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Our Little Rascal

Was thinking what should be my next topic for blogging and the Mummy also agree, Lucas it shall be! I’ll leave the story of how hard we went through to hear his first-ever heartbeat at week 6 for another time, let’s start with something a little more light-hearted amidst this terrible time! Just a short […]

DIY Maternity Shoot

Maternity shoots are all the rage now, and most probably in demand all year round. I mean, a life is being created, who doesn’t want to celebrate and get this beautiful moment captured, and eternalized forever. Engaging a photographer to shoot in a studio setting might cost you easily from S$200 – 600 midrange or […]

About Shawn

Well, to be honest, Blogging has never come across my mind. It is a strange way to start blogging saying that I have never enjoyed writing. Please don’t click away and hear me out. Lucas, my baby boy came into our lives and what is a better way to document this little bundle of joy, […]