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I’m generally quite satisfied with the structure of my face. But because I’m quite the perfectionist, should I be given the opportunity, there are two things I wish to change: 

The first, and the biggest issue to me, is the fact that I don’t have a symmetrical face. It’s especially obvious when I smile (with teeth), my right profile is fleshier/rounder/less sharp, which is why I’ve always preferred my left profile. And this asymmetry poses a problem when I model. If it’s purely photography, I’ll always try to use my left profile (or you know, use my hair/fringe to cover hahaha); but there are some instances where the photographer or art director will request for my right profile because if all the shots were with my left profile, the pictures will all look the same, wouldn’t it? BUT, when it comes to videography, ah now that is a little more tricky. It’s almost always impossible not to show my right profile. 

I’ll use a photo from the procedure day to show because I don’t have any photos of myself in my right profile. (cos duhhh, not nice keep for what haha)

Can you see how my right side (which is the left in the picture) is super fleshy? It’s almost like I have a stuffed fishball in my mouth, permanently on the right side of my face. Not nice.

The second is that I do wish for a more defined bone structure, like with my eye area (the brow bone to be specific, like my mum’s) and cheekbones. So it looks less flat, which will really help when I model.

So when Assurance Skin, Laser and Aesthetics sent me an invitation, I was like oh yes please!

I went down for a consultation with Dr Wong to make sure I’m suitable for the procedure and to clear any doubts or queries I have.

This is a screenshot from the video of the consultation + procedure that I’ll share (the link) at the end of this post!

I thought the cause of why I have a fleshier right profile’s because my right jaw muscle’s bigger than the left one. I heard that the Botulinum Toxin injection can easily reduce bulky jaw muscle and I was hoping that this simple treatment will solve my problem. But it turns out, that’s not the case. My left jaw muscle is actually stronger than the right one, which means the problem isn’t my jaw muscle at all. Instead, it’s because the right side has more fat than my left. Dr Wong explained that jaw reduction with Botulinum toxin injection only works on the jaw muscle and not the fat. WHY. Why can’t the fat on my face distribute itself equally or something? Sigh. 

So, that means there’s nothing non-invasive that can be done about my asymmetrical face shape. 🙁 At least for now, I hope! 

And so, on to the possibility of doing fillers for a more defined cheekbone. I’m not looking to get fuller cheeks because I like how they are already, I just want a more defined cheekbone.  Dr Wong understood my needs and explained very clearly the techniques and the fillers that he will use to enhance the definition of my cheek bones. I was also concerned about a potential allergic reaction or something from the fillers because I’m allergic to two kinds of painkillers, which will result in super swollen, puffy eyes. Dr Wong assured me that my drug allergy history is no cause for concern so yay we’re good to go!

I was feeling pretty nervous and excited about getting the fillers done for my cheekbones because I’m afraid of pain hahaha. Also because I don’t think I have a very high tolerance for pain either; I’m scared of going to facials cos of the pain from extraction haha. But hey, as the saying goes, no pain no gain.

Dr Wong started by marking the entry point on my face for the fillers.

And then, numbing cream is applied! It will be left on for around 45 mins. 

And this is it, time to inject the fillers in!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel anything. But then again, it’s not like the pain is unbearable. This isn’t the most painful surgery I had, so it’s alright! The most painful surgery/injection I had was to remove my ingrown toenail. I swear, that was so painful I actually teared. I didn’t tear at all for this, so all good! The most painful part, if you’ve to ask, is actually only when you get the anaesthetic jab. You’ll feel a slight discomfort when the fillers go in and when the doctor adjusts the fillers to the desired placement. You’ll also feel slightly sore for a day or two. Mine was pretty much almost gone by the third day. I think it varies depending on the individual. 

I’ll be heading back for a touchup, but before that, here’s a before fillers picture to show my slight lack of a defined cheekbone.

I have pretty full cheeks, so I don’t need fillers for that. So my focus is the cheekbone around the apples of your cheeks, for it to be more defined.

And here’s a picture after the fillers! Showing a non-smiling picture of me (which is rare) because if I smile, you won’t be able to see the bone haha.

Now it pops! Now you can see a more defined curve hehe. I like how it gives me a more defined side profile now. Putting on blusher also goes on much better/easier now!

I was being very very safe with the amount of fillers done for this procedure because I didn’t want it to look too obvious or overdone. I was going for more of a “people will notice that I look better, but they can’t actually pinpoint what/why exactly” hahaha. I’m pleased with how the improvement is subtle yet visible difference. I’ll be heading back for a touchup however, could do with more on my right side since the bone structure on my ride profile is flatter to begin with when compared to my left profile. Will consult Dr Wong on this again. He gives a very fatherly feel, so I was very comfortable without any worry at all! Very glad that my first fillers experience was done by him. 🙂

Also, if you’d like to watch the video of the consultation and procedure, you can watch it here.


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  • Hello , Shanice
    You definitely look gorgeous in the last picture . I have always been thinking about making some small adjustment on my face , but I am also really scared that once I make the first step , there will be no ending . I am also the perfectionist and there are too many parts on my face / body that I am not satisfied with . I really appreciate your post and hope to see more post from you .

    Best regards !


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