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I obsess over skincare more than I do with makeup. Joy is discovering a skincare product or treatment that has me beaming, both inside and out. It’s been 5 months since I embarked on my skincare journey with The Wellness Clinic (TWC), and I know that I haven’t shared much with you guys about how it has been going so far. After all, it takes time to know whether a skincare routine/product truly works, you want to make sure it isn’t a “one hit wonder”, i.e.: it only works for a short while and then, nothing. It takes time to see how much your skin can improve and and how much it can transform your skin. And 5 months is about the time I need to confidently proclaim the efficiency of TWC’s products and treatments. 

Do note that I’m not sharing my skincare experience with TWC with you guys just because of my collaboration with them, I’m sharing it with you guys because I truly love and swear by their products and treatments. And that is also why, I’m writing a post about it to share with you guys, 5 months later.

p.s.: This post is slightly wordy, but necessary. Otherwise, it will not do justice to how amazed I am by TWC products. 🙂

About My Skin
Firstly, there’s a need for me to tell you guys about my skin type, condition and the issues that bug me. I have combination skin: slightly oilier in the T-zone, and dry/dehydrated in the cheeks. My problem areas are my T-zone and my cheek area under the eyes. My concerns as mentioned in my very first Instagram post announcing my collaboration with them are: blackheads, open pores and those tiny bumps on my skin. Pimples pop up only when I’m stressed or a week or so before my period (hormonal). But, they always pop up on my chin, so my chin area is kinda congested. 

In a way, my skin isn’t that problematic, but I know it can be improved: less oily T-zone, less dehydrated cheeks, minimise (or better, be rid of) those pesky lil bumps, blackheads and the open pores. 

Dr Ram’s Prescription
I shared my skin concerns with Dr Ram after he analysed my skin condition, and the products in the Instagram post are what Dr Ram prescribed. I was actually given both type 1 and 2 for the cleanser and the toner. Type 1 is more for combination-oily skin while type 2 is for dry-normal skin. Dr Ram advised me to use type 1 in the day and type 2 at night, and to switch them up myself according to how my skin condition changes. After about 3 weeks of using them, I stopped using type 1 because of how significantly less oily my skin has become, which is something I’m super pleased about.

Because less oil means less sebum, pimples, blackheads, etc. So ever since then, I’ve only been using the type 2 cleanser and toner for dry-normal skin.  🙂

The Products
As I shared in my Instagram post,  I saw a visible improvement to my skin, after using TWC products for 2 weeks, especially towards the concerns I had. And now 5 months later, I’m super chuffed to say that the results have been very consistent, it has never fallen short of what I hoped it would do.

I actually expressed my surprise at how effective the products were during my second consultation with Dr Ram and he shared that it’s probably because TWC products are formulated specifically for the Singapore weather/climate. For example, Korean/European skincare brands may be good but they may be too rich for our skin because they’re formulated for their drier climate, while Singapore’s climate is humid. It was like I had an epiphany the moment he said that. It made so much sense I was like, ahhh no wonder 4 steps in my skincare routine with TWC products gives me so much better results versus when I was following the Korean 8-step routine hahaha. Saves time, saves money. So much more worth it. 

With that said, here are my thoughts about the products in detail. 🙂

Here are all the products in my skincare routine at a glance, the top left is for daytime use while the bottom right is for night.

As all skincare routine goes, the first two steps are to cleanse and tone. Btw, if you were wondering, I use Bioderma to remove my makeup. 

TWC’s cleanser left my skin feeling like it has never felt before. I’ve never had a cleanser that left my skin feeling so supple and moist. It doesn’t strip any moisture away from my skin at all, it does not leave it feeling dry and tight. It just leaves it feeling really clean, comfortable and calm haha, it’s super gentle on the skin. The toner on the other hand, leaves my skin feeling all prepped for the moisturiser, and boy does this absorb really fast too! The consistency of it is not watery, it has more of a lotion consistency. 

The comedone solution helps to minimise the tiny bumps on blackheads, it also makes it easier to loosen/dislodge them during facial treatments. At first, Dr Ram’s instructions were to use them everyday (daytime), but it was a little too drying for my skin so I changed it to once every other night. And it worked much better for my skin!

Whenever I apply the H2O concentrate, it feels like I’m feeding my skin with water (moisture) and quenching its thirst hahaha, it’s a superb feeling.  I love how light it felt on my skin, making it the perfect moisturiser for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. It also absorbs really easily and quickly, which to me is a really important factor, especially in the mornings when you want to get ready as quickly as you can. 

I also feel that it is a combination of the H2O concentrate (moisturiser) and the comedone solution that has resulted a significantly less oily T-zone. Heh.

And here’s the TWC product I cannot live without  – the sunscreen! TWC’s tinted sunscreen is hands down my favourite sunscreen ever. I’d double line that if there was that option, but there isn’t so one line will have to do haha. You know how with lipsticks, there’s the “my-lips-but-better” shade? This sunscreen is the “your-skin-but-better” equivalent. I seriously don’t know how it leaves your skin looking so healthy and radiant and with the perfect amount of matte that lasts the whole damn day in our ridiculously hot and humid weather?!

However, don’t get me wrong though, it definitely cannot replace your BB cushion/foundation (if you’re looking for coverage). The coverage is sheer, it’s only a tinted sunscreen after all. But it does wonders to your complexion, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a “your-skin-but-better” kinda sunscreen. I love how it makes my skin look so much that I stopped wearing my favourite BB cushion and just wore this daily instead, unless I’m going for a shoot or attending an event where pictures will be taken. It’s all I need really. And it controls shine/sebum/oil better than my BB cushion hahaha. What’s even better is that it’s essentially a skincare product. It helps protect your skin from both UVA and UVB, and IR rays. To be specific, it has SPF50 and it’s a broad spectrum sunsceen. 

I freakin love this thing, it’s amazing. Seriously. Thank you TWC for creating this gem of a skincare product. Thank you thank you thank you.

p.s: They do have a non-tinted sunscreen option btw. 

This cream (TWC Daily Essential Moisturiser) was not prescribed by Dr Ram at first. During my second consultation with him, I asked if he had a night cream or a more hydrating moisturiser for night use as I sleep in an air-conditioned room. And being kiasu, why would I not want more hydration for my skin? Haha. Also, as I’ll be travelling to Europe during the fall season later this year, I know I’ll need a more hydrating daytime moisturiser for the drier climate there. 

And this is an essential moisturiser indeed, I love it so much! It absorbs really quickly and well, no heavy feeling at all. Some night creams leave my skin feeling that way, or I’ll wake up with oily skin. But I don’t wake up with oily skin with this cream at all, instead my skin always feels soft, smooth and radiant?! So amazing. It’s like I tucked my skin into bed with a velvety soft blanket of hydration. 

Also, check out their gorgeous clinic! It’s so beautifully done up, so cosy to chill on the couches while waiting for my appointment. You can also freshen up with a good cup of tea before or after your appointment. 🙂

I think the improvement to my skin is not only visible to me but to others too. I’ve had people telling me that my skin looks great whenever I go bare-faced. My other half actually remarked, “Eh the TWC products really works ah, your skin texture like better than before,” during our recent staycation after I took a bath. What I’m most pleased about is how my T-zone is significantly less oily now heh. I also love how my TWC skin routine goes hand in hand with the treatments they’ve planned for me as well. 

I’ll be sharing with you guys in my next post, a facial treatment I did with them, which I absolutely loved. I boomerang-ed (the app) the entire process to show you guys how my the treatment went and how my skin looks barefaced, because with boomerang, there’s no way I can retouch my photo. 😉 So what you’ll see is exactly what it is. So stay close! 🙂

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This is one of the most commonly asked enquiry by some of my followers on Instagram, via DM or email. So I thought it’d be helpful to put it here just in case you have the same question. 🙂 I’ll add more as we go along, if any. 

  1. How much do the skincare products cost?
    I can only give you a price range as your skin concerns may be different from mine, and hence you may get prescribed different products. It ranges from SGD$49 to $105, which to me is really affordable and super worth the $$! Because department store brands cost about the same or more even, and I got much better results from TWC products. (I’ve tried several departmental store brands, whether Korean, American, Australian, European, etc. But none of them has given me the results TWC has).

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