OSIM uStiletto Leg Massager Review

No 1 Rule of a Lady.
Keep your heels, head and standards high


But to walk all day in those high heels is just going to make me cry. To be honest, I love wearing heels to look all tall and lengthy, but to suffer long hours walking and standing in it, is definitely not my thing. And worst, all the little side effects of wearing it for long duration is definitely not worth it for the long run.


But FRET NOT! OSIM uStiletto is here to save your beautiful legs from all the cries and unhappiness from looking fabulous and confident in your favourite heels. So, introducing OSIM uStiletto in three lovely designs, Elegant, Homemaker and Kawaii. It is fitted for three different style and personalities of any women out there.


And yes I was invited to have the first-hand experience of uStiletto with the rest of the ladies. There were really cute cupcakes in the form of stilettos and even cupcakes that looks like uStiletto itself!


uStiletto comes in a few auto massage programs, like “Pamper”, “Relief”. “Beauty”, “Reflexology” and “Sleep” program. I personally love the “Reflexology” auto massage program, it hit the right spots of massaging from the ball of my feet, arc of my feet and even to the ankle of my feet. Although the strength is much more stronger compared to the other programs, but it is the one that feels most alike to massaging out at any foot reflexology parlour.


Photo Credit: Leonard

If you are someone who prefer something light and relaxing, you can chose the “Pamper” massage program, as for me personally, I almost fell asleep during the massage! Haha.

Photo Credit: Leonard

OSIM uStiletto is light weight and really easy to carry around too.

IMG_9317Photo Credit: Leonard

I can even use one hand to pick it up and easily move it around the house anywhere I want to!


Photo Credit: Leonard

Really affordable and really worth a keeper for all ladies out there! Don’t forego yourself looking confident in heels just cause of the pain, OSIM uStiletto is the solution to relieve your pain and suffering!

Photo Credit: Leonard

Limited Period Pre-sale Exclusive: Use my code <OSIMKOLpy5mlc> at http://www.lazada.sg/osim1/ to enjoy exclusive offer off the uStiletto from now till 30 May! uStiletto is also available at these selected OSIM roadshows, try it today!: Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun)
Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May)
Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun)
Waterway Point, outside Charles&Keith (29 May till 11 Jun)

For more information on uStiletto: http://sg.osim.com/ustiletto-leg-massager.html
Heard that prices are only going to go up, so do grab it fast!

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QYRA Collagen Drink – Real beauty comes from within.

Presenting to you, a new collagen drink that I have discovered!

   2 QYRA Collagen Drink

Collagen is definitely one of the important factor in firming up your skin and even reducing and preventing those aging signs like wrinkles, eyebags and even cellulite! Many might be thinking, “Hey, in my daily diet I do take food that have collagen!” But to be honest, prolly it isn’t enough, or maybe the body doesn’t absorb or break downs well when it comes in food form! And with years, our body also no longer forms enough collagen to support our skin structure and firmness, therefore it is always best to have another supplement to build those collagens up!

And why QYRA is prolly one of the collagen drink you should consider?


1. Scientifically Proven

QYRA Collagen Drink is made in Germany, that is filled with VERISOL® – comprises scientifically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that is optimized to maximize stimulation of the human cell types involved in collagen growth in our body!

2. Fast and effective results!

It is proven that it can reduce cellulites in 4-6 months and reduce wrinkles in 1-2 months time with just a small bottle daily! OMG SO AMAZING! And with VERISOL® it is proven to help with skin moisture level, as it increase the hydration of the skin and decrease the evaporation of the skin! With the help of increasing in moisture and collagen on the skin, you can even see significant result in those eyebags!

3. (Lastly) Portability

One of the most factor that I would really have to give a plus thumbs up is that the packaging of the collagen drink! It is so portable, you can bring it everywhere anywhere and not worrying breaking those glass bottles anymore 🙂 Even if you are in a rush, just put 1-2 of QYRA standby and you can conveniently drink it!


In a box of QYRA Collagen Drink, there are a total of 21 small bottles! And now at a promotional price of $76.50 (original price $85), you can your own from www.360activ.com. or read more about  QYRA Collagen Drink! If you wish to give it a try! You can drop an email to hello@360activ.com to get your complimentary sample today!

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Equilibriohealth – Chiropractic, a physical adjustment to better health & lifestyle

Do you experience unusual pain every now and then at your back? Or neck pain when you stare at the computer screen for too long? Or even sudden migraines/headaches for no reason? We might not treat all of these seriously, thinking it will just go away anyway, but what we do not know is that we might actually be suffering from Spinal Misalignment (Vertebral Subluxation).

So what if we have Spinal Misalignment or Vertebral Subluxation? When our spinal bones or vertebrae are out of alignment, it can cause disturbances in our nervous system, which might lead to muscle spasms and also the conditions stated above.

This condition does not have obvious symptoms and is usually not identifiable through health scans. Hence, one might be diagnosed as healthy and yet still experience all the discomfort caused by the condition.

What would have caused this condition then? It might be attributed from our daily lifestyle and poor postural habits. From the way we sit, to the way we stand, and even the way we sleep. Anything we do day to day could be a causal factor to the condition, or even combined. Furthermore, daily habits are hard to change and would take time for us to get used to the proper posture for our daily routines.

This is especially made more difficult in our daily busy lives, where work keep piling up, leaving us no time to even think about how our posture should be. This applies to me, as I too experience unusual aches at my neck and shoulder after a long time in front of my laptop (like now!) and also hip and knee pains from my past injury from working out that never seem to recover.



I had no idea what was wrong and how to go about fixing all these, but thankfully, one of my friends introduced me to Dr Bryan Chen, a chiropractor from Equilibriohealth. He helped me to understand my condition and the reason for all my aches. Dr Bryan Chen checked my spine alignment and took an X-ray of my neck for analysis.



So from my X-ray shown above, I can almost be categorized as phase 1 of a condition called “Military Neck”. What can be seen is a slightly straight neck as compared to a normal “C” curved neck. Thus, the mechanical stability of the neck is partially affected, which can lead to periodic headaches and also lethargy. Hmmmm.. Perhaps this is one of the reason why I tend to think a second slower than others? (huehuehue)


Dr Bryan Chen explained the details to me and also taught me some exercises that I can do at home, of which I should aim to do every day if I want to see any improvement for my neck. He also mentioned that the cause would be the usage of mobile phone and also having a bad sitting posture while working. Understanding that changes in habits does not happen overnight, further advice for me was to have a chiropractic session once a week to align and adjust back my neck and spine, so as to reduce my sudden headaches or dizziness.



Anyway, a brief explanation on what Chiropractic means. “Chiro” = Hand, and “Practic” = Practice. Basically it means the using of hands through practice, to push and move the spine back into alignment. From this, we can be cognizant that our issues won’t be solved with just a one-time session and definitely requires time and patience. Therefore, should anyone have any spinal issues, the recommendation would be to have a session at least once a week to get your spine adjusted and aligned.


Personally, after three weeks of chiropractic sessions with Dr Bryan Chen, I have already experienced positive results. Even with my erratic working hours sitting in front of my laptop and irregular sleeping hours, my neck and shoulder pain have lessened significantly. Not only that, Dr Bryan Chen’s professionalism is displayed during every visit, with him patiently understanding my issue and monitoring my progress throughout.

Not only that, I even got to learn more about other spinal conditions from his sharing like Disc Herniation and Scoliosis. He even taught me preventive measures.

Over here in Equilibriohealth, besides chiropractic, they also offer other treatments such as Spinal Decompression Therapy (for herniated and degenerating discs) and Radial Shockwave Therapy (for musculoskeletal conditions, neck/back pain, tennis/golf elbows, frozen shoulders, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and many other conditions).

Spinal health is important, and can affect our daily activities. Hence, I would definitely recommend everyone to have their spine checked, and perhaps from there, find the cause of the pains experienced and get them resolved.

Do visit http://equilhealth.com/ to find out more about Equilibriohealth

Novena Specialist Center (Opposite Tan Tock Seng Hospital),
8 Sinaran Drive #07-09, Singapore 307470

Operating Hours
Monday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wednesday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed
Tel: +65 6205 1798
Whatsapp: +65 9335 2110 (WhatsApp or SMS)
Email: admin@equilhealth.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equilibriohealth/
Instagram: @equilibriochiropractic

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Topp Care – Hair Spa Treatment for Damaged Hair

After the whole grand opening I managed to get a slot for a Topp Care Treatment! The interior looks so modern and comfortable, I can’t believe it is located in a neighbourhood.

I didn’t know what’s best for me, as I have very damaged hair (due to several bleaching D:) and I know my scalp is not in a very good condition due to all the sleepless night and heavy workload all day! x.x

The staff knew I wasn’t sure, so they decided to do a scan on my scalp to check it out!



My scalp actually still looks pretty good, and my hair growth is still on point. (Oh purlease! Don’t make me shy!) They even gave some advises on how I should further take care of my scalp!

1. Wash daily (once a day at least)
2. Dry my hair and scalp before I head out
3. Get a good scalp home treatment and massage it well!

So instead of going for the scalp treatment, they decided to mend my dead ends and dry hair :(. I know it looks really like grass now, so please bear with me for this! The whole process for the Hair Spa was really very relaxing, a lot of scalp massages from the hair specialist and she was really careful with my fragile hair.



The best part gotta be the hair wash! I have always love to be given hair wash, but Topp Care in particular gave the best massages and hair wash ever. They were so spot on to my favourite accupoints of my scalp and head…I guess I did fall asleep for awhile. Opps, so embarrassed! I think the hair specialist has to wake me up after washing my hair. LOL



Look at that peaceful face of mine, I am definitely sleeping la.



After the wash, the real hair treatment is starting! They apply their own formulation of dry hair treatment on my hair really thoroughly. From the ends all the way near to the roots. After the whole applying which took only 15minutes or so, she massages my scalp and hair AGAIN! Omg, I really enjoy those pressure points so much, making me feel so calm and relax.



And lastly, they wrapped it up and after 20minutes it is done!


My hair definitely look softer and smoother after the whole treatment, and best part of it, it lasted me at least a week plus without doing my own home treatment (which I am supposed to as advised by the hair specialist, OPPS). I would totally give a 5/5 stars for service for Topp Care and 4/5 for the whole treatment.




Best part, all the treatments are only at $80 NETT! This is a very reasonable price and you don’t need to splurge on expensive packages that cost over a thousands dollars (A BOMB MAN).

Special offer on Groupon

Scalp Treatment with Massage and Styling at Topp Care Hair Solutions (worth $80) S$16 for 1 session
S$28 for 2 sessions https://www.groupon.sg/deals/singapore/topp-care-hair-solutions/105558050

You guys can check them out at their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ToppCare/ for more information and treatments are available at its store now!

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131
Singapore 524201
Contact: 66453020

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OSIM uJolly – Now you can massage anywhere anytime

Have always been an avid lover of massages. No matter which country I go, or whenever I am free i am always searching high and low for somewhere to give my body some relaxation. But due to work and time issue, to book in advance for a massage is rather impossible. On and off, I will use the massage chair at home, but what about when i am in the office :(?


I am either running errands outside, meeting clients or sitting at office clearing all my paper work. It never ends! And when I am finally back home, I just want to quickly snuggle off in bed. Due to not having able to relax my tight muscles from walking in heels, carrying my loads everyday and even from all the exercises I do in the morning, I start to have constant pain from my shoulder to my back.

And I realise because of all the fatigue, tension and stress daily, I am actually accumulating it to my lymph nodes and making it swell that cause all the aches and pain. And when these lymph nodes swell, is it directly impacting our immune system and you may feel that you are falling sick much more often or even more sensitive to the sudden environment change around (sneezing and coughing)


OSIM now came up with the latest versatile full back massager, uJolly and it will definitely solve the issue if you have similar lifestyle as me! 🙂 OSIM uJolly is a portable massage chair that can be placed anywhere and use anytime to relief for your neck, shoulders and back!


All you need is a (any) chair (or even a wall) to place the massager, it is just so simple. This typically helps me save a lot of time and also save a lot of space (especially when I don’t have a big office of my own)! It is ideal for the current household in Singapore, since it is light and portable!


OSIM uJolly have a few features that is not to be missed out on as well!


  1. All-new V-Grip technology, that provides a very precise and human-like massage, on the shoulders and even lumbar area. It can help to loosen stiffen neck and shoulder and even those swells and knots! As for the lower back it really relieves pressure by gliding and pressing on the lumbar which can help soothe and ease those soreness from sitting too long.


  2. The constant warm air that will help in giving even more comfort and relaxation to the body. If you have tried hot stone massages before, this feels exactly like it! I really love this function as it is what most girls need to prevent all those menstrual cramps and, as well as it promote even faster recovery of muscle for those who gym or exercise frequently!
  3. uJolly also provides to your needs as well, with their 4 different auto specialised massages program. (Neck & Shoulder, Lumbar, Relax, Energise).


  4. Customised personalise massages that is adjustable according to your body before an auto massage program start.

Now, who wants it? ME!


You can now get it at any OSIM stores, roadshows or online at www.osim.com at only $499, plus you can quote “YIXIN” to receive a complimentary OSIM Eye Mask when you purchase a uJolly now! OSIM uJolly is definitely an ideal and affordable Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones!


As Christmas is around the corner, you can also personalise your presents for everyone with these Christmas bundle sets – Mix & Match OSIM Gift Sets!


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[Food Tasting] – Frunatic – You are what you eat.

“You are what you eat.” Most of us would have heard of this before, but somehow, we just can’t stop ourselves from turning our bodies into a ball of sugar or salt. I am easily tempted by sweet treats and pretty pastries that I just can’t keep my hands off, or worst, they usually end up in my mouth. (Damn)

Some of us would go on diets, cleanses or work extra hard for our workouts to make up for our earlier sins. Sounds familiar? How long does it usually last? Maybe a week or a month? After that, the cycle repeats itself and the numbers get from good to bad every health checkup.

Oh what can we do? We eat to live but eating kills us instead? Well, instead of a 180 degree change in our lifestyles, why not try something that can last for the long haul. All it takes is a little step in the right direction!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
I made a trip to Frunatic and to understand more about the Frunatic way of doing that! Frunatic focuses on creating a holistic diet, specially crafted by their team of wellness professionals (Nutritionist, Dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor and TCM Physician), using only the finest selection of superfoods,TCM herbs and careful preparation techniques.

Every person will get a 9-course-meal fully tailored to their needs. The wellness professions will conduct an in-body analysis before advising you on what your body needs. All we need is 1 meal per week, for your body to slowly adapt and regulate its nourishment!

If you doubt in the taste and look of their food, you can try out their meals at a trial/tasting session! Which I did! The food they offered was really good, i’ll insert some visuals to show you what I meant!


Alkaline Ionized Water
Caffeine-free tea brewed from the finest selection of forget-me-not flowers and goji berries steeped in alkaline ionized water



Amuse Bouche



Funtional Smoothie
Superberry Smoothie
Antioxidant-rich smoothie of premium blue and black berries, baby spinach and homemade almond milk



Salad Appetizer with Functional Ingredients
Chickpea and Quinoa Salad
Creamy Chickpeas tossed with quinoa, marinated mushrooms, butterhead lettuce, red bell pepper and Japanese cucumber, accompanied with luscious chive vinaigrette



Cold Pressed Juice with Functional Ingredients
Citrus Sensation
Vitamin C intense cold pressed juice of grapefruit, orange, and lemon, balanced with the taste of seet Granny Smith apples and topped with chia seed.



Fiber Bites
Chocolate Banana Fiber Bites
Crispy chocolate and banana fibre bites with crunchy bits of activated almonds, desiccated coconut and organic raw cacao powder.

Herbs Infused Dehydrated Snacks
Beetroot Cheesy Chips
Crunchy dehydrated snacks made from premium beetroot and boosted with savory nutritional yeast.



Chef Special with Therapeutic Sauce
Chinese Yam Noodle
Luscious vegan noodle made from fresh Japanese yam, edamame, and brown rice served with refreshing sauce made of homemade mushroom stock, vinegar and premium ginger.



Nutrient Dense Dessert
Strawberry Cheesecake
Silky strawberry mousse on a nutty almond crust, crowned with a thick layer of raw strawberry glaze.

Now you know what I mean! The food definitely looks tasty, and trust me, the taste is even better than it looks!

Remember again, “you are what you eat”. Moving on to a healthy diet is a good way to start regulating your health. That being said, let’s not forget about working out and taking the right supplements! It will perk up your entire wellbeing! So remember, what you do and take in everyday will eventually help you to achieve a better YOU!


Frunatic Pte Ltd
1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
#02-24 Enterprise One
Singapore 415934

Frunatic R&D Kitchen
7 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3
#01-13 Kaki Bukit Recreation Center
Singapore 415814

Hotline:  +65 6276 0288
Fax:  +65 6376 0061
Email:  info@frunatic.com



#frunatic #veragioiadivivere

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