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Well, to be honest, Blogging has never come across my mind. It is a strange way to start blogging saying that I have never enjoyed writing.

Please don’t click away and hear me out.

Lucas, my baby boy came into our lives and what is a better way to document this little bundle of joy, our mundane life now filled with adventures (and mishaps), our learning curves, other than the thousands of imageries and videos? How am I going to show the millions of thoughts going through my mind and the countless swearing I had throughout the days?

That’s where I convinced myself that these 26 symbols (A-Z) that can form brilliant works of literature, plays and compelling stories are gonna come in handy, in the form of a blog.

Let’s get some quick introduction of myself! I am holding a job like most of you do, as an adjunct lecturer for more than a decade now. Kinda love teaching and imparting my passion for design, and also, cause I had some truly dubious lecturers in my days, and sincerely hope to break this cycle. Started my social media – @shawnyeo a couple of years ago for the things that I hold dearly. My love for photography, my wife – @misslepetite and my boy @littleluclucas. Am also running my design agency @the.apostrophe.s and cold-pressed juice company @seedandsoilsg

My family started running as a household of 3, two years back and I’m glad that, that hasn’t changed my life much, in fact, it got better if we were to take away the lack of sleep, speed-gobbling up foods, cracking our brains to make sure our Ikea tracks don’t run the same way and having to stack the same Lego blocks for a hundred times in a day, so ya, it is good.

Trust me, everything is really awesome, really!

Our boy has brought so much joy to us and taught us to slow down our pace at times to enjoy these simple moments with him! When he is not trying to kill us in our sleep.

Back to my first love, photography: I’m currently using Sony α7 III with my two favorites lightweight, versatile prime lens, the 35mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.4. Good for portrait taking but the wife hates to use it herself but love the outcome when I used it to take photos for her, ah, woman! Anyway, happy wife, happy baby, happy me and no one else will reject this vicious cycle, right?

I am really beginning to love writing.

So gonna thank @myfatpocket for this opportunity where I have another avenue to share more on my daily snippets on photography, food, travel and parenthood!

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