Kohepets – A one-stop online pet store

Chance upon a really really useful online pet store few months back, and I really have to mention them!

They offers really great discount on and off, and most importantly they have almost everything I need!

More reasons to not go out shopping! :X

You can check them out at www.kohepets.com.sg, they have all sort of items ranging for dogs’ to cats’ food and even things for grooming!


The online payment was really simple and easy to facilitate as well.

All I need was to present my billing and shipping info, and chose the payment I want! I chose cash on delivery though, so I can save the hassle to take out my cards from my wallet. TEEHEE, I am really lazy!


PS: I bought two new water resistant bed for QQ and Sora, cause they love the rain and pond, I cant stop them from jumping in thou :(.

After transaction, they will actually send an email and a order no, for your reference.


I receive the two beds immediately after 3-4 days, and I have to say, my two flurry brown pals really love the bed so much, they will even try to fight for the bigger bed whenever possible. It is really cute just by observing how much they enjoy it!







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Topp Care – Hair Spa Treatment for Damaged Hair

After the whole grand opening I managed to get a slot for a Topp Care Treatment! The interior looks so modern and comfortable, I can’t believe it is located in a neighbourhood.

I didn’t know what’s best for me, as I have very damaged hair (due to several bleaching D:) and I know my scalp is not in a very good condition due to all the sleepless night and heavy workload all day! x.x

The staff knew I wasn’t sure, so they decided to do a scan on my scalp to check it out!



My scalp actually still looks pretty good, and my hair growth is still on point. (Oh purlease! Don’t make me shy!) They even gave some advises on how I should further take care of my scalp!

1. Wash daily (once a day at least)
2. Dry my hair and scalp before I head out
3. Get a good scalp home treatment and massage it well!

So instead of going for the scalp treatment, they decided to mend my dead ends and dry hair :(. I know it looks really like grass now, so please bear with me for this! The whole process for the Hair Spa was really very relaxing, a lot of scalp massages from the hair specialist and she was really careful with my fragile hair.



The best part gotta be the hair wash! I have always love to be given hair wash, but Topp Care in particular gave the best massages and hair wash ever. They were so spot on to my favourite accupoints of my scalp and head…I guess I did fall asleep for awhile. Opps, so embarrassed! I think the hair specialist has to wake me up after washing my hair. LOL



Look at that peaceful face of mine, I am definitely sleeping la.



After the wash, the real hair treatment is starting! They apply their own formulation of dry hair treatment on my hair really thoroughly. From the ends all the way near to the roots. After the whole applying which took only 15minutes or so, she massages my scalp and hair AGAIN! Omg, I really enjoy those pressure points so much, making me feel so calm and relax.



And lastly, they wrapped it up and after 20minutes it is done!


My hair definitely look softer and smoother after the whole treatment, and best part of it, it lasted me at least a week plus without doing my own home treatment (which I am supposed to as advised by the hair specialist, OPPS). I would totally give a 5/5 stars for service for Topp Care and 4/5 for the whole treatment.




Best part, all the treatments are only at $80 NETT! This is a very reasonable price and you don’t need to splurge on expensive packages that cost over a thousands dollars (A BOMB MAN).

Special offer on Groupon

Scalp Treatment with Massage and Styling at Topp Care Hair Solutions (worth $80) S$16 for 1 session
S$28 for 2 sessions https://www.groupon.sg/deals/singapore/topp-care-hair-solutions/105558050

You guys can check them out at their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ToppCare/ for more information and treatments are available at its store now!

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131
Singapore 524201
Contact: 66453020

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OSIM uJolly – Now you can massage anywhere anytime

Have always been an avid lover of massages. No matter which country I go, or whenever I am free i am always searching high and low for somewhere to give my body some relaxation. But due to work and time issue, to book in advance for a massage is rather impossible. On and off, I will use the massage chair at home, but what about when i am in the office :(?


I am either running errands outside, meeting clients or sitting at office clearing all my paper work. It never ends! And when I am finally back home, I just want to quickly snuggle off in bed. Due to not having able to relax my tight muscles from walking in heels, carrying my loads everyday and even from all the exercises I do in the morning, I start to have constant pain from my shoulder to my back.

And I realise because of all the fatigue, tension and stress daily, I am actually accumulating it to my lymph nodes and making it swell that cause all the aches and pain. And when these lymph nodes swell, is it directly impacting our immune system and you may feel that you are falling sick much more often or even more sensitive to the sudden environment change around (sneezing and coughing)


OSIM now came up with the latest versatile full back massager, uJolly and it will definitely solve the issue if you have similar lifestyle as me! 🙂 OSIM uJolly is a portable massage chair that can be placed anywhere and use anytime to relief for your neck, shoulders and back!


All you need is a (any) chair (or even a wall) to place the massager, it is just so simple. This typically helps me save a lot of time and also save a lot of space (especially when I don’t have a big office of my own)! It is ideal for the current household in Singapore, since it is light and portable!


OSIM uJolly have a few features that is not to be missed out on as well!


  1. All-new V-Grip technology, that provides a very precise and human-like massage, on the shoulders and even lumbar area. It can help to loosen stiffen neck and shoulder and even those swells and knots! As for the lower back it really relieves pressure by gliding and pressing on the lumbar which can help soothe and ease those soreness from sitting too long.


  2. The constant warm air that will help in giving even more comfort and relaxation to the body. If you have tried hot stone massages before, this feels exactly like it! I really love this function as it is what most girls need to prevent all those menstrual cramps and, as well as it promote even faster recovery of muscle for those who gym or exercise frequently!
  3. uJolly also provides to your needs as well, with their 4 different auto specialised massages program. (Neck & Shoulder, Lumbar, Relax, Energise).


  4. Customised personalise massages that is adjustable according to your body before an auto massage program start.

Now, who wants it? ME!


You can now get it at any OSIM stores, roadshows or online at www.osim.com at only $499, plus you can quote “YIXIN” to receive a complimentary OSIM Eye Mask when you purchase a uJolly now! OSIM uJolly is definitely an ideal and affordable Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones!


As Christmas is around the corner, you can also personalise your presents for everyone with these Christmas bundle sets – Mix & Match OSIM Gift Sets!


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[Event] – Topp Care Hair Solutions – Natural Plant Extracts Hair and Scalp Treatments


Went down to Topp Care Hair Solutions Grand Opening a week ago, and it is located really conveniently at the hub of east, Tampines. Topp Care offers affordable and effective hair and scalp treatments using natural plant extracts at a friendly and easy access neighbourhood.


From the map, you can see it is actually really near to the station and there is also PIE just around the corner!

You can take bus 3, 8, 9, 12, 17, 18, 28, 34, 38, 39, 59, 518.
Nearest Station is Tampines MRT.


Topp Care Hair Solutions is a fixed price hair care centre that uses high-quality natural plant extracts in their treatments specially formulated for different hair and scalp problems.

  • Healthy Scalp Treatment – Hair Loss Prevention
  • Detoxdren Scalp Mask – Dandruff and Oily Scalp
  • Energising Scalp Mask – Hair Regeneration
  • Hair Treatment for damaged/coloured hair
  • (AND EVEN) Hair Colouring Services

Administered by professionally qualified therapists, the steps in each treatment incorporate the use of products made of high quality natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health. “Hair-friendly” plant extracts like aloe vera, burdock, ginko and thyme form the key composition of the ampoules, masks, shampoos and conditioners.

Topp Care has a very comfortable setup, and the rates are also at a very reasonable price as well! It is only $60 for any hair or scalp treatment! Now you don’t have to worry of signing up for packages (with no hidden cost) that cost over thousands of dollars! The hair colouring service starts from $60 (depending on hair length).


The whole store is really comfortable and clean as well, and with really friendly staff servicing! Many people would doubt on a neighbourhood hair salon, but gosh, this feels as though I am at Orchard somehow!

On that day of the grand opening, it was so happening! There’s lion dance, lotsa food and even cake cutting ceremony!




So many bloggers, media and customers came over for the opening, and even get to try out their treatment for the first time, that I myself, have to book it on that day as well! (Why not right! Since I am there and my hair was in a mess and with lotsa damage from all that Bali Sun) Do read up more on my next post on my full experience at Topp Care! ^^



Was really excited to feel how the whole service is like, and I even have the chance to go around the whole shop to check out what’s in store! Topp Care has a lot of their own brand products and uses them for the hair and scalp treatment service too! (WOOOOOOO, wonder how it is gonna feel!)


They are also now having great special discount and free gifts with purchase during the launch period! While promotions and stocks last! Check out their Facebook page for more information as well! https://www.facebook.com/ToppCare/

Exclusively for my readers! Simply register now to enjoy 50% OFF Hair and Scalp Treatment and $20 OFF Colouring Services!

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131
Singapore 524201
Contact: 66453020

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[Food Tasting] – Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, Ultimate Prawn Party

SEAFOOD Galore! 

What is seafood without prawns man! From now till 1st December, get to enjoy prawn extravaganza only at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway (Makan@Jen). They brought a whole new level to tasting prawns from all over the world with really delicious sauces available!



They offer prawns from Thai White Prawns to even the Norwegian Scampi! Yums. And not only that it is prepared in different ways! My favourite got to be the battered and fried to the golden crisp prawns. It goes so well with all the sauces they have! The sauces include – salted egg yolk, black pepper, sweet and sour, prawn bisque and Thai chilli!






Makan@Jen will also showcase a few flavour profiles from across a few cuisines and cultures such as Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese and of course our local Singaporean. It will be divided across 3 different menus, which will be rotated throughout the promotion period! (Exciting!!!)

In the buffet line, you will also get to see some familiar seafood “cousins” of prawns, like lobsters and crayfish and even crabs in their line of buffet! Definitely worth the price that you gonna pay!



And what is buffet with the usual right? So for only SGD 42++ you get to enjoy a whole loads of seafood to your carbs and salads and even meat that you will love!






The Ultimate Prawn Party promotion at Makan@Jen is only available Mondays to Thursdays, during dinner time from 6.30pm to 10.00pm! So quickly call and make a reservation and enjoy an endless SEAFOOD all night!


Thanks so much Hotel Jen Orchardgateway for the invite! Really enjoy the scrumptious prawns you have :D.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Address: 277 Orchard Road Level 10
Contact: +65 6708 8899
Promotion Period: 3rd October 2016 to 1st December 2016
Time: Mondays to Thursdays, 6.30pm – 10.00pm
Price: SGD 42 ++
– Includes Makan@Jen Buffet
– Includes free flow coffee, tea and signature Iced Tea


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Revamp look of Vanitee App!


Hello readers! If you haven’t heard of the new revamped look of Vanitee, it is not too late! But first let me give you some insight of what is this amazing app all about!

Vanitee allows you to book any beauty services on the go! Just by a few clicks, you can book your nail appointments, hair appointments and so many more. You can even check out all the beauty services portfolios and see who is nearest to you!


02 03-1

The new features added to the revamped Vanitee home screen give you better insight of what’s happening! As you can view the recently booked and reviewed services that people who are using the app have. Right now, Vanitee even let you have the chance to catch up on the latest trend in Singapore that you wont wanna miss it out!   instagram_newhomescreen

Download now on Apple Store or Play Store now for free! 🙂

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[Food Tasting] – Steambox – Hearty Comfy Steam-Potting Food

Don’t you always want to eat some snuggly comfort food that ain’t that oily or even filling? Always looking for the perfect amount but yet with varieties?

YES! It always happen to me! I dont just want a plain bowl of porridge or even to dip myself in tons of dimsum and their oil! Always looking for healthy ranges of variety and most importantly fresh and warm like you just cooked it!


And YES again, I found it! Steam Box! It uses one of the most iconic and traditional chinese cooking, that help ensure all the natural flavors and nutrients are all well kept in the food and that is by steaming! It is a steam hot pot thats uses a high speed steaming that shorten your fuss in waiting for the food to be cooked!














They offer a huge varieties of fresh meat and seafood to chose from that you will never get tired of it. All the food comes in different colours of plate to indicate the timing of the steaming, therefore you know which few you can actually steam it together! The steaming of the food is only 2-6 minutes based on the colour. Fast and efficient, and definitely no fuss!

You can also check out there sauce bar corner where by it is filled with all sort of sauces to compliment the flavor of different food available in the menu. Sweet, salty, spicy and even that sour tinge, mix it up your own bowl of sauce to go with it!



They also offer cooked food (dim sum!!), if you want to eat while waiting for the food to be steamed!




With all that steaming of the food there is actually some hidden treasure underneath it! With all the essence and juices of the fresh food you steam previously it is actually all collected below that finish off your meal with a smile! And that is of course the congee! How would you miss out congee when it comes to comfort food. The juices actually enhances the taste of the congee so well, that even after feeling bloated with all the steamed food, you will never say no to those hot steamy congee! (HAHA)

I personally love how easy it is to steam the food, and how awesome that most of the nutrients is kept cause of the cooking technique. And also not forgetting those aromatic congee at the end of the meal.

Steam Box is currently introducing a new set lunch at only $11.80++ per pax! You can chose any three dishes from the 18 featured items in the Super Value Set Lunch Menu! It is available from Tuesday to Fridays, 11am to 3pm. Each set will also be served with a bowl of rice and a glass of homemade Barley or Lemongrass drink!

Steam Box
Address: 68 Serangoon Garden Way 555962 Singapore
Tel: 6281 6939
Operating Hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday – Friday (11am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm) Saturday & Sunday (11am – 11pm)

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[Food Tasting] – Frunatic – You are what you eat.

“You are what you eat.” Most of us would have heard of this before, but somehow, we just can’t stop ourselves from turning our bodies into a ball of sugar or salt. I am easily tempted by sweet treats and pretty pastries that I just can’t keep my hands off, or worst, they usually end up in my mouth. (Damn)

Some of us would go on diets, cleanses or work extra hard for our workouts to make up for our earlier sins. Sounds familiar? How long does it usually last? Maybe a week or a month? After that, the cycle repeats itself and the numbers get from good to bad every health checkup.

Oh what can we do? We eat to live but eating kills us instead? Well, instead of a 180 degree change in our lifestyles, why not try something that can last for the long haul. All it takes is a little step in the right direction!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
I made a trip to Frunatic and to understand more about the Frunatic way of doing that! Frunatic focuses on creating a holistic diet, specially crafted by their team of wellness professionals (Nutritionist, Dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor and TCM Physician), using only the finest selection of superfoods,TCM herbs and careful preparation techniques.

Every person will get a 9-course-meal fully tailored to their needs. The wellness professions will conduct an in-body analysis before advising you on what your body needs. All we need is 1 meal per week, for your body to slowly adapt and regulate its nourishment!

If you doubt in the taste and look of their food, you can try out their meals at a trial/tasting session! Which I did! The food they offered was really good, i’ll insert some visuals to show you what I meant!


Alkaline Ionized Water
Caffeine-free tea brewed from the finest selection of forget-me-not flowers and goji berries steeped in alkaline ionized water



Amuse Bouche



Funtional Smoothie
Superberry Smoothie
Antioxidant-rich smoothie of premium blue and black berries, baby spinach and homemade almond milk



Salad Appetizer with Functional Ingredients
Chickpea and Quinoa Salad
Creamy Chickpeas tossed with quinoa, marinated mushrooms, butterhead lettuce, red bell pepper and Japanese cucumber, accompanied with luscious chive vinaigrette



Cold Pressed Juice with Functional Ingredients
Citrus Sensation
Vitamin C intense cold pressed juice of grapefruit, orange, and lemon, balanced with the taste of seet Granny Smith apples and topped with chia seed.



Fiber Bites
Chocolate Banana Fiber Bites
Crispy chocolate and banana fibre bites with crunchy bits of activated almonds, desiccated coconut and organic raw cacao powder.

Herbs Infused Dehydrated Snacks
Beetroot Cheesy Chips
Crunchy dehydrated snacks made from premium beetroot and boosted with savory nutritional yeast.



Chef Special with Therapeutic Sauce
Chinese Yam Noodle
Luscious vegan noodle made from fresh Japanese yam, edamame, and brown rice served with refreshing sauce made of homemade mushroom stock, vinegar and premium ginger.



Nutrient Dense Dessert
Strawberry Cheesecake
Silky strawberry mousse on a nutty almond crust, crowned with a thick layer of raw strawberry glaze.

Now you know what I mean! The food definitely looks tasty, and trust me, the taste is even better than it looks!

Remember again, “you are what you eat”. Moving on to a healthy diet is a good way to start regulating your health. That being said, let’s not forget about working out and taking the right supplements! It will perk up your entire wellbeing! So remember, what you do and take in everyday will eventually help you to achieve a better YOU!


Frunatic Pte Ltd
1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
#02-24 Enterprise One
Singapore 415934

Frunatic R&D Kitchen
7 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3
#01-13 Kaki Bukit Recreation Center
Singapore 415814

Hotline:  +65 6276 0288
Fax:  +65 6376 0061
Email:  info@frunatic.com



#frunatic #veragioiadivivere

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Yixin’s Daily Hacks – Top 5 Pimple Hacks###


Trying to juggle work as a working adult and looking their best with flawless skin and with minimal make up, is probably what many would hope to have but yet the hardest to achieve. I totally understand that as I have always been a little vainpot.

Cause even since puberty strikes me, those zits issue have been giving me way lotsa trouble and stress me out like it is end of the world. BUT I know nothing going to stop me from looking awesome all day all year round! And that is why I did my own research and after so many years of trying out different means and ways I found the top 5 pimple hacks that actually help me ease out my troubles and what’s even better, it is gonna be really hassle free! (Best for busy bees like most Singaporeans are right now!)

Check out my latest video that talks about my top 5 pimple hacks!




TOP 5 simple pimple hacks

1. Toothpaste!


Toothpaste can be found in all homes and is really simple! The minty feeling that the toothbrush give actually helps to soothen down those pimple, and all you need to do is apply it on the affected acne and leave it overnight! It is great for instant result!

2. Mask.


We all have our daily regime from cleanings to toner to even those additional serums and creams. Isn’t it a hassle? Now with mask, you can save lots more time doing your homework or even watch your favourite show! There are lotsa mask in the market, but it is always good to try around and best if you can put it every night! With a good quality mask, you will also notice excessive serum in the packaging! Ahhhhh, this is the best part as you can apply those rich serum on your affected pimple overnight to see the magic of it the next day

3. Ice.


Ice definitely will cool down those soreness of your pimple! And all you need to do is hold those ice cubes on your affected areas, for 5 minutes!
YES, it is just so simple! Definitely good for lazy people like me

4. Honey


Honey is the best pimples treatment home remedy. It is antibacterial and helps to fight the pimple causing bacteria! It also cleans and moisturises the skin, and also has a mild bleaching effect and presents scarring!

Apply a drop of honey directly on your pimple and let it be, wash it off after an hour or so. You can also steam your face a little to additionally clean the pores!

And last but the most important hack!!

6. Do not pop your pimple!

When you pop your pimple you are actually causing more pimple to grow, the bacteria will start to spread and affect the rest of your face! It is just so scary!!


But if you really wanna get rid of those secretions and pus! Use a 3M NEXCARE Acne Patch! It absorbs oily secretion and pus to help clear acne spot on fast! It is effective and targets directly on the pimple without drying the skin and you will never leave a mark on your face again!

Best part it is waterproof and also breathable! It comes in all sort of sizes and works really well on a variety of skin types!

And how to apply? First, remember to wash ur face and hands well! Peel open the plastic pouch and select a patch which is able to cover the pimple. Once the patch turn from skin Colour to white it means the oily secretion has been absorbed. Remove it and replace it! You can even apply the acne patch before make up!

You can get these 3M Nexcare Acne Patch at only $8.20 and almost anywhere! So stock it up as this will help you spot-on fast!

#TeenageGorgeousYou #TeenageMagazine #TGY2016 #nexcaresg #spotthepatch #teenagegorgeousskin

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Different Types of Couple Shoppers

Different couples definitely have different liking in what to do when they are on a date! Dating Chris for almost 3 years make me learn that he is actually a girl in heart. As he loves to shop (and sometimes shops more than me!), we can walk all day in the mall and won’t get bored of it (especially if we land ourselves in a heaps of sales and sales and more sales!).

But in this 3 years, I am also been able to identify a few category of couple shoppers too! You can watch the video below, for a short snippets of what I meant!


To be honest, it is actually 4 instead of 3! You will find out more after following through this post!


  1. Shopaholic Couple Shoppers

Not many couples like to do shopping together, as we all know guys know what they want and girls just love to try it all! Guys will walk into a store and know exactly what to pick up and what’s their size (they can totally skip the fitting room) and straight to the cashier counter. Whereas for girl shopper we all know girls just love to flip through the clothes and queue for that long line to fitting room before really deciding which is the best piece of them all, (sometimes also end up not buying any of it).

But as for me and Chris, how we shop is simple, we will look through every single piece that we know that suit each other and chose the best price out of it before trying them on! We can go every single inch and corner to look for the best price and more worth it pieces. Although we might seem cheapo, we always ended up walking home with 2-4 bags of clothes, cause we don’t just go 1 store, but many other that catches our eyes! Haha.


2. Foodie Couple Shoppers

Food is something that a real happy couple wont miss out! Cause even researchers have proved that couples who gain weight together end up happier together! I guess that pretty speak very well of the few inches I have gain after being with Chris (oh gosh!!!). But hey, being happy is more important right!

I have seen many of my couple friends going for cafe hopping every single weekend, and even going for a late night supper after a very heavy buffet meal! I guess there is a saying “Good food ends with good talk”!

3. Lost Sheep Couple

This truly happens to many who doesn’t even know where they are heading to! Not as exaggerated as what is shown in the video (getting lost and all), but there are many who just wander around the mall hoping to know what they exactly want or what their partners want to do! Some even end up getting nothing or doing nothing at the end of the day! It is quite hilarious, but most important on a date is never about what you guys do, but the time you spend with the special someone! Right? Hahaha.


4.The Smart Couple

Couples who know exactly know what is happening around them! The exclusive promotions and sales that they can fully utilise on, and is all within a click away. And if you guys haven’t know, 313@somerset have a app call Tring 313 app that enables shoppers to get updated of the exclusive deals, up to 50% off! Also, it have a ability to send location-based alerts to user who are at a certain radius of 313@somerset. This app is absolutely free and is available on Apple App Store and Google Play! So why wait! Download it now to save more on your date night!

@teenagemagazine #TeenageGorgeousYou #TeenageMagazine #TGY2016 #313somerset

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