Arch Angel Brow – Much refresh look with natural brows and eyeliner

Check out the video I did with Arch Angel Brow below!


If you guys havent notice from all my past post, I always seems to have unnatural brows and worst, without my make up it is actually grey! (So Orh Biang!) Did it like almost two years ago which was recommended by an acquaintance and without thinking I just go ahead. Was quite alright for the first few months, but the rest was a horror… cause it started to fade to GREY, and worst it was patchy and uneven! WAD?!

Thanks to Arch Angel Brow now I look so much alive and natural even without makeup… as they actually also offer eyeliner embroidery that doesnt have any downtime! After the embroidery I was still able to drive and even watch a movie with my boyfriend! HEHE.

Arch Angel Brow
Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, 321 Clementi #01-18
Phone: 6250 1151

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