[Event] – Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin

Swiss Butchery is one of Singapore’s pioneering premium butchers, known for fresh and different variety of gourmet delicacies we bring in from around the world! And what’s more exciting, they have renovated their Tanglin outlet to cater wider, fresher range of goods.


At the Swiss Butchery you definitely can find the usual fruits and snacks, but what is so special about it, is that it offers many fresh food that is never seen in the usual grocery stores that is a must to check it out! Let me show you around!


So definitely what’s a Butchery without meat? Swiss Butchery offers exclusive meats ranges from Matsusaka A5 beef and NZ Reserve grass fed marbled beef to fresh sausages and hams!


They even have special service, Salt Dry Aging to give the oompf to the beef. It is exclusive only to Swiss Butchery, and customers can customised and chose how tender and flavorful their meat to be. Although it is a rather expensive way to give the flavour to the meat, but it is totally worthwhile when you put in your mouth! Yummmmz.


Swiss Butchery also have really delicious Russian Caviar in store as well! And they come in three different types too! Classic, Premier and Imperial. All ranges from grams and price. The freshness of the Caviar is a definite not to be missed!!


One of the seafood expert, Frisch Seafood is also right in store! They provide a direct source to plate fresh seafood to ensure their quality, freshness and sustainability. So you can expect alot more tender and fragrance seafood from sashimi to even exotic fishes, kemon sole and even chunky crab meat available in store!


And so if you are looking at a fresher and sweeter meat/seafood do head down to Swiss Butchery newly renovated store @ Tanglin!


Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin
 56 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247964
Tel: 62358080
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm Daily


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