice Krispies! The other flavours were yummy too but because I am a strawberry fan, I especially like the Strawberry Rice Krispies flavoured one. I ate finish the whole box of Strawberry Krispies by myself and my family was very receptive to the cereals too! We finished 2 boxes in just 2 days! I think this is the perfect gift for CNY and will always be welcomed by your friends because they are so pretty yet have the lowest calories.

20 pieces in each box, flavours below are Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and Strawberry Rice Krispies (from left to right)

dsc02726 dsc02728 dsc02732 dsc02735

Below are the Chocolate Cornflakes and White Chocolate Cornflakes flavoured ones (from left to right).

dsc02740 dsc02743 dsc02744 dsc02748 dsc02751 dsc02752 dsc02756 dsc02761

Strawberry Rice Krispies below.

dsc02766 dsc02769 dsc02773 dsc02791

Below are the Chocolate Cornflakes, Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and White Chocolate Cornflakes accompanied with my Vita Fede bracelet.

dsc02810 dsc02813 dsc02814 dsc02821

So what are you waiting for! Get your CNY goodies fix now!

Hope this helps in selecting your perfect CNY goodies and thank you for reading!


Event – Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber Media invite

Hi pretties,

Back with another interesting update! Last week, my girlfriend and I attended the media invite for Huang Ah Ma, the Oriental Spa Chamber and we had a great time learning about the benefits of the facial and spa regimen Huang Ah Ma offers. We were so delighted to find out we could get a 90 min complimentary try out of this regimen. Apparently, this is Singapore’s first ever late night spa and facial regimen for good health which is also otherwise known as the Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial.


Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, aims to be one of the finest luxurious spas in Singapore. This hotel spa is tastefully decorated in an oriental setting, offering a haven of relaxation and hospitality with modern amenities. It is ideal for those seeking a well-deserved spa break with solutions to their beauty needs.

entrance_of_ham  hotel_porcelain_lobby hotel_porcelain group_massage_area

Address: 50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528

Contact:+65 6536 1661

Opening hours: 11am to 3am



For the first part of the event, we were greeted with their signature ginger tea that is very good for the women’s body. I like to drink ginger tea whenever I have the period because it helps soothe my tummy cramps. After that, we were given a rejuvenating foot soak which was filled with boiling water. Not very used to soaking my feet in boiling water, I had a difficult time soaking my feet in because the water was too hot! However, after hearing how it helps in blood circulation, I took the plunge.

dsc02721 dsc02403

At the event, the techniques of the massage were demonstrated to us. After the demonstration, we went on a guided tour around the place and boy, was the place huge! There were several couple and single rooms. There are even saunas inside the place.

dsc02406dsc02410 dsc02412  dsc02415 dsc02417 dsc02418After the whole event, they gave us a taste of how good their massage was with a 5 mins head massage and also offered us bowls of tasty porridge cooked by the speaker herself. I have forgotten the chinese name for it but apparently it is called the 8 treasures porridge if I am not wrong.



This unique imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial promises to help one relax fully after a long day, help with insomnia and aid in promoting good health at the same time. From what I learnt in this event, the perfect beauty sleep timing is actually from 10pm to 2am and this massage aims to help you enjoy that little hours of beauty sleep!

The routine centres around the introduction of special herb blends and crafted massage techniques to enhance cell recovery and rejuvenation, which works best at night.

The late night spa and facial routine starts with a foot spa, inspired by a simple but powerful therapy, the bath routine of the Yao Tribe women. The Yao Tribe can be found in the mountainous terrains of the southwest and south China, and the women are known to lead lives that are free from sickness and ailments. Possessing a strong constitution, the Yao women can go about their daily activities immediately after giving birth.

dsc02710 dsc02714group_foot_massage

The herbs used are speranskia, acacia, turmeric and a mix of rare Yunnan herbs. These herbs help with problems like insomnia. The herbs open pores and in turn help the skin reap the full medicinal benefits of the herbs. they also aid in enhancing blood circulation and overall well-being. The Yao bath can also accelerate sweating enable you to expel the toxins in your body.

Now, at Huang Ah Ma, you can enjoy the health benefits of this concoction of herbs, and more. The eight-step relaxing spa and facial regimen includes the following:

  • “Yao Yu” Foot Soak (瑶浴), as outlined above
  • Back Massage to help relax the body
  • Artemisia Herbs (艾草) Detox and Ear Candling: Artemisia herbs are placed on the navel, helping you to relax. This step will also detox and clear the meridian. When your body pores are open and the 12 meridian blockages are cleared, harmful materials can be expelled. The multitude of benefits includes skin nourishment, relief of itching as well as prevention and curing of skin and gynaecological diseases. The step will also improve the micro-circulation system, digestion and alleviate problems like fatigue and muscle pain.
  • Facial Cleanse with Huang Ah Ma’s very own product
  • Enzyme Facial Peel with Huang Ah Ma’s very own product
  • Musical Ball Face Massage: This massage will whisk you away to a state of tranquillity. The moving steel balls produce a soft tinkling sound. The therapist will execute four strokes in this order, for the ultimate relaxation: 1) Effleurage stroke – A soothing, stroking movement used at the beginning of the facial to encourage lymphatic return 2) Drainage stroke – Lymphatic stimulation and drainage 3) Soothing stroke – Relax the muscle and skin 4) Shiatsu pressure – Reduce the pressure stress and mental stress
  • Custom Blended Mask: This soothing chiffon aloe mask is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes and relaxes the skin.
  • Hand Meridian Massage

dsc02717 img_0554

This 90-minute treatment, the “Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial”, has an introductory price of $88 (UP: $188). It is offered at Huang Ah Ma starting 4 Feburary 2015 onwards.

This treatment is recommended to be experienced from 7pm onwards as the regime is put together to suit one’s skin condition and temperature at night.

Due to the herbs and massages, it is not recommended for pregnant ladies and those suffering from cancer.


So I went with my friend and she was raving about how awesome the massage was and also how beneficial it was to her. She slept like a baby the moment she reached home. During the massage, we managed to fell asleep during the Musical ball massage. It was very soothing and painless for those who worry about how facial massages feels like. My skin felt very smooth after the whole thing too and both of us thought our skin glowed! I guess it was because of the enzyme facial peel. If you ask me, this is value for money for those who suffer from insomnia! I would pay anything to get good health and ample rest.

Thank you for your invite, Natasha and Vanessa.

Hope this helps and thank you for reading guys!


ADVERT – The Dream Nail

Hi pretties!

I am back with something awesome for you girls! So CNY is approaching and most of you girls must be so busy with last minute shopping and all but you should never be too busy shopping that you forget to pamper yourself for this festive season!




dsc02362 dsc02363 dsc02364 dsc02365 dsc02366

So many of the girls out there I know are doing their CNY nails with sheep gelish nail art but I chose something simpler instead because of the many events I have to attend, I like to get something that is understated and also easy to pair.

dsc02375 dsc02376 dsc02377 dsc02380 dsc02381 img_2244 img_2245 img_2248 img_2249 img_2252 img_2254 img_2256 img_2260 img_2262 img_2263 img_2265 img_2270 img_2271 img_2274 img_2280

Lilac has been my favorite color since forever and so I chose lilac as my base color for my nails this time. Iris, the owner of The Dream Nail is a super awesome lady! Young mother of 2, she is very capable and I truly respect that. I believe all mothers to be or mommies would enjoy chatting with her. Having picked up a few tips on entrepreneurship from her, I really had a good time during the one-hour nail session. She is also super sweet and very thoughtful. Knowing I am not accustomed to long finger nails, she skipped the nail extension for me and gave me pretty short gelish nails even though it would definitely benefit her more if she had done nail extensions for me as my nails would look even prettier that would leave my readers in awe!

This is the reason as to why I chose her as my nail sponsor not only because of her talent in creating ideal designs but also because of her sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Like I always believe, customer service goes a long way and it is the way to go. Customers will only return if the service is good.

Not to mention, her prices are also extremely affordable! See below for price list. She will also be offering eyelash extensions from MARCH onwards! You can now look forward to doing both your eyelash extensions and nail art all in one session this coming MARCH!

Photo 10-2-15 12 24 50 am Photo 10-2-15 12 24 56 am

Iris is also the sole Singapore representative for the nail polish brand, EJASI (which, btw has the prettiest colors I have seen) and has the largest variety of nail accessories I have seen! I am pretty sure she can create the ideal type of nails you are looking for because she not only houses so many nail accessories but she has 12 years of experience in the market. Previously situated in Far East Plaza, she is doing home-based now.


dsc02368 dsc02369 dsc02370 dsc02371 dsc02372

dsc02378 dsc02379 dsc02380

Her place is also conveniently situated in Ang Mo Kio (AMK) which is pretty near AMK MRT station. You can check out her facebook page, IG for more details and more pretty pictures of her work!

Thank you for reading and I hope you girls have a great time prepping for CNY!