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Have always been an avid lover of massages. No matter which country I go, or whenever I am free i am always searching high and low for somewhere to give my body some relaxation. But due to work and time issue, to book in advance for a massage is rather impossible. On and off, I will use the massage chair at home, but what about when i am in the office :(?


I am either running errands outside, meeting clients or sitting at office clearing all my paper work. It never ends! And when I am finally back home, I just want to quickly snuggle off in bed. Due to not having able to relax my tight muscles from walking in heels, carrying my loads everyday and even from all the exercises I do in the morning, I start to have constant pain from my shoulder to my back.

And I realise because of all the fatigue, tension and stress daily, I am actually accumulating it to my lymph nodes and making it swell that cause all the aches and pain. And when these lymph nodes swell, is it directly impacting our immune system and you may feel that you are falling sick much more often or even more sensitive to the sudden environment change around (sneezing and coughing)


OSIM now came up with the latest versatile full back massager, uJolly and it will definitely solve the issue if you have similar lifestyle as me! πŸ™‚ OSIM uJolly is a portable massage chair that can be placed anywhere and use anytime to relief for your neck, shoulders and back!


All you need is a (any) chair (or even a wall) to place the massager, it is just so simple. This typically helps me save a lot of time and also save a lot of space (especially when I don’t have a big office of my own)! It is ideal for the current household in Singapore, since it is light and portable!


OSIM uJolly have a few features that is not to be missed out on as well!


  1. All-new V-Grip technology, that provides a very precise and human-like massage, on the shoulders and even lumbar area. It can help to loosen stiffen neck and shoulder and even those swells and knots! As for the lower back it really relieves pressure by gliding and pressing on the lumbar which can help soothe and ease those soreness from sitting too long.


  2. The constant warm air that will help in giving even more comfort and relaxation to the body. If you have tried hot stone massages before, this feels exactly like it! I really love this function as it is what most girls need to prevent all those menstrual cramps and, as well as it promote even faster recovery of muscle for those who gym or exercise frequently!
  3. uJolly also provides to your needs as well, with their 4 different auto specialised massages program. (Neck & Shoulder, Lumbar, Relax, Energise).


  4. Customised personalise massages that is adjustable according to your body before an auto massage program start.

Now, who wants it? ME!


You can now get it at any OSIM stores, roadshows or online at www.osim.com at only $499, plus you can quote β€œYIXIN” to receive a complimentary OSIM Eye Mask when you purchase a uJolly now! OSIM uJolly is definitely an ideal and affordable Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones!


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