Different Types of Couple Shoppers

Different couples definitely have different liking in what to do when they are on a date! Dating Chris for almost 3 years make me learn that he is actually a girl in heart. As he loves to shop (and sometimes shops more than me!), we can walk all day in the mall and won’t get bored of it (especially if we land ourselves in a heaps of sales and sales and more sales!).

But in this 3 years, I am also been able to identify a few category of couple shoppers too! You can watch the video below, for a short snippets of what I meant!


To be honest, it is actually 4 instead of 3! You will find out more after following through this post!


  1. Shopaholic Couple Shoppers

Not many couples like to do shopping together, as we all know guys know what they want and girls just love to try it all! Guys will walk into a store and know exactly what to pick up and what’s their size (they can totally skip the fitting room) and straight to the cashier counter. Whereas for girl shopper we all know girls just love to flip through the clothes and queue for that long line to fitting room before really deciding which is the best piece of them all, (sometimes also end up not buying any of it).

But as for me and Chris, how we shop is simple, we will look through every single piece that we know that suit each other and chose the best price out of it before trying them on! We can go every single inch and corner to look for the best price and more worth it pieces. Although we might seem cheapo, we always ended up walking home with 2-4 bags of clothes, cause we don’t just go 1 store, but many other that catches our eyes! Haha.


2. Foodie Couple Shoppers

Food is something that a real happy couple wont miss out! Cause even researchers have proved that couples who gain weight together end up happier together! I guess that pretty speak very well of the few inches I have gain after being with Chris (oh gosh!!!). But hey, being happy is more important right!

I have seen many of my couple friends going for cafe hopping every single weekend, and even going for a late night supper after a very heavy buffet meal! I guess there is a saying “Good food ends with good talk”!

3. Lost Sheep Couple

This truly happens to many who doesn’t even know where they are heading to! Not as exaggerated as what is shown in the video (getting lost and all), but there are many who just wander around the mall hoping to know what they exactly want or what their partners want to do! Some even end up getting nothing or doing nothing at the end of the day! It is quite hilarious, but most important on a date is never about what you guys do, but the time you spend with the special someone! Right? Hahaha.


4.The Smart Couple

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