Travel Log – Bali Day 1

Happy Wednesday lovelies!
To celebrate the start of my blog, I shall start with something interesting like my Bali trip in May 2014. 
Took a morning flight to Bali and it was a short journey. It was less boring as I had company during the 2 hour flight. Michelle was not only my flight partner but also my room mate.
We took Jetstar and arrived in Bali at 1pm but only got out of immigration after about an hour or so due to the insane queue at the immigration. 
When we got out, we tried to find the transport arranged for us by our lovely friends but it was quite difficult amidst the huge crowd. There was some confusion but nevertheless we managed to find our transport and followed our driver to the van that was going to be our sweet ride for the next few days. 
Instead of heading back to the villa to check-in, we met up with Levi and other friends at Rock Bar to catch the sunset. It is essential to reserve a table beforehand otherwise you  might be disappointed. Rock bar is indeed worth going if you enjoy catching the sunset. Pricing wise is reasonable for Bali I would say. I wouldn’t recommend going Rock Bar after the sun sets because there’s nothing quite interesting there and it was rather dim after it got dark. Here are some of the amazing snacks we had. 
After Rock Bar, we took the van to our dinner destination where we had fresh seafood along the sea. We went to Sungai Seafood restaurant but did not take much pictures because there was minimal light available for pictures. Every picture I took turned out too dark. The view at night was fantastic. We had the seafood set for 6 which consisted of crab, prawns, sotong, fish etc. We had corn on the cob as an appetiser from a cart nearby which was oh so delicious! There were varying flavours to choose from, spicy, sweet or a combination. Like any tourist, I went with the combination to get a taste of both worlds. 
Even though it was so good, I did not finish it as I had to make room for the real deal. The food at Sungai was fresh and really good. The bill was not expensive too. It was about S$20 per person. One of the most satisfying seafood meals I had in Bali.
After dinner, we checked in to Blue Karma villa where we stayed for the night. We had an early rest for the night so as to prep ourselves for the next day’s activity, rafting.
More pictures on the resort will be displayed in the next post. Till then, tata!
Additional views
When in Bali, places with a view should be visited in the late afternoon to evening so as to take beautiful pictures! So glad we managed to visit Rock Bar at Ayana resort before the sun sets. The sunset is worth the hype I must say. Also, it is very important to get a reservation before going as the queue was pretty long when I arrived at 5pm. Thankfully my friends had made a reservation beforehand hence we managed to get such a good view. 
In Bali, it is best to rent transport beforehand so that you can get to your destination easily. Our entire trip to Bali was a smooth one thanks to reliable transport and awesome friends. Thank you Levi and Henry for being such good hosts and taking such good care of us during the stay!
More information 
Name: Rock Bar, Bali
Address: Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, 
              Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, 
              Bali, Indonesia – 80364
Contact: +62361702222
Opening hours: 4pm to 1am daily, until 2am on Friday to Saturday
Name: Sungai Seafood Restaurant, Bali
Address: Jl. Tuban No.333X, Tuban, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 765039