OSIM uStiletto Leg Massager Review

No 1 Rule of a Lady.
Keep your heels, head and standards high


But to walk all day in those high heels is just going to make me cry. To be honest, I love wearing heels to look all tall and lengthy, but to suffer long hours walking and standing in it, is definitely not my thing. And worst, all the little side effects of wearing it for long duration is definitely not worth it for the long run.


But FRET NOT! OSIM uStiletto is here to save your beautiful legs from all the cries and unhappiness from looking fabulous and confident in your favourite heels. So, introducing OSIM uStiletto in three lovely designs, Elegant, Homemaker and Kawaii. It is fitted for three different style and personalities of any women out there.


And yes I was invited to have the first-hand experience of uStiletto with the rest of the ladies. There were really cute cupcakes in the form of stilettos and even cupcakes that looks like uStiletto itself!


uStiletto comes in a few auto massage programs, like “Pamper”, “Relief”. “Beauty”, “Reflexology” and “Sleep” program. I personally love the “Reflexology” auto massage program, it hit the right spots of massaging from the ball of my feet, arc of my feet and even to the ankle of my feet. Although the strength is much more stronger compared to the other programs, but it is the one that feels most alike to massaging out at any foot reflexology parlour.


Photo Credit: Leonard

If you are someone who prefer something light and relaxing, you can chose the “Pamper” massage program, as for me personally, I almost fell asleep during the massage! Haha.

Photo Credit: Leonard

OSIM uStiletto is light weight and really easy to carry around too.

IMG_9317Photo Credit: Leonard

I can even use one hand to pick it up and easily move it around the house anywhere I want to!


Photo Credit: Leonard

Really affordable and really worth a keeper for all ladies out there! Don’t forego yourself looking confident in heels just cause of the pain, OSIM uStiletto is the solution to relieve your pain and suffering!

Photo Credit: Leonard

Limited Period Pre-sale Exclusive: Use my code <OSIMKOLpy5mlc> at http://www.lazada.sg/osim1/ to enjoy exclusive offer off the uStiletto from now till 30 May! uStiletto is also available at these selected OSIM roadshows, try it today!: Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun)
Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May)
Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun)
Waterway Point, outside Charles&Keith (29 May till 11 Jun)

For more information on uStiletto: http://sg.osim.com/ustiletto-leg-massager.html
Heard that prices are only going to go up, so do grab it fast!

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