QYRA Collagen Drink – Real beauty comes from within.

Presenting to you, a new collagen drink that I have discovered!

   2 QYRA Collagen Drink

Collagen is definitely one of the important factor in firming up your skin and even reducing and preventing those aging signs like wrinkles, eyebags and even cellulite! Many might be thinking, “Hey, in my daily diet I do take food that have collagen!” But to be honest, prolly it isn’t enough, or maybe the body doesn’t absorb or break downs well when it comes in food form! And with years, our body also no longer forms enough collagen to support our skin structure and firmness, therefore it is always best to have another supplement to build those collagens up!

And why QYRA is prolly one of the collagen drink you should consider?


1. Scientifically Proven

QYRA Collagen Drink is made in Germany, that is filled with VERISOL® – comprises scientifically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that is optimized to maximize stimulation of the human cell types involved in collagen growth in our body!

2. Fast and effective results!

It is proven that it can reduce cellulites in 4-6 months and reduce wrinkles in 1-2 months time with just a small bottle daily! OMG SO AMAZING! And with VERISOL® it is proven to help with skin moisture level, as it increase the hydration of the skin and decrease the evaporation of the skin! With the help of increasing in moisture and collagen on the skin, you can even see significant result in those eyebags!

3. (Lastly) Portability

One of the most factor that I would really have to give a plus thumbs up is that the packaging of the collagen drink! It is so portable, you can bring it everywhere anywhere and not worrying breaking those glass bottles anymore 🙂 Even if you are in a rush, just put 1-2 of QYRA standby and you can conveniently drink it!


In a box of QYRA Collagen Drink, there are a total of 21 small bottles! And now at a promotional price of $76.50 (original price $85), you can your own from www.360activ.com. or read more about  QYRA Collagen Drink! If you wish to give it a try! You can drop an email to hello@360activ.com to get your complimentary sample today!

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Arch Angel Brow – Much refresh look with natural brows and eyeliner

Check out the video I did with Arch Angel Brow below!


If you guys havent notice from all my past post, I always seems to have unnatural brows and worst, without my make up it is actually grey! (So Orh Biang!) Did it like almost two years ago which was recommended by an acquaintance and without thinking I just go ahead. Was quite alright for the first few months, but the rest was a horror… cause it started to fade to GREY, and worst it was patchy and uneven! WAD?!

Thanks to Arch Angel Brow now I look so much alive and natural even without makeup… as they actually also offer eyeliner embroidery that doesnt have any downtime! After the embroidery I was still able to drive and even watch a movie with my boyfriend! HEHE.

Arch Angel Brow
Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, 321 Clementi #01-18
Phone: 6250 1151
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Topp Care – Hair Spa Treatment for Damaged Hair

After the whole grand opening I managed to get a slot for a Topp Care Treatment! The interior looks so modern and comfortable, I can’t believe it is located in a neighbourhood.

I didn’t know what’s best for me, as I have very damaged hair (due to several bleaching D:) and I know my scalp is not in a very good condition due to all the sleepless night and heavy workload all day! x.x

The staff knew I wasn’t sure, so they decided to do a scan on my scalp to check it out!



My scalp actually still looks pretty good, and my hair growth is still on point. (Oh purlease! Don’t make me shy!) They even gave some advises on how I should further take care of my scalp!

1. Wash daily (once a day at least)
2. Dry my hair and scalp before I head out
3. Get a good scalp home treatment and massage it well!

So instead of going for the scalp treatment, they decided to mend my dead ends and dry hair :(. I know it looks really like grass now, so please bear with me for this! The whole process for the Hair Spa was really very relaxing, a lot of scalp massages from the hair specialist and she was really careful with my fragile hair.



The best part gotta be the hair wash! I have always love to be given hair wash, but Topp Care in particular gave the best massages and hair wash ever. They were so spot on to my favourite accupoints of my scalp and head…I guess I did fall asleep for awhile. Opps, so embarrassed! I think the hair specialist has to wake me up after washing my hair. LOL



Look at that peaceful face of mine, I am definitely sleeping la.



After the wash, the real hair treatment is starting! They apply their own formulation of dry hair treatment on my hair really thoroughly. From the ends all the way near to the roots. After the whole applying which took only 15minutes or so, she massages my scalp and hair AGAIN! Omg, I really enjoy those pressure points so much, making me feel so calm and relax.



And lastly, they wrapped it up and after 20minutes it is done!


My hair definitely look softer and smoother after the whole treatment, and best part of it, it lasted me at least a week plus without doing my own home treatment (which I am supposed to as advised by the hair specialist, OPPS). I would totally give a 5/5 stars for service for Topp Care and 4/5 for the whole treatment.




Best part, all the treatments are only at $80 NETT! This is a very reasonable price and you don’t need to splurge on expensive packages that cost over a thousands dollars (A BOMB MAN).

Special offer on Groupon

Scalp Treatment with Massage and Styling at Topp Care Hair Solutions (worth $80) S$16 for 1 session
S$28 for 2 sessions https://www.groupon.sg/deals/singapore/topp-care-hair-solutions/105558050

You guys can check them out at their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ToppCare/ for more information and treatments are available at its store now!

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131
Singapore 524201
Contact: 66453020

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[Event] – Topp Care Hair Solutions – Natural Plant Extracts Hair and Scalp Treatments


Went down to Topp Care Hair Solutions Grand Opening a week ago, and it is located really conveniently at the hub of east, Tampines. Topp Care offers affordable and effective hair and scalp treatments using natural plant extracts at a friendly and easy access neighbourhood.


From the map, you can see it is actually really near to the station and there is also PIE just around the corner!

You can take bus 3, 8, 9, 12, 17, 18, 28, 34, 38, 39, 59, 518.
Nearest Station is Tampines MRT.


Topp Care Hair Solutions is a fixed price hair care centre that uses high-quality natural plant extracts in their treatments specially formulated for different hair and scalp problems.

  • Healthy Scalp Treatment – Hair Loss Prevention
  • Detoxdren Scalp Mask – Dandruff and Oily Scalp
  • Energising Scalp Mask – Hair Regeneration
  • Hair Treatment for damaged/coloured hair
  • (AND EVEN) Hair Colouring Services

Administered by professionally qualified therapists, the steps in each treatment incorporate the use of products made of high quality natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health. “Hair-friendly” plant extracts like aloe vera, burdock, ginko and thyme form the key composition of the ampoules, masks, shampoos and conditioners.

Topp Care has a very comfortable setup, and the rates are also at a very reasonable price as well! It is only $60 for any hair or scalp treatment! Now you don’t have to worry of signing up for packages (with no hidden cost) that cost over thousands of dollars! The hair colouring service starts from $60 (depending on hair length).


The whole store is really comfortable and clean as well, and with really friendly staff servicing! Many people would doubt on a neighbourhood hair salon, but gosh, this feels as though I am at Orchard somehow!

On that day of the grand opening, it was so happening! There’s lion dance, lotsa food and even cake cutting ceremony!




So many bloggers, media and customers came over for the opening, and even get to try out their treatment for the first time, that I myself, have to book it on that day as well! (Why not right! Since I am there and my hair was in a mess and with lotsa damage from all that Bali Sun) Do read up more on my next post on my full experience at Topp Care! ^^



Was really excited to feel how the whole service is like, and I even have the chance to go around the whole shop to check out what’s in store! Topp Care has a lot of their own brand products and uses them for the hair and scalp treatment service too! (WOOOOOOO, wonder how it is gonna feel!)


They are also now having great special discount and free gifts with purchase during the launch period! While promotions and stocks last! Check out their Facebook page for more information as well! https://www.facebook.com/ToppCare/

Exclusively for my readers! Simply register now to enjoy 50% OFF Hair and Scalp Treatment and $20 OFF Colouring Services!

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131
Singapore 524201
Contact: 66453020

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Revamp look of Vanitee App!


Hello readers! If you haven’t heard of the new revamped look of Vanitee, it is not too late! But first let me give you some insight of what is this amazing app all about!

Vanitee allows you to book any beauty services on the go! Just by a few clicks, you can book your nail appointments, hair appointments and so many more. You can even check out all the beauty services portfolios and see who is nearest to you!


02 03-1

The new features added to the revamped Vanitee home screen give you better insight of what’s happening! As you can view the recently booked and reviewed services that people who are using the app have. Right now, Vanitee even let you have the chance to catch up on the latest trend in Singapore that you wont wanna miss it out!   instagram_newhomescreen

Download now on Apple Store or Play Store now for free! 🙂

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Yixin’s Daily Hacks – Top 5 Pimple Hacks###


Trying to juggle work as a working adult and looking their best with flawless skin and with minimal make up, is probably what many would hope to have but yet the hardest to achieve. I totally understand that as I have always been a little vainpot.

Cause even since puberty strikes me, those zits issue have been giving me way lotsa trouble and stress me out like it is end of the world. BUT I know nothing going to stop me from looking awesome all day all year round! And that is why I did my own research and after so many years of trying out different means and ways I found the top 5 pimple hacks that actually help me ease out my troubles and what’s even better, it is gonna be really hassle free! (Best for busy bees like most Singaporeans are right now!)

Check out my latest video that talks about my top 5 pimple hacks!




TOP 5 simple pimple hacks

1. Toothpaste!


Toothpaste can be found in all homes and is really simple! The minty feeling that the toothbrush give actually helps to soothen down those pimple, and all you need to do is apply it on the affected acne and leave it overnight! It is great for instant result!

2. Mask.


We all have our daily regime from cleanings to toner to even those additional serums and creams. Isn’t it a hassle? Now with mask, you can save lots more time doing your homework or even watch your favourite show! There are lotsa mask in the market, but it is always good to try around and best if you can put it every night! With a good quality mask, you will also notice excessive serum in the packaging! Ahhhhh, this is the best part as you can apply those rich serum on your affected pimple overnight to see the magic of it the next day

3. Ice.


Ice definitely will cool down those soreness of your pimple! And all you need to do is hold those ice cubes on your affected areas, for 5 minutes!
YES, it is just so simple! Definitely good for lazy people like me

4. Honey


Honey is the best pimples treatment home remedy. It is antibacterial and helps to fight the pimple causing bacteria! It also cleans and moisturises the skin, and also has a mild bleaching effect and presents scarring!

Apply a drop of honey directly on your pimple and let it be, wash it off after an hour or so. You can also steam your face a little to additionally clean the pores!

And last but the most important hack!!

6. Do not pop your pimple!

When you pop your pimple you are actually causing more pimple to grow, the bacteria will start to spread and affect the rest of your face! It is just so scary!!


But if you really wanna get rid of those secretions and pus! Use a 3M NEXCARE Acne Patch! It absorbs oily secretion and pus to help clear acne spot on fast! It is effective and targets directly on the pimple without drying the skin and you will never leave a mark on your face again!

Best part it is waterproof and also breathable! It comes in all sort of sizes and works really well on a variety of skin types!

And how to apply? First, remember to wash ur face and hands well! Peel open the plastic pouch and select a patch which is able to cover the pimple. Once the patch turn from skin Colour to white it means the oily secretion has been absorbed. Remove it and replace it! You can even apply the acne patch before make up!

You can get these 3M Nexcare Acne Patch at only $8.20 and almost anywhere! So stock it up as this will help you spot-on fast!

#TeenageGorgeousYou #TeenageMagazine #TGY2016 #nexcaresg #spotthepatch #teenagegorgeousskin

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Beauty comes from food!

Talking about beauty and food, it all comes hand in hand. One of the most popular food that we see in many beauty products is definitely Chia Seeds!

Chia Seeds are nutrient dense and fully packed with energy boosting power! It is one of the most popular superfoods in the health community, and also a very versatile natural ingredient! Pretty much why it is so highly recommend and popular in many skincare and beauty products!

Chia Seed is a natural antioxidants that can speed up the skin’s repair systems and prevent premature skin aging! It combats inflammation and wrinkles, therefore you can say bye-bye to those acnes! It is so powerful that it even helps to build up the collagen on the skin, making it firm and supple! *Boing, Boing*

The Omega-3 fatty acids in Chia Seeds definitely wins over in a salmon, giving that optimum skin nourishment that we all need. With this, it helps significantly increase in skin hydration and skin barrier function that you might even see your face glowing in pink in a short time!

And why so much about Chia Seeds?


Recently I have started using THEFACESHOP Chia Seed Series! And I really have to say, i love it! To have a glowing skin like me (BHB max), I definitely have two secret tips that I follow strictly in my daily routine as well.

SNG_3377THEFACESHOP Chia Seed Series!

Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam (150ml)
Removes impurities trapped in your pores, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean, it is suitable for all skin!

Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Water (300 ml)
A wipe-off type pore cleansing toner that mildly delivers moisture and controls serum with cotton seed

Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Serum (50 ml)
A translucent, clear gel type hydrating serum with condensed organic chia seed extract

SNG_3389Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Cream (50 ml)
A moisturizing cream made from chia seed sprout that delivers refreshing texture and long lasting moisture

1st Tip!

  • Using THEFACESHOP Chia Seed Cleansing Foam, massage it thoroughly for a good ONE MINUTE! To gauge, you can sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” while massaging THEFACESHOP Chia Seed Cleansing Foam in a circular motion all around your face. This will allow the goodness to really get absorb into your skin and also thoroughly remove all the impurities and dirt from your pores!

2nd Tip!

  • You are definitely what you eat! Always pack your meals with sufficient nutrients and vitamins by having different colours of fruits and vegetables! Colours do show on your skin, that is why the saying of “pink in health”! Most importantly look out for superfood like Chia Seed (again), as it contains the most nutrients that our body and skin needs!

Yes! This is what I been always taking note of!
Hope you guys learn something new today!


#TeenageGorgeousYou #TeenageMagazine #TGY2016 #thefaceshopsg #tfssgxgorgeousyou

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