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When we go shoe shopping, the style and design of a pair of shoes may be what calls out to us first. And if we’re satisfied with how it looks on us, we buy it. But with heels, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with them because I’ve not found a pair that actually leaves my feet feeling happy (i.e. comfortable) So, even if I do love how a pair looks on me, I may not buy it out of being practical. Cos who am I kidding, I’m definitely gonna choose my favourite pair of Oxfords or Chelsea Boots; those, I can definitely walk in them the whole day, hop, run and jump even haha. Comfort is key to me.

But, the moment I tried a pair from Metaphor Shoes when I went down to the boutique to choose my first pair from them, I think I can say that I had a “Cinderella moment”. Their shoes are MAD COMFY!! I wasn’t expecting that. But seriously, they’re freakin’ comfy! And the added cherry on top is that, I like their designs too! I love how the team from Metaphor picked out a few pairs for me and said: “I think these pairs are your style”. Indeed so! They definitely know my taste. 😉

I had a really hard time mulling over which pair to bring home to start this collaboration rolling. Decisions decisions, it was a tough one. And this was the pair I chose in the end!

Photo 30-4-16, 11 36 49 AM

I love tassels on my shoes and bags And this pair pretty much married two of the things I love in shoes: Tassels + Oxfords (cos of the cutting of this pair). And have you seen that gorgeous shade of burgundy/wine! Such a swoon worthy pair. Also, the glossy black makes it such a classy pair without being boring like the common pair of black stilettos. And when juxtaposed together with the luxurious suede wine/burgundy top, loveeee!

Photo 29-4-16, 11 24 13 PM

I find that this pair goes especially well with pants and shorts – colours such as black, teal, white and grey would go great with it! The same colour palette will apply if I wear with a pair of skirt or dress. 

Photo 29-4-16, 6 24 42 PMPhoto 29-4-16, 10 43 55 PMSide view!

If you’re looking for a well-made and mad comfy pair of heels, head on down to their boutique at ION Orchard Link to check them out! They have flats too of course, and bags and accessories as well! 🙂


Metaphor Shoes is located at:
ION Orchard Link

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