REVIEW – Laneige Collagen Drinks

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I am back with another beauty review.

I am a beauty product fanatic and I used to buy beauty products every day! However, one fine day because I was using TOO MANY products at one time, my skin decided to break down on me and then I started having red blotchy skin and breakouts. I tried to revive it by eating collagen then, seeing skin doctors and just moisturing my skin more. But the problem with my skin then was because I used too many GOOD products on my face. I was using a different type of mask everyday just so I could maintain my complexion. I forgot the meaning of ‘less is more’ at that time.

My greatest friend during that awful period was actually collagen! How I started drinking collagen then was because my elder sister who was getting married raved about FANCL’s collagen drinks and so I decided to try it as I wanted to plump up my skin at the right places. FANCL was good but the problem I had with it was I felt I became fatter after drinking it for some time. My skin did glow but my weight increased as well! Maybe I was rather sensitive about my weight but apparently I heard from some of my friends that the same thing happened to them too.

So when I attended the launch of LANEIGE’s new collagen drinks, I was rather skeptical and even asked LANEIGE if I would get fatter after consumption.


1. THE TASTE IS AMAZING. It tasted like grape yakult flavour to me.

2. It provided me with the radiance and glow I needed for my tired skin!

3. It did not plum me up horizontally but yet gave me a slightly more 3d look to my face! I am not exaggerating because I did feel like the plumpness went to the right places this time.

4. LANEIGE focuses on quality and I believe it is because their products have worked wonders for me even with their small sized bottles and quantity.




1. Priced at SGD52 for 1 box (10 bottles), it would seem rather expensive but as compared to other brands like for example FANCL, you would find LANEIGE’s collagen drinks cheaper as it is a known fact that Japanese brands are more expensive as compared to Korean brands.

2. 1 box contains 10 bottles and carrying one month’s supply weighs a ton!  I had to lug home three boxes all by myself. It is recommended you only buy one month’s supply each time because of its weight.


3. Each bottle contains 5000mg, which is not a lot. However, it is the quality that matters and NOT the quantity.




It is recommended to drink a bottle everyday before you go to bed.


It is recommended to consume the Collagen Drink for 2 months to see results.

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REVIEW – Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

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Sorry I took so long. I am mostly on IG so often I neglect my blog. But I am trying to blog more and of course more on personal stuff! I have always loved to write, and was a full time writer in an online store for a good one year. My vocabulary isn’t amazing but I have always preferred perfecting my grammar as compared to acing the vocab.

Anw back to my beauty review of the day, I would like to share with you girls how did the Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector fare on my skin which I have received a while back. I thought it would be fairer to do a proper review after using it for at least two weeks.

Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

dsc01931 dsc01934

Ok…So initially, I didn’t think much of this product because I never knew that toners ARE THAT EFFECTIVE! However, the moment I applied this on my face using the instructions given inside the packaging, I knew then, this product would be part of my holygrail section!

Inside every package, there is a box of Facial Care Dual Cotton which consists of 60 pads and has two sides to it, textured and non textured (smooth). There will also be a 150ml bottle of Clear C Advanced Effector.


So according to the instructions, you have to use the textured side of the cotton pad in the morning and the smooth side at night. For morning usage, you would have to start from the center of the chin and work towards the temple areas. Blot skin starting from the upper area of the face and working downwards to even out skin tone. And lastly blot the neck area upwards, working towards the face.

For night care, you have to use their Gentle Tapping Care method. Gently pat skin with a cotton pad, starting from the centre of the face and work outwards to enhance nutrients into skin.


I love that this product contains 92.5% Superberry extract! No wonder it smells so good!

dsc01925 photo_28-1-15_1_31_52_pm


1. I liked that it smells so good! Haven’t raved about a product smelling this good for the longest time.

2. It has such clear instructions on how to use it so it can perform at its best for you.

3. My skin has visibly improved. I no longer have red blotchy skin because my skin feels so cared for and moisturised. Going to stock up on my next bottle once this is finished!

4. Non sticky texture and very light on my skin.

5. I did not break out after using it which is awesome because I do break out sometimes when I use new products.

Photo 23-1-15 1 58 24 pm_edited-1 Photo 23-1-15 2 00 51 pm_edited-1

My complexion after using Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector. Look at how my skin glow! I did not apply ANY makeup at all for these two photos and also, I did not edit it in any way. The images are from my camera directly. If you look closely, you can see blackheads even haha!

dsc01929 dsc01930


After putting on makeup. Again, no filter or editing done at all.


Honestly there is nothing bad about the product but priced at S$57, it would seem rather pricey to some. However, having a good toner is very important and some people skip this step which is such a terrible thing to your skin! You should never miss using a toner because a toner effectively helps to remove excess makeup or dirt on your skin you could have missed even after washing and removing makeup off your face. It also preps your skin for better absorption of the products after and close your pores.

I hope this post helps in deciding whether you should get it! Whether sponsored or not, I would still buy this product and I do want to thank Laneige for giving me such an opportunity to try out this wonderful product that creates wonders for my skin!

Next UP: Laneige Collagen Drinks beauty review!





Review – Capri by Fraser

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Am back for another hotel review. If you are looking for a place to plan your staycay for a special occasion, I recommend Capri by Fraser. This is one of my favourite hotels in Singapore ( having stayed in W hotel, Capella, Amara Sanctuary, MBS etc.) and you will find out why in a bit. So…I spent my pre birthday celebration there and boyfriend (b for short) booked the largest room, the studio terrace for our mini celebration. It was very peaceful and private despite the fact that there was 1. major construction outside 2. a birthday party going on right next door. It was also weird to us that the best rooms are located on the second floor. This is really weird because isn’t it lame to have your best rooms with open space (balcony) on the lowest floors? Doesn’t make sense for people who are staying on top with no balconies to have full view of our balcony and can even throw stuff down while we are resting. They also did not highlight there was construction going on. Also, when b tried to call during office hours, it was so difficult to get through. When we gave our feedback on this matter, they simply said, we are short of manpower. GOSH.

B was initially upset with the construction and also how dusty it was outside on the balcony. He cleaned away 3 flies in the short span of 15 minutes we got there. He was quite frustrated and called the reception to do something about it. Also, because we were next to the construction, we wanted a change of room but unfortunately, they were full hence, they got their cleaning staff to come up to do some cleaning. We were only able to do our own stuff after 4pm so we requested for late checkout and they gave us till 4pm the next day. After that, we went to the pool to swim and then boyfriend saw that other similar rooms had a shelter over their hammock so he called the reception again and they said they will get their manager to call us soon with a solution. After a long time, around evening, they got back to us with either a 20% discount off the dine in menu or complimentary breakfast. Of course, we chose breakfast.

Enough words, now pictures!

dsc01608 dsc01609 dsc01612 dsc01613 dsc01614 dsc01617 dsc01620 dsc01623 dsc01626 dsc01627 dsc01636 dsc01641dsc01652


Tiramisu chocolate birthday cake c/o Capri by Fraser.


dsc01703 dsc01710dsc01717


In one of the spin and play room, we get to play PS4 and also do our laundry.



dsc01719 dsc01720 dsc01721 dsc01722 dsc01738

Sumptuous breakfast and egg station!


dsc01832 dsc01840dsc01834 dsc01836

Complimentary parking and very convenient passage way from carpark to the hotel residences lobby.




You can borrow bikes for up to 4 hours!

What I liked about this place:

Room was very spacious. I liked that the fridge was so huge and we could put so many things inside. I liked that the wardrobe was inside the bathroom instead of how it is usually outside the bathroom like many hotels. while steaming in the steam room, you have a locker that comes with a pin and not a key. I also liked that it is situated next to changi city point which is awesome! Late night macdonalds yay! Also liked that they have PS4 games and movie rentals available. We had so much fun dancing away in the room. Most of the levels also had a spin and play room where you can do your laundry and play at the same time.


Wearing STYLEOFLEDA’s sunglasses/shorts and Quirkytraits’ white buttoned blouse.




510 11 12

Wearing Lylastore Kiera necklace in green, MDS white top and Love, Bonito’s tweed skirt.




Wearing Thetinselrack shawl and Seafolly Bikini. Donut float c/o floatrentalsg.



dsc01686 dsc01747 dsc01762 img_0022 img_0023

Sitting on the cutest donut float c/o floatrentalsg!



img_0240 img_0281 img_0424

Wearing white button top c/o Quirkytraits and baby blue midi from Love,Bonito




Pretty gems c/o Lylastore

So that pretty much sums up my vacay! Thank you for reading.



Events – Laneige Collagen Drink launch

So…most of you would notice my url has changed. I am currently MYFATPOCKET resident blogger and this is my first post as their blogger.

Nothing much has changed except for the fact, I have another commitment now which is good!

So about two weeks back, I was invited to Laneige Collagen Drink launch, and it was great meeting more like-minded beauty bloggers. We were each given a month’s supply of collagen drinks, 1 bottle of DIY scrub, and 1 Clear C Advanced Effector. I will be sure to return with a more detailed review of the products after trying out for at least a month. I am currently using these products in my daily skincare routine.

dsc01472 dsc01473 dsc01474


Their DIY scrub station. You can choose between orange or pomegranate oil. Majority chose orange because it smelled fresher and stronger. The scrub can last up to 2 weeks if kept in the fridge. Laneige was so sweet to even prepare personalised caps with our names on it.

dsc01477 dsc01480 dsc01487 dsc01488

During the event, we were introduced to their upcoming collagen drink which will be launch in March this year. Unlike many other brands I have tried (Fancl, Meiji just to name a few), this is by far the tastiest which also has the least calories. It tasted just like grape vitagen to me. If the taste is unbearable, you may add it into juices (tried it with orange juice and it tasted real good). Also, judging from the first 2 weeks of drinking consecutively, I felt my scars did lightened (however, this is only a review after using 2 weeks so the results are not final yet, will update later).

Only at 5000mg, Laneige has claimed this is sufficient for women and what matters most is quality not quantity. I find this very true because I had to consume many bottles of fancl before seeing a tiny effect. I also noticed a significant plumping of my skin after drinking fancl’s. I became rounder unfortunately. :/


Besides the collagen drink and advanced Clear C advanced effector, we were also introduced to Laneige’s new collection of two-tone lipsticks. It promises to give you glossy and gradient lips effortlessly. I managed to achieve those pretty kpop gradient lips in just one swipe!

dsc01512 dsc01533

So overall, this event was a very successful one and rather fun! Will be back with a full review of the Clear C Advanced Effector and Collagen Drinks after a month!

Wearing Love, Bonito for top and bottom. Zalora’s label for heels.

Do email if you are interested in collaborating with me! I welcome all bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers and brands.