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Do you experience unusual pain every now and then at your back? Or neck pain when you stare at the computer screen for too long? Or even sudden migraines/headaches for no reason? We might not treat all of these seriously, thinking it will just go away anyway, but what we do not know is that we might actually be suffering from Spinal Misalignment (Vertebral Subluxation).

So what if we have Spinal Misalignment or Vertebral Subluxation? When our spinal bones or vertebrae are out of alignment, it can cause disturbances in our nervous system, which might lead to muscle spasms and also the conditions stated above.

This condition does not have obvious symptoms and is usually not identifiable through health scans. Hence, one might be diagnosed as healthy and yet still experience all the discomfort caused by the condition.

What would have caused this condition then? It might be attributed from our daily lifestyle and poor postural habits. From the way we sit, to the way we stand, and even the way we sleep. Anything we do day to day could be a causal factor to the condition, or even combined. Furthermore, daily habits are hard to change and would take time for us to get used to the proper posture for our daily routines.

This is especially made more difficult in our daily busy lives, where work keep piling up, leaving us no time to even think about how our posture should be. This applies to me, as I too experience unusual aches at my neck and shoulder after a long time in front of my laptop (like now!) and also hip and knee pains from my past injury from working out that never seem to recover.



I had no idea what was wrong and how to go about fixing all these, but thankfully, one of my friends introduced me to Dr Bryan Chen, a chiropractor from Equilibriohealth. He helped me to understand my condition and the reason for all my aches. Dr Bryan Chen checked my spine alignment and took an X-ray of my neck for analysis.



So from my X-ray shown above, I can almost be categorized as phase 1 of a condition called “Military Neck”. What can be seen is a slightly straight neck as compared to a normal “C” curved neck. Thus, the mechanical stability of the neck is partially affected, which can lead to periodic headaches and also lethargy. Hmmmm.. Perhaps this is one of the reason why I tend to think a second slower than others? (huehuehue)


Dr Bryan Chen explained the details to me and also taught me some exercises that I can do at home, of which I should aim to do every day if I want to see any improvement for my neck. He also mentioned that the cause would be the usage of mobile phone and also having a bad sitting posture while working. Understanding that changes in habits does not happen overnight, further advice for me was to have a chiropractic session once a week to align and adjust back my neck and spine, so as to reduce my sudden headaches or dizziness.



Anyway, a brief explanation on what Chiropractic means. “Chiro” = Hand, and “Practic” = Practice. Basically it means the using of hands through practice, to push and move the spine back into alignment. From this, we can be cognizant that our issues won’t be solved with just a one-time session and definitely requires time and patience. Therefore, should anyone have any spinal issues, the recommendation would be to have a session at least once a week to get your spine adjusted and aligned.


Personally, after three weeks of chiropractic sessions with Dr Bryan Chen, I have already experienced positive results. Even with my erratic working hours sitting in front of my laptop and irregular sleeping hours, my neck and shoulder pain have lessened significantly. Not only that, Dr Bryan Chen’s professionalism is displayed during every visit, with him patiently understanding my issue and monitoring my progress throughout.

Not only that, I even got to learn more about other spinal conditions from his sharing like Disc Herniation and Scoliosis. He even taught me preventive measures.

Over here in Equilibriohealth, besides chiropractic, they also offer other treatments such as Spinal Decompression Therapy (for herniated and degenerating discs) and Radial Shockwave Therapy (for musculoskeletal conditions, neck/back pain, tennis/golf elbows, frozen shoulders, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and many other conditions).

Spinal health is important, and can affect our daily activities. Hence, I would definitely recommend everyone to have their spine checked, and perhaps from there, find the cause of the pains experienced and get them resolved.

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