Shanice x Misaki Pearl: Cheek To Cheek (Sponsored Review)

Misaki was born out of a love story in Japan, between a globe-trotting photographer and an illustrator in love with Paris. “Misaki” means “beautiful flower” in Japanese, an affectionate term in which he calls his wife and muse; his first gift to her was a necklace of Akoya cultured pearls. Charmed by the beauty and purity of these pearls cultivated along the coasts of Japan, it inspired in him an idea, which ultimately came to fruition in 1987. Today, they’re based in Monaco.

I’ve always loved reading about how a brand came about, what inspired it, and love is among one of my favourite themes. Jewellery and romance are almost synonymous with each other, especially the classic pearl. Some people may associate pearls as jewellery more fitting or suitable for the more mature ladies, but I beg to differ – the pearl is considered a classic after all. As someone with a 50s soul (you guys know I love anything vintage, especially from the 1950s), I’ve always thought pearls were beautiful. But if unlike me, you’ve always felt that you can’t pull off pearls or perhaps, you’ve not found one that would suit your more contemporary style, then you need to check out the pieces Misaki has designed.

To me, they’ve successfully combined the timeless beauty of pearls together with the contemporary jewellery design styles of today. Misaki has sent me two pieces, a necklace and a pair of earrings from their Cheek To Cheek collection, and I cannot get enough of them. I’ve worn them with 4 outfits thus far, they just go well with alot of things so easily!

Here’s one of the outfits I’ve styled them with. 

The top I’m wearing definitely has a very contemporary cut because of the sleeves, with its high slit to the elbows. And by completing my outfit with a pair of black Chelsea heeled boots, it adds a little edginess to my otherwise, very classy outfit. I could have paired it with a pair of heels as well, but I wanted to show that these Misaki pieces go well with almost any style, classy or edgy. 

And here’s a close up of these beautiful Misaki pieces. 

I really love the design of this necklace because it’s so unique! Necklaces are usually round, but this is square shaped, which to me really juxtaposes well with the perfectly round pearl. And the shape of this necklace definitely makes it a (very) contemporary and special piece to own!

And these are the earrings that definitely go great with the necklace. I love this pair because sometimes, when you look at the earrings from the front, you think they’re just a normal pair of drop/dangle earrings. But when you look at them from the side, then you realise it’s actually a square! 

I really love this set so much. The design is genius really, I just love the juxtaposition between the roundness of the pearl and the angular square shape. Please do check out Misaki and their other designs, there are so many beautiful pieces that I had a hard time choosing which ones at first. 

You can get them online at or at airports, and on airlines.

p.s: Did you know that they chose to retail their pieces in airports and on airlines too because the couple divides most of their time between France and Japan, and hence, it’s a most fitting choice!

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  • Love reading your post, every brand has it’s story Sometimes i’m also inspired how a brand starts from nothing and become so successful now. Anyways you look so chic and fab on that outfit ^^

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