Dentiste Kissing Silhouette Event x Product Review (Sponsored)

About a few months ago, I decided to look into using natural/organic products for my skincare routine. And the results have been pretty promising I must say. Therefore, I was really looking forward to trying out Dentiste products because their products uses a unique formula that comes with a blend of 14 natural extracts and essential ingredients to inhibit bad breath powered by premium natural ingredients. 

Before I share with you guys my thoughts on the Dentiste products sent to me, I want to tell you guys about the Dentiste Kissing Silhouette Event that I was a part of two Saturdays ago! The kissing silhouette booth is the first of its kind in Singapore. Why a kissing booth you ask? Well, that’s because Dentiste products promises to cure not just bad breath but also, MORNING BREATH. Yes you read that right, morning breath can now be gone! 😉

Don’t we all wish we can give our other half a good morning kiss the moment we’re up from a night’s slumber without the awkwardness of having morning breath? So on that note, I brought my other half with me to be a part of Singapore’s first kissing silhouette booth!

p.s: Some of the photos are taken from the event photographer, which explains the difference in the colour/quality of the pictures in this post.

With my favourite Myfatpocket bloggers, Maybelline and Xinyi! 🙂

Couples take turns to head into the kissing booth and this is how it looks like from the outside!

These two couples decided to do it together
These two couples decided to do it together
And a collage of the other couples that took part!
And a collage of the other couples that took part!

The dress on me is from PixieDustLabel, one of the pieces gifted to me after my shoot with them. And one of my favourite dresses of the moment! 🙂 They have so many swoon-worthy pieces that you absolutely have to check out! You can find them on Facebook too –

Alrighty, time for the product review!

My mum was very happy to see that the items came in a tote bag hahaha.
My mum was very happy to see that the items came in a tote bag hahaha.

What's in the bag, at a glance!

Dentiste has been a global leader in premium oral care solutions, and their products are not just about using premium natural ingredients, but are also equipped with many of the world’s most advanced dental technologies backed by clinical studies.

The first product I wanna talk about will be their nighttime toothpaste that promises to rid you of bad breath! Before this, I’ve never heard of nighttime toothpaste, but now that I have, I think it’s something that’s gonna stay in my oral care routine. And so should you too.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

The DENTISTE Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste contains 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other essential natural ingreidnets. This special proprietary formula freshens your morning breath on your first night of use by inhibiting nighttime oral bacteria, which grow rapidly in your mouth while you are sleeping.
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You dispense the toothpaste through the pump, which I find more hygienic and less messy.

Does it work? My answer is a resounding yes! It really does, and I was pleasantly surprised. Because really, my first thought when I read what it claimed to do was “sure not?” hahaha. 

And this is the daytime toothpaste – the 100% natural toothpaste.

The reason why I natural toothpastes are the way to go is because chemical toothpastes can irritate and be harmful to oral tissue, which can cause issues like a stinging sensation or a dry mouth. This toothpaste also uses Xylitol and Stevia as sweetener and plant oils for flavouring, not a lab-created flavouring. It’s also fluoride free! Did you know that fluoride is a toxic substance and an over intake of it can actually cause yellow teeth?? DENTISTE products ensure none of that will happen. 

You have to use the cap of the toothpaste to “open” the tube.

But the thing I love most about this toothpaste is the fact that it contains natural whiteners like the Natural Sodium Bicarbonate and Natural Hydrated Silica to whiten teeth instead of using bleaching agents that can cause sensitive teeth. Teeth whitening will always be something I’m interested in because who wouldn’t want to be able to flaunt a set of pearly whites? The only issue I face in this quest of mine is the worry that the products/treatments will harm my teeth because of the chemicals or unnatural ingredients used. But with this toothpaste, all my worries are unfounded.

I’d really love to try their whitening toothpaste though! Yes they have one dedicated to whitening hehe.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

This is now my favourite mouthwash. I’ve tried several other brands before this, but they either sting or are not very pleasant. This didn’t sting and it really did ensure long lasting fresh breath!

Aside from that, it also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, reduces bacterial deposits, protects the gum and moisturises the mouth naturally. It can even help boost natural tooth re-mineralization by bringing minerals back to the teeth because of its pH balance. This reduces the chance of having tooth erosion, and also helps to whiten and strengthen the teeth.

All that in one power packed bottle!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

This travel set was definitely an added cherry on top because this means I can have my favourite oral care brand/products taken along with me when I travel too! Hehe.


Thank you DENTISTE for sending me these products, they’ll definitely be a part of my oral care routine from now on. I don’t think I can go back to my previous toothpaste, or use any other oral care brands now haha. Definitely a fan and convert!

DENTISTE products are sold in all major retail stores.


Find out more about DENTISTE and check out their full range of products on their website –
Like them on Facebook and watch Singapore’s 1st Dentiste’ Silhouette Event video here –

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