Z Chocolat’s Easter Collection (Sponsored Review)

My favourite French chocolate brand has sent me some love again! This time, for Easter! So far, I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day with Z Chocolat’s decadent treats, and I couldn’t be happier. After all, chocolate and happiness co-relate don’t they?  😉 

This luxury French chocolate brand never fails to leave my tastebuds in its happy place and hankering for more (especially the one they sent me for Mother’s Day, that one had 45 different flavours of their chocolates! my mum and I had so much fun trying all of them. you can find that one here because heck, who says you can only get them for Mother’s Day haha.)

So anyway, back to this Easter collection, which is really adorable! Just look at the picture above (and below)! This collection features their Easter pralines in these playful forms, they are molded into the shapes of traditional French friture, so it’s like having a bit of France’s Easter celebrations in a boxful of chocolates delivered to you hehe. 

Each member of this collection is adorned on the outside with a decorative Easter egg insignia and filled on the inside with their classic hazelnut and chocolate recipe. (their hazelnut ones are amongst my favourite flavours, cos the hazelnut is probably one of the best I’ve had in a chocolate! the texture and the flavour is amazing!)

The pictures you see here are from the Easter Duo, one of the options in their Easter Collection, which is also the one they sent me. This one comes with two assortments of their famous chocolate and hazelnut recipes with 18 pralines (I loved this so much it’s hazelnutty goodness omg) and 36 solid chocolates (a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate. my parents couldn’t stop raving about the dark chocolate ones, they freakin’ love it)

I’ve always loved how Z Chocolat places their chocolates in this bag which features a front pocket to place a card/any handwritten note alongside this decadently delightful gift, if you’re getting it for someone else.

Shop their Easter Collection, or any of their collections and assortments here. Their chocolates are one of the best I’ve tried and if you’re a chocolate lover, you really shouldn’t miss trying their chocolates. 

Thank you Z Chocolat for always sending me some love in the form of your chocolates that I love so very much, it’s always a pleasure! 🙂

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