Topp Care – Hair Spa Treatment for Damaged Hair

After the whole grand opening I managed to get a slot for a Topp Care Treatment! The interior looks so modern and comfortable, I can’t believe it is located in a neighbourhood.

I didn’t know what’s best for me, as I have very damaged hair (due to several bleaching D:) and I know my scalp is not in a very good condition due to all the sleepless night and heavy workload all day! x.x

The staff knew I wasn’t sure, so they decided to do a scan on my scalp to check it out!



My scalp actually still looks pretty good, and my hair growth is still on point. (Oh purlease! Don’t make me shy!) They even gave some advises on how I should further take care of my scalp!

1. Wash daily (once a day at least)
2. Dry my hair and scalp before I head out
3. Get a good scalp home treatment and massage it well!

So instead of going for the scalp treatment, they decided to mend my dead ends and dry hair :(. I know it looks really like grass now, so please bear with me for this! The whole process for the Hair Spa was really very relaxing, a lot of scalp massages from the hair specialist and she was really careful with my fragile hair.



The best part gotta be the hair wash! I have always love to be given hair wash, but Topp Care in particular gave the best massages and hair wash ever. They were so spot on to my favourite accupoints of my scalp and head…I guess I did fall asleep for awhile. Opps, so embarrassed! I think the hair specialist has to wake me up after washing my hair. LOL



Look at that peaceful face of mine, I am definitely sleeping la.



After the wash, the real hair treatment is starting! They apply their own formulation of dry hair treatment on my hair really thoroughly. From the ends all the way near to the roots. After the whole applying which took only 15minutes or so, she massages my scalp and hair AGAIN! Omg, I really enjoy those pressure points so much, making me feel so calm and relax.



And lastly, they wrapped it up and after 20minutes it is done!


My hair definitely look softer and smoother after the whole treatment, and best part of it, it lasted me at least a week plus without doing my own home treatment (which I am supposed to as advised by the hair specialist, OPPS). I would totally give a 5/5 stars for service for Topp Care and 4/5 for the whole treatment.




Best part, all the treatments are only at $80 NETT! This is a very reasonable price and you don’t need to splurge on expensive packages that cost over a thousands dollars (A BOMB MAN).

Special offer on Groupon

Scalp Treatment with Massage and Styling at Topp Care Hair Solutions (worth $80) S$16 for 1 session
S$28 for 2 sessions

You guys can check them out at their Facebook page at for more information and treatments are available at its store now!

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Address: Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131
Singapore 524201
Contact: 66453020

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