QYRA Collagen Drink – Real beauty comes from within.

Presenting to you, a new collagen drink that I have discovered!

   2 QYRA Collagen Drink

Collagen is definitely one of the important factor in firming up your skin and even reducing and preventing those aging signs like wrinkles, eyebags and even cellulite! Many might be thinking, “Hey, in my daily diet I do take food that have collagen!” But to be honest, prolly it isn’t enough, or maybe the body doesn’t absorb or break downs well when it comes in food form! And with years, our body also no longer forms enough collagen to support our skin structure and firmness, therefore it is always best to have another supplement to build those collagens up!

And why QYRA is prolly one of the collagen drink you should consider?


1. Scientifically Proven

QYRA Collagen Drink is made in Germany, that is filled with VERISOL® – comprises scientifically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that is optimized to maximize stimulation of the human cell types involved in collagen growth in our body!

2. Fast and effective results!

It is proven that it can reduce cellulites in 4-6 months and reduce wrinkles in 1-2 months time with just a small bottle daily! OMG SO AMAZING! And with VERISOL® it is proven to help with skin moisture level, as it increase the hydration of the skin and decrease the evaporation of the skin! With the help of increasing in moisture and collagen on the skin, you can even see significant result in those eyebags!

3. (Lastly) Portability

One of the most factor that I would really have to give a plus thumbs up is that the packaging of the collagen drink! It is so portable, you can bring it everywhere anywhere and not worrying breaking those glass bottles anymore 🙂 Even if you are in a rush, just put 1-2 of QYRA standby and you can conveniently drink it!


In a box of QYRA Collagen Drink, there are a total of 21 small bottles! And now at a promotional price of $76.50 (original price $85), you can your own from www.360activ.com. or read more about  QYRA Collagen Drink! If you wish to give it a try! You can drop an email to hello@360activ.com to get your complimentary sample today!

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