[Food Tasting] – Steambox – Hearty Comfy Steam-Potting Food

Don’t you always want to eat some snuggly comfort food that ain’t that oily or even filling? Always looking for the perfect amount but yet with varieties?

YES! It always happen to me! I dont just want a plain bowl of porridge or even to dip myself in tons of dimsum and their oil! Always looking for healthy ranges of variety and most importantly fresh and warm like you just cooked it!


And YES again, I found it! Steam Box! It uses one of the most iconic and traditional chinese cooking, that help ensure all the natural flavors and nutrients are all well kept in the food and that is by steaming! It is a steam hot pot thats uses a high speed steaming that shorten your fuss in waiting for the food to be cooked!














They offer a huge varieties of fresh meat and seafood to chose from that you will never get tired of it. All the food comes in different colours of plate to indicate the timing of the steaming, therefore you know which few you can actually steam it together! The steaming of the food is only 2-6 minutes based on the colour. Fast and efficient, and definitely no fuss!

You can also check out there sauce bar corner where by it is filled with all sort of sauces to compliment the flavor of different food available in the menu. Sweet, salty, spicy and even that sour tinge, mix it up your own bowl of sauce to go with it!



They also offer cooked food (dim sum!!), if you want to eat while waiting for the food to be steamed!




With all that steaming of the food there is actually some hidden treasure underneath it! With all the essence and juices of the fresh food you steam previously it is actually all collected below that finish off your meal with a smile! And that is of course the congee! How would you miss out congee when it comes to comfort food. The juices actually enhances the taste of the congee so well, that even after feeling bloated with all the steamed food, you will never say no to those hot steamy congee! (HAHA)

I personally love how easy it is to steam the food, and how awesome that most of the nutrients is kept cause of the cooking technique. And also not forgetting those aromatic congee at the end of the meal.

Steam Box is currently introducing a new set lunch at only $11.80++ per pax! You can chose any three dishes from the 18 featured items in the Super Value Set Lunch Menu! It is available from Tuesday to Fridays, 11am to 3pm. Each set will also be served with a bowl of rice and a glass of homemade Barley or Lemongrass drink!

Steam Box
Address: 68 Serangoon Garden Way 555962 Singapore
Tel: 6281 6939
Operating Hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday – Friday (11am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm) Saturday & Sunday (11am – 11pm)

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