Kohepets – A one-stop online pet store

Chance upon a really really useful online pet store few months back, and I really have to mention them!

They offers really great discount on and off, and most importantly they have almost everything I need!

More reasons to not go out shopping! :X

You can check them out at www.kohepets.com.sg, they have all sort of items ranging for dogs’ to cats’ food and even things for grooming!


The online payment was really simple and easy to facilitate as well.

All I need was to present my billing and shipping info, and chose the payment I want! I chose cash on delivery though, so I can save the hassle to take out my cards from my wallet. TEEHEE, I am really lazy!


PS: I bought two new water resistant bed for QQ and Sora, cause they love the rain and pond, I cant stop them from jumping in thou :(.

After transaction, they will actually send an email and a order no, for your reference.


I receive the two beds immediately after 3-4 days, and I have to say, my two flurry brown pals really love the bed so much, they will even try to fight for the bigger bed whenever possible. It is really cute just by observing how much they enjoy it!







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