Eyebrow Embroidery with Chrysalis

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Being a very fuss free person yet vain, I often opt for the easy way out when it comes to beauty. I like the idea of anything that screams semi-permanent and I chose to go for eyebrow embroidery ever since I learnt about it. However when I was young, I did not know that you have to choose your therapists and salon properly and went for whichever that was “cheap”. And the result of going to cheap salons? Well, my eyebrows are now uneven and it is not going to be easy to shape the eyebrows again without some correction.

Thank god I found Chrysalis Spa, which is so near my house! I am really very thankful that I found them.

love the treatment rooms
the gorgeous hallways
the locker rooms
the meeting rooms
the beautiful sitting area
the rooms where the magic happens
the front desk

This is the first time I feel like home when I am at a Spa, the spa managers were so friendly and warm. You might think its because I am a blogger but no, I see the way they treat customers as well and I know that they are genuine. Being a specialist in spa and facial treatments, they have recently launched their Brow Haven.

The Brow Haven™ – The Semi-Permanent Makeup Expert

The Brow Haven™ is a newly launched beauty sanctuary for those looking for natural brow and lash products as well as for effective, creative and pain-free Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lips Embroidery by Chrysalis™ Group. The Brow Haven™ is your one-stop Semi-Permanent Makeup brows, lash and face boutique, giving you the most natural look. Expect a natural and subtle semi-permanent makeup that is smudge-free.

all settled in my comfy chair
before starting on the procedure

The Brow Haven™ uses top-notch certified-safe colors and strict hygiene procedures of using new blades and tools for every customer. Other than cosmetic artistry like eyebrow shaping, eyebrow designing, lip, eyeliner & eyebrow embroidery, The Brow Haven™ also offers some very interesting and luxurious Face Treatments such as our signature Aqua Shine BB Semi Permanent Makeup Facial. High quality ingredients, tip-top spa rooms for you to indulge yourself while you have your little spa haven in easily located places where luxury meets comfortable, lifestyle and beauty are all integrated into one.

how comfortable it feels lying in that chair while Sally patiently draws my brows

eyebrows final shape
artistically and patiently drawing my brows

redrawing the brows because Sally is a perfectionist
checking out the mirror to see if the shape is good to go!

The Brow Haven™ now operates a chain of 2 Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialty outlets in Singapore.

numbing cream application, about 10 minutes
plastic wrapper to seal in the numbing cream

For eyebrow embroidery they have many options available. I chose to do their speciality, Wu Mei. I have tried it before in another clinic and honestly it did not last long so when I went to consult the therapist at Chrysalis and she chose Wu Mei for me, I was hesitant but she managed to convince me to try Wu Mei again which I did. I am really glad I chose to do Wu Mei instead of Creative eyebrow. It looks very natural and there is lesser downtime.

using the instrument to carve out the shape of the eyebrows

I love my therapist Sally who did a wonderful job on me. She is one of the star therapists there and she managed to change my Korean Thick Eyebrow shape to one thats thinner and has an arch. You might think its impossible to achieve a thinner eyebrow shape from a thick pair of eyebrows but she did it. She went the extra mile and applied removal cream to remove the unnecessary strokes leftover from the previous shape.

brows right after doing
brows after a week

Check out my eyebrows! I love them so so much. They are now even and also some of the unnecessary strokes leftover from the previous shape are looking less defined and have faded. Thank you Chrysalis for the beautiful eyebrows! I can’t wait to return for my touch up.


Simply quote Sydney at Chrysalis The Brow Haven™ – The Semi-Permanent Makeup Expert to enjoy a special promotion benefit:

  1. Classic Eyebrow Embroidery S$128.40 (UP S$243.96)

Follow Chrysalis on their following social media channels to find out more about their other treatments and services.

Website: http://chrysaliseyebrow.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chrysaliseyebrow/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrysaliseyebrow/

You can visit their outlets :

Ang Mo Kio Hub (AMK MRT)

AMK Hub #03-26, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Singapore 569933

Tel: 6481 9270

Operating hours: 11am – 9pm (mon-Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat, Sun and PH)

Jurong Point (Boon Lay MRT)

Jurong Point, #01-23 JP2, 63 Jurong West Central 3 Singapore 648331


Trying Out EVANESSENCE Illuminating Tablets


Do you envy the fair skin of Koreans? I used to be very fair but as I age, the pigment cells in my skin stop producing melanin; hence whenever I get tanned or sun burnt, it takes much longer or may not even return to as fair as I was before. This is where whitening supplements comes to play! Recently got to know about EVANESSENCE – a new unique naturally balanced supplement  containing enriching ingredients of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which help the skin to renew energy, promote anti-aging, restore collagen structure and increase skin elasticity with the improved activity of flexible fibrin.


EVANESSENCE reduces skin damage from free radicals, enhances skin tolerance of exposing to UV radiation, and increases the skin’s capability in self-healing and anti-inflammatory.


EVANESSENCE also assists to even your skin tone and texture, making your skin look positively radiant through reduction of skin pigmentation and dark spots, repair of the coarse pore, and lightening your skin to achieve and maintain healthier, smoother, more radiant and younger skin.



Contains a natural blend of plant nutrients, seed extracts, vitamins, minerals and enzymes like Tomato Extract, Licorice Extract, Melon Extract and Grape Seed Extract. Helps in skin whitening through the effects of antioxidation, inhibition of pigment formation and increased tolerance to sun exposure.

L-Glutathione helps cut down early skin aging and minimizes allergy by reducing free radicals formation inside the body.

Pine Bark Extract helps increase skin elasticity and retard skin aging. It contains powerful antioxidant oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) which contribute to reducing free radicals formation, increasing vitamin C absorption as well as improving anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory.

Coenzyme Q10 is an essential enzyme complex found in every cell of the body which decreases with aging.  EVANESSENCE contains a natural supplement of Coenzyme Q10 to increase cell energy, protect against skin aging, reduce the formation of wrinkles and empower body strength.

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen helps reduce the loss of tissue collagen from aging and enhance skin elasticity and lustre.


Take one tablet before bed or as directed by a healthcare professional. Can be taken on an empty stomach. For best results, take consecutively for three months. It is also suitable for vegetarians and can be used as adjunctive repair and maintenance after laser skin treatment.


Taste wise, it was tasteless which was good! I didn’t really like taking supplements before because some supplements have an abnormal taste to it. As I only consumed this for a week, it is too early to say if I see any difference as I have yet to fully receive the benefits of the product however I do feel positively recharged after knowing my skin is reaping all the benefits of the supplements and I like that my skin was looking somewhat brighter and clearer after a week’s consumption. One box contains 30 tablets sufficient for a month’s consumption.

Find out more here at http://www.evanessence.com.sg.

Instagram  @evanessencesg
Facebook  @evanessencesg


Dr Chio Aesthetic & Laser Center, 
Blk 158 Bedok South Ave 3, #01-581, Singapore 460158, 
PlusHealth Medical Clinic & Surgery,
89 Whampoa Drive, #01-841, Singapore 320089, 
Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 
3 Mount Elizabeth, 
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre #06-10, Singapore 228510, 


Playing Dress Up With PepperKoko

When the Korean Wave first took over Singapore, I wasn’t at all that interested because I did not fancy baggy clothes however Pepperkoko changed my perception of Korean fashion. Korean fashion could very well be basics and fitting tops or dresses even!

At Pepperkoko.com.sg, they allow 14 days return and exchange for your items which is way longer than most online stores so you can feel free to shop at ease without any commitment. Not sure of your sizing? No worries, they have a wide range of sizes (even for the plus size)  from S to 7L for most designs! Receive FOC delivery when you spend $38 and above! With just S$100, I managed to score myself 4 beautiful pieces at such good quality. You have to try it to believe!

Here are some ways on how I styled the pieces. From active wear, women’s work wear, kid’s wear and even men’s wear, they are your one stop solution for your entire family.

I have to say my shopping experience with Pepperkoko was one of a kind and excellent. I accidentally purchased a duplicate and instead of going through with the order, they actually sensed something wrong with my order and personally verified with me through text! They are efficient accompanied with great customer service.

Flounce Off-The-Shoulder Top

A simple off shoulder top with ruffles and ribbon detailing.  Pair it with a uniquely designed white ruffled skirt and there you have it – casual date wear to the park or museum.

Denim Frayed Trim Short Overalls

Not sure what to wear to the park or a garden date? Why not try out this sweet looking romper? You can never go wrong with denim or comfort.

Chiffon Pinstripe Boxy Shirt Dress

Days when I feel subconscious, I like to have some cover up. My best bet would be a shirt dress.

Off Shoulder Elastic Waist Romper 

If you don’t already know, white is my favourite colour and I love the off shoulder design because I like showing off my collar bones (I think collar bones are sexy).

Currently, on every Wednesdays of April, buy above $38 and receive $10 off your final bill! Applicable with all other promo codes. For all other days of April, receive a free gift when you purchase above $38. Quote <SYDNEY10> and get $10 off with min. $40 purchase.

Like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Rollover Reaction SUEDED 3-in-1 Lipstick Review

I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming cosmetic brands and so when I first found out about these interesting lip products from Indonesian local brand, Rollover Reaction, I knew I had to try it!

Founded in 2016,  new and upcoming Indonesian cosmetics brand Rollover Reaction creates desirable beauty products for today’s modern day women  who are constantly on-the-go and want easy, fuss free products make up that is perfect for daily wear!

The brand is all about creating effortless beauty personalised for various women which is why they created their first product; SUEDED – A liquid creamy formulation wearable as a lipstick, blusher, and even eyeshadow.

There’s 8 adorable shades available and I am going to show you how it looks on my lips.

Each of their products comes with an extensive range of colors, from subtle-stain to high-impact pigments. Packed in stylish packaging for those who wants to maximized appearance with minimum effort.

When applied, the lip colour goes on pigmented, glides on smoothly with a soft velvety texture to it. Color comes out easily and is very vibrant on the lips. Due to its smooth texture, it goes on nicely on the cheeks and eyelids as well. For the eyelids and cheeks, I usually just dab a little on the areas and glide my fingers over the areas. You can also opt for a blending brush or sponge for your eyes or cheeks if you do not wish to dirty your fingers.

There is a faint toffee smell that smells delicious and a minty tangling sensation to the lips when applied.

These are the colours available. My favourites are UMMA and SADDIE. I thought that every colour here was super pretty and wearable. I honestly liked every shade, and thought the colours were very suitable for Asian pale skin like mine. You have to try it for yourselves to believe what I say. It was so hard to choose a favourite. For lids and cheeks, I would go for shades like SALLY and LUCY! What’s your favourite shade?

Can’t wait to get your hands on these amazing products? Shop online NOW!

Juice Cleansing With Antidote!

So recently I thought I needed to shed some weight as I gained quite a bit over the festive periods hence when I discovered Antidote –  a juice cleanse programme , I knew I had to try it. I have tried a couple of juice fasts before and they have worked perfectly well for me so I was more than ready for this.

There are five types of cleanse to choose from – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Active cleanse. And you can also choose from 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 day cleanse.

I went for the 5 day Master Cleanse which is a 100% vegetable cleanse that washes your system with nothing but pure nutrition.

I allowed  a couple of friends to try out the juice and they actually LOVED IT (yes, even guys)! The taste was more of an interesting one to me. I liked that when I drank it, it made me feel healthy, clean and refreshed all at the same time however the taste probably took me some time to get used to it. Thank goodness for the beetroot juice and almond nut milk that made it better! The juice texture was smooth and tasted quite nice after getting used to.

The first day was ok but by the third day, I got rather uneasy and wanted to eat and munch something. I did try not to eat anything and only resorted to drinking soup when I needed something savoury. Each day comprises of 6 bottles of juice. Each bottle is titled with the number, name and ingredients of the juice. Find out more information on each bottle below:

1 – Mt. Fuji (Skin Hydration) :: Japanese Cucumber, Romaine, Spinach

2 – Crater Lake (Body Recovery) :: Pure Coconut Water, Japanese Cucumber, Romaine, Mint, Parsley, Lemon

3 – Mount Eden (Body Detox) :: Japanese Cucumber, Celery, Romaine, Mint, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger
4 – Mount Eden (Body Detox) :: Japanese Cucumber, Celery, Romaine, Mint, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger

5 – Angel Falls (Liver Cleanse) :: Carrot, Beetroot, Lemon, Coconut Oil, Ginger

6 – Original Almond Milk (Heart Health) :: Raw Almonds, Alkaline Water

On the 3rd day of a 3-5 Day Cleanse, the 5th drink will be replaced with –

5 – Charcoal Coconut (Toxin Absorbing) :: Activated Charcoal, Pure Coconut Water, Lemon

I lost about 2-3kg after the entire cleanse and am already thinking of trying out more! If you are new to juice fasting, you might want to try out the beginner cleanse however if you think you are up for a challenge, why not go straight for the Master Cleanse like I did? You might be in for a treat! Order through here.

Beauty Skin Routine with Dr. Ci:Labo Super-100 EGF

Many people have been asking me about my skincare routine and how I remained so radiant everyday. I guess this has to do with my recent addition to my skincare routine. Introducing my current fave – Dr. Ci:Labo Super-100 EGF.

Dr.Ci:Labo’s Super-100 EGF is a rich essence that contains Epidermal Growth Factor that helps reduce newly-developing wrinkles.

This beauty serum helps keep skin moisturized, firm and smooth.


I found the texture to be slightly towards sticky but however very quickly absorbed into the skin.


There was not much smell for me. I guess it was odourless to a certain extent.


I felt that after using it, my skin was visibly more moisturised and hydrated. Fine lines were significantly reduced as well.


BEFORE – can see veins and acne pitted scar/lines more obvious
AFTER with makeup – skin looks less dry and more radiant

Super-100 EGF comes in 2 sizes, $53 for 10ml and $ 129 for 30ml. Droppers sold separately at $4.  I would definitely recommend purchasing the droppers because they are far more hygienic as compared as to applying directly from the bottle itself.


Use both morning and night. You can either use it alone – as a beauty serum or add it into your current regime.

swop the cap with the drooper
Use the drooper and drop 2-3 drops of the serum onto palms
Lightly pat onto face and massage into the face, let it absorb

How do you add it into your current routine? Add Super-100 EGF to a product (like your regular moisturiser) you are using right now, you can create an original skincare product just the way you like it and my favourite combination would be with Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gels.

This product is available at Dr.Ci:Labo Ion store, via online at www.cilabo.com.sg and selected Watsons.

Wish to find out more about the brand and try out the brand for yourself? Come on down to their 4th year Anniversary held at their flagship store located at #B3-41 Ion Orchard on the 18 March (Sat) from 2 to 5 pm. First 120 walk-ins will receive a “ Labo Labo Trial Kit worth $25 “ instantly when they snap a photo at the event. Do check out @Drcilabosg instagram on other line-up of activities happening exclusively that day!