Food Review – Desserts at Fabulous Baker Boy

Hi guys! 

I am back after such a long hiatus. 

Since I was in a really lousy and shitty mood, I persuaded my boyfriend to bring me to a cafe for some sweet treats. 

We headed to the Fabulous Baker Boy situated at the foot of Fort Canning Park. It is quite difficult to find parking and we parked at the nearest parking opposite to club Dream. Dream has taken over the old club Zirca for some who are unsure where. 

Even though it is at a pretty deserted place, it was certainly not quiet AT ALL. I have always wondered why cafes enjoy being situated at the weirdest and most deserted locations. 

We were greeted promptly by the staff who nicely pointed out to us that they are only serving coffee, cakes and tea which I misunderstood at first as coffee cakes and tea where I stupidly asked if there were still any red velvet cakes left because I would be so disappointed. It was then, I saw the menu and realised they served savoury items on their menu too! Haha, silly me came here without doing proper research.

After which, we went to choose our cakes and sat down to wait. We ordered two slices of cakes, the Red Velvet, their specialty and also Big Mess (literally a big mess after eating). And, the red velvet was SO GOOD, I finished the entire cake ALL BY MYSELF. I liked that the cake was not that sweet and the cream cheese icing was very thin! Boyfriend’s selection, however was not very nice to me, maybe because I was never quite a fan of chocolate cake! And yea I do know red velvet cake is actually just chocolate cake with red colouring.

Yummy! I will definitely be back to try out their savoury items!

So thats all guys! Thank you for reading and hope you guys found this helpful.



NAME: The Fabulous Baker Boy
ADDRESS: 70 River Valley Road, Singapore 179037
OPENING HOURS: opens after 7pm