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Trying to juggle work as a working adult and looking their best with flawless skin and with minimal make up, is probably what many would hope to have but yet the hardest to achieve. I totally understand that as I have always been a little vainpot.

Cause even since puberty strikes me, those zits issue have been giving me way lotsa trouble and stress me out like it is end of the world. BUT I know nothing going to stop me from looking awesome all day all year round! And that is why I did my own research and after so many years of trying out different means and ways I found the top 5 pimple hacks that actually help me ease out my troubles and what’s even better, it is gonna be really hassle free! (Best for busy bees like most Singaporeans are right now!)

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TOP 5 simple pimple hacks

1. Toothpaste!


Toothpaste can be found in all homes and is really simple! The minty feeling that the toothbrush give actually helps to soothen down those pimple, and all you need to do is apply it on the affected acne and leave it overnight! It is great for instant result!

2. Mask.


We all have our daily regime from cleanings to toner to even those additional serums and creams. Isn’t it a hassle? Now with mask, you can save lots more time doing your homework or even watch your favourite show! There are lotsa mask in the market, but it is always good to try around and best if you can put it every night! With a good quality mask, you will also notice excessive serum in the packaging! Ahhhhh, this is the best part as you can apply those rich serum on your affected pimple overnight to see the magic of it the next day

3. Ice.


Ice definitely will cool down those soreness of your pimple! And all you need to do is hold those ice cubes on your affected areas, for 5 minutes!
YES, it is just so simple! Definitely good for lazy people like me

4. Honey


Honey is the best pimples treatment home remedy. It is antibacterial and helps to fight the pimple causing bacteria! It also cleans and moisturises the skin, and also has a mild bleaching effect and presents scarring!

Apply a drop of honey directly on your pimple and let it be, wash it off after an hour or so. You can also steam your face a little to additionally clean the pores!

And last but the most important hack!!

6. Do not pop your pimple!

When you pop your pimple you are actually causing more pimple to grow, the bacteria will start to spread and affect the rest of your face! It is just so scary!!


But if you really wanna get rid of those secretions and pus! Use a 3M NEXCARE Acne Patch! It absorbs oily secretion and pus to help clear acne spot on fast! It is effective and targets directly on the pimple without drying the skin and you will never leave a mark on your face again!

Best part it is waterproof and also breathable! It comes in all sort of sizes and works really well on a variety of skin types!

And how to apply? First, remember to wash ur face and hands well! Peel open the plastic pouch and select a patch which is able to cover the pimple. Once the patch turn from skin Colour to white it means the oily secretion has been absorbed. Remove it and replace it! You can even apply the acne patch before make up!

You can get these 3M Nexcare Acne Patch at only $8.20 and almost anywhere! So stock it up as this will help you spot-on fast!

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