[Media Tasting] – 螃蟹之家 House of Seafood, “High” Seafood Tower


When I see seafood I alway cant resist it. And not to mention having to able to have our #slaysquadsix lunar new year reunion lunch at House of Seafood is more than amazing! I am always a fan of their black pepper crab, as they always been NO1 in the ranking! The history of this restaurant goes all the way back, that every night they always sold out their black pepper crab.


My dad especially love it and always crave for it too on and off. But this time instead of their popular black pepper crab, we going to try something new!


Exciting huh?

It is non other than their ‘High’ Seafood Tower 鲜堡塔 that we going to try! It is told to me that it is a popular Korea’s trending dish, where by they steam it up with all the seafood all in one! (Save so much time actually) And also it is the 1st and original seafood tower with collagen soup in Singapore.


The soup based is non other than a lovely seafood collagen soup based ! (OMG, so good for skin!). Each layer consists of different types of seafood that will give even more essence to the collagen soup based.


The different types of seafood are:




SNG_0342Live Mussels



SNG_0345Live Clams

SNG_0347Live Crabs

And also live bamboo clams that I didn’t have time to capture a time of it! (Cause someone finish it so fast! Tsk!!) As it is all live and fresh, it only take less than 10 minutes of steaming it up and we can all have a feast! It is so easy and simple. To make it more flavourful, House of Seafood actually have their own sauces always ready!



With the different sauces, the boss told us that we can actually mix and match to create more than 50 kinds of flavours to it. I am really impressed, but of course as someone who love spiciness, I only took those chilli paste to whack it all out. HEHEHE.

To be honest, the one I really love the most was the end taste to the “High” Seafood Tower! Which is non other than the Seafood Collagen Soup Based that is now all filled up with all the live seafood essence it in! Hmmmmmmm, you really just cant have only one bowl of soup, cause is never enough! My boyfriend and I both drank two bowls of it and even put in the clams for more flavours.




To my much amaze at the end of day, the whole pricing is equally affordable as well!
$228++ (4Pax)
$318++ (6Pax)
$438++ (8Pax)

For a whole loads of such amazing seafood with that price is definitely more than a steal, if you guys are really looking into getting into this seafood galore with me, you can now book it online at the site: http://www.houseofseafood.sg/korean-seafood-tower.html and even get it at 40% off! (Where to find such stunning price for FRESH seafood?)

You can check their site for more amazing offers and promotions: http://www.houseofseafood.sg

And they have two outlets currently:

3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore 828694
The Punggol Settlement #01-01 & #01-02
(Near Punggol Jetty) More than 200 carpark lots
Monday – Sunday 11am-2pm, 5pm-11pm
Tel: (+65) 6466 9000
Fax: (+65) 6467 9000

756 Upper Serangoon Road #03-33, Singapore 534626
(Opp S’Post, next to Hotel81) More than 100 parking lots
Monday – Sunday 11am-2pm, 5pm-10:30pm
Saturday 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Tel: (+65) 6285 9711
Fax: (+65) 6285 9722

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