The Scene Hair Salon: Feels like I’m back in Seoul (Invitation)

When I travelled to Seoul, Korea in October 2014, I remembered that one of the must-do things on my itinerary was to get my hair done (specifically a perm) in a Korean salon. That experience left a lasting impression on me because of how impeccable the service/hospitality was over there when compared to salons in Singapore. And also of course, their knowledge and expertise in this area. 

Hence, when I received an invitation from The Scene Hair Salon, I had to try it because I would really love to discover a hair salon in Singapore that will give one the authentic Korean hair salon experience that I miss. And I did.

But, it was more than just that. It was even better. I discovered that The Scene takes pride not only in the aesthetic side of its work (cut, colour, perm, etc), but also as a hair professional that puts the best interest of one’s hair above everything else. Why do I say that? (do bear with the wordy-ness that follow haha)

Well, I know that my mane isn’t exactly healthy. I know that it’s dry and damaged, I just didn’t know that it was THIS damaged. I have very fine hair, which makes it more prone to damage from any chemical treatments (which is also why I doubt I’ll ever be able to try out colours that will require bleaching my hair, if I could I’d definitely go for lavender coloured hair sighhh). I’ve done perms several times, and of course colour several times too. One of the reasons why I cut my hair really short last year, aside from seeing if I could pull off a shorter cut, was to regrow it back to health hopefully haha. But that plan kinda failed because I had to depend on using the curling tongs everyday so I could get my hair ends to curl nicely inwards instead of sticking out awkwardly. 

After meeting my stylist, Elin, we decided on a perm for my hair. And off I went for a hair wash. When I came back to my seat, Elin had this really concerned look on her face while she examined my hair. A discussion soon ensued with another stylist, in Korean. I don’t understand Korean but I roughly got the gist that there’s something wrong with my hair. They then shared with me that my hair is very damaged and they are very against the idea of perming my hair because 1) it’s quite damaging for the hair and 2) my hair cannot get more damaged than this cos the consequences can be quite serious, think breakage and all. 

I’ve never been happier to hear a salon reject my request for a perm hahahaha. I was so thankful! Should I have gone to another salon, I think they’d have probably just proceed with the perm, sponsored or not. I remember just a few months ago, I visited another salon to touch up my roots. I was speaking with the stylist about my hair texture. I told him that many hairstylists advised me against bleaching my hair because of my hair’s fine texture, to which he said, “no la, if you do it at the right place that uses good quality products like here, it won’t be damaging.” Now looking back, pffttt ya right. 

So, Elin recommended that I do a hair treatment instead and to try avoiding all chemical treatments until my hair quality improves. They also recommended that I grow it out a little longer before coming back to snip off an inch (I think? I can’t remember the exact figure), because my hair ends are damaged beyond repair. Oh the horror. Should I be ashamed? Hahahaha. 

The treatment that I did was the Desse’s 4-Step Treatment. This is unlike any of the hair treatments I’ve done at other salons. Here’s how it went:

Step 1: Apply moisture and heat so that my hair cuticles will be open for it to receive whatever nutrients received from the subsequent steps
Step 2: Apply protein to strengthen the hair
Step 3: Wash the protein off before applying oil 
Step 4: The oil is washed off. Heat will then be applied to the cuticles so that the nutrients received will be locked in

And it’s time to blow dry and style of my hair!

The natural curls that Elin gave me without using a curling iron! I absolutely loved how soft and silky my hair felt after the treatment, like some life was breathed into it hahahahaha. Post treatment, I haven’t been lazy with giving my hair extra care and pampering after my visit to The Scene. I’m determined to nourish it back to health. 

Here’s me with my stylist Elin! Thank you for attending and taking care of my hair, 감사합니다!

And here’s one with Jack! He was the one who got in touch on behalf of the salon and sat there with me when I came down to do my hair treatment, twice! It definitely was a pleasure having him to chat with during the treatment.

Thank you The Scene Hair Salon for having me, for putting the welfare and condition of my hair first, and for all the invaluable advice and tips on how to better take care of my hair! 🙂

So you guys, if you’ve been looking for a salon that not only knows how to give you a hairstyle that will flatter you, but will actually also take really good care of your hair at the same time, you know where to go now! 😉

The Scene Hair Salon is located at:
252 North Bridge Road #03-21A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Opening Hours:
Daily 10am to 9pm
Find them on Facebook:

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