Events – Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Happy Sunday everyone!

Went to the Singapore Garden Festival today as boyfriend had tickets from his uncle to the event. 

Went once about 3 years back because some kind soul actually gave my friend and I tickets at the door. It was held at Marina Bay Sands convention hall then. This time, it’s being held at Gardens by the Bay. The actual event was held in an air conditoned tent at the meadows part of Gardens by the Bay.We were also entitled to enter the Flower Dome with our tickets. 

The exhibitions on display were amazing. I especially loved the landscape garden exhibitions.

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) details

Dress: The Editor Market 
Earrings: Bangkok
Sandals: Hong Kong

After the entire event, we went to the famous Ya Hua Ba Ku Teh for dinner. We were craving for some hot soup.

Total bill was $33. The meat was very tender but for $8 a bowl, it didn’t seem worth it? We thought the meat was quite little. The tofu was not worth ordering as it was rather bland. I loved the taupok & soup though. If you are not a fan of Lao Ban, please don’t order the soya milk! It tasted just like Lao Ban’s one.

Thank you for reading guys! Hope you guys had a lovely Sunday.


More information 

Name: Gardens by the Bay
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953
Contact: +65 6420 6848

Name: Ya Hua Ba Ku Teh Eating House
Address: 593 Havelock Road, Singapore 169641
Contact: +65 6235 7716

Food Review – Knuckles + Hatter Street

Hello lovely people and welcome back to my space. 

Been out running errands today and hardly had time to rest but nevertheless, today is a fulfilling day! 

Today’s post will be a review on two cool new hangouts. I am digging the atmosphere on this street off Kovan. 

#Throwback to yesterday. Basically, we did not intended to go into Knuckles. Before yesterday, I had no idea Knuckles even existed. If not for their truffle fries we would never have went in. As we were already quite full from dinner, we only ordered truffle fries. 

Situated at a prime location next to the ever crowded Hatter Street and Nakhon Kitchen, there is a huge following here as well. If you don’t already know, Knuckle is owned by the very same owners of Nakhon. One success after another…when can that day be mine already. HAHA.

It is a newly established restaurant serving very reasonably priced German and Western cuisine. They offer pork knuckles at only $8! Even the truffle fries (tastes EXACTLY like skinny pizza’s truffle fries which is absolutely relish!) cost only $6! The best part is there is no GST or service tax. 
The music here is fantastic and I love the funky tables and chairs here. They look like huge ass crates. The only thing here I don’t really fancy is, payment has to be done at the counter and not at the table. But other than that, it’s cool. 

So basically, I found that Kovan is becoming quite hip with three popular cafes and restaurants all on the same street. And because I had always wanted to try Hatter Street, I went after dinner today. 
We had the waffle with ice cream and oreo cookie brownie. Both desserts were so good. Not to exaggerate, but I think they may have the best waffle ever. It was crisp, light and was accompanied with tangy caramel sauce which boyfriend commented that it tasted like durian. 

 With that, thats the end of this post. Thank you for reading guys! 



NAME: Knuckles
ADDRESS: 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-33, Singapore 530212
OPENING HOURS: opens after 7pm
NAME: Hatter Street
ADDRESS: 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333, Singapore 530212

Food Review – Dinner at Grub

Happy Sunday folks! 

Ran some errands today and visited my friend’s place at Tanglin. OOTD shots were taken at the park just outside her apartment. 

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) details

Top: Love, Bonito
Skirt: Bangkok
Bag: YSL
Necklace: Bangkok
Earrings: Chanel
Sandals: Love, Bonito

For dinner, we went to Grub located at Bishan Park. It was crazily packed even at 8pm! There were 7 in waiting with us. Starving, we wanted to go somewhere else instead but decided upon that there were no where any better nearby. While waiting, we went to shift our car and parked at somewhere nearer Grub. We only found out there was a designated parking space near Grub after we reached the place. The better parking is located just next to Bishan Golf Range where I used to have my golf lessons at. 

Boy, are we glad we stayed! The food was relatively good. The truffled eggs cocotte was incredible and priced at $7, I thought it was value for money. We liked how the eggs had a slight truffle taste to it and wasn’t too strong. The toasts were lightly baked and had a slight rosemary herb taste to it which boyfriend loved. This was the highlight of the meal.

Boyfriend had the steak + fries as main course, while I had the Sakura Ebi pasta. The ribeye steak was nicely done and tender. The Sakura Ebi pasta was a tad salty and left me feeling quite sick after awhile. Boyfriend loved it though.

For dessert, we ordered the churros as we have heard raves about it. Boyfriend loved the churros but I thought there was nothing special. We both however found the chocolate and vanilla sauces to be quite diluted and not as thick as how the sauces should actually be. 

With that, this is all. Thank you for reading guys! Have a lovely Sunday you all.




NAME: Grub
ADDRESS: 510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, 569983
CONTACT: +65 6459 5743

Food Review – Baguette, Medz and Ku De Ta

Happy Wednesday guys!

This is a throwback to last Saturday’s activities. It was a typical long day for me, I had to meet 3 different group of friends. 

Met my Le Mini Gang clique for brunch at CMPB, Demsey. As this was our usual hang out place, I did not take any photos haha.

Took some photos along the way while waiting for my second group of friend for dinner and dessert. 

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) details

Top: Bershka 
Skirt: Far East Plaza 
Bag: Chanel
Earrings: Bangkok

We had a horrible experience at Medz. The grilled chicken my friend had was uncooked and all red inside. We asked for a change and the management agreed to change to another dish however the wait was too long. Along the way, the servers also accidentally delivered the wrong dishes to us a couple of times, which was rather annoying. 

After dinner, we went for dessert at Paris Baguette. We ordered a couple of sweets for sharing. We had mini croissants, twisted chocolate french pastries, egg tart, and pudding. 

After dessert, we split and I went to attend a girlfriend’s party at Ku De Ta. 

Thank you for reading, guys! Till the next update. 



Name: Medz
Address: #B2-01 , Orchard Central, 
181 Orchard Road
Contact: +65 62389028 

Name: Paris Baguette
Address: #02-48/53, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 
435 Orchard Road
Contact: +65 68362010 

Name: Ku De Ta
Address: 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, 018971
Contact: +65 6688 7688

Food Review – Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant


Welcome back to my space. Celebrated my dearest girlfriend’s birthday today in advance at our favourite restaurant, Imperial Treasure Steamboat. 

Compared to Hai Di Lao, I definitely prefer Imperial Treasure for its quality and the amazing taste of the soup base even though the service is not as great as Hai Di Lao’s. At Hai Di Lao, there is a wide variety of self served sauces for you to mix as and how you like it to be. At Imperial Treasure, they will provide a large tray filled with a variety of sauces where you can either request for their specialty sauce or you can do it yourself. If you request for their specialty sauce, they will do it on the spot for you. 

For the soup, our favourite and the extremely popular one is the wine chicken base. We got both that and Mala for dinner tonight.

The wine chicken for the soup base

A few dishes we ordered, 

Chinese baby spinach

Fish skin

Prawn noodle

Pork and Beef slices

Frog legs, I felt damn cruel having this. The frog legs were just sliced so they were still pumping. 

After dinner, I surprised my girlfriend with a cake. 

Thank you for reading guys! Please remember to make a reservation beforehand. This place is super popular and reservation is a must even during weekdays.



NAME: Imperial Treasure
ADDRESS: ION Orchard, #04-09/10, 
2 Orchard Turn
CONTACT: +65 66369339

Food Review – Becasse Dempsey


Welcome back to this humble space of mine. 

Went for lunch this afternoon to celebrate a girlfriend’s belated birthday. As usual we were both late for our date and met 30 minutes after the scheduled timing. I had wanted to bring this girl to OTTO Locanda but their lunch was only till 2pm which is impossible for us. We met close to 1:40pm.

So we settled at Becasse, Dempsey instead as I thought the place looked not bad from the pictures. I have been to the Ion’s outlet a couple of times and thought the ambience was so-so. The restaurant had great dishes and beverages but the ambience was a killer. The staff at Ion were not very pleasant as well. One of the staff actually sighed so loudly when we asked her to help us take a picture. The staff at the Dempsey outlet were much better. 

I secretly left the table to ask a staff to surprise my friend by placing a candle on the waffle my girlfriend ordered but to my horror, she forgot to do so and I had to go to another staff to ask him to do it for me. This was rather awkward for both myself and my friend! However the waitress apologised after so thats cool. 

The food was as expected, better than the norm. I persuaded my girlfriend to order the salted caramel and toffee popcorn macaron milkshake as it was so good. As I had that before, I decided to try out something new and chose their tea with basil leaves and strawberries.

The pan seared foie gras was beautifully done too. Complimentary bread was served as an accompaniment.

The salted caramel tart was however, disappointing. I had previously read reviews elsewhere that the caramel was supposed to be liquidity and flowing just like how a molten lava cake should be but here, the tart was so stiff. There was certainly no such thing as liquidity flowing salted caramel sauce at all. The waffle was alright, nothing special.

After the meal, as normal girlfriends would, we walked around town area and shopped for skincare products. I love that with this girlfriend of mine, we can go on endlessly about the facial products we both use and as our skin is of the same type, we relate to one another better.

Thank you for reading guys and please stay tune to more upcoming posts!



NAME: Becasse
ADDRESS: Blk 10, #01-21 Dempsey Hill
CONTACT: +6564798119

Food Review – Potato Head Folk

Happy Monday guys! 

Hope this monday isn’t that blue after all.

I guess most of you have already heard of the new hipster bar in town. Brought over to Singapore by the original bosses of Potato Head, this is certainly worth a visit.

On a sunny sunday afternoon, there were actually quite a lot of people! The interior was stunning and quirky. My boyfriend thought it resembled a circus! I liked how whimsical the place looked. 

I didn’t quite enjoyed the menu though as I thought the variety of beverages was quite limited. If you are a non-alcoholic, you might find yourself drinking only water which can be quite sad. Despite the limited number of items on the menu, the snacks were really good. We had naughty fries, wings and a  Baby Huey burger. 

The naughty fries were the star of the meal. We thoroughly enjoyed the fries and the sauce they used. 

The wings were also fantastic but we got quite sick of it after awhile because of the sauce.

The burger looked rather disappointing at first but the taste was great! Though I am not a fan of beef, this burger had me reaching at it for a second bite. 

After brunch, we went up to take a look as we heard there was a rooftop bar on top. On the way up, we couldn’t resist and ended up taking pictures haha.

And as usual, we went around the building after to take some OOTD pictures. 


BAG: Chanel

NAME: Potato Head Folk

ADDRESS: 36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143

CONTACT: +65 6327 1939