ExpediaTravelista x Taiwan: Exploring Taipei (Part 2) Yehliu + Taroko Gorge

My Taipei Part 2 post will feature Yehliu and the Taroko Gorge tour, starting with Yehliu first!

I was looking forward to visiting Yehliu Geopark because I’ve always been fascinated by the work of nature; Geography was my favourite subject in school after English and Literature. I shall let the following pictures do the talking, let’s marvel at the work of Mother Nature. 🙂




And here’s the famous Queen’s Head rock formation!
According to my dad who saw the Queen’s Head twice, once during national service and the second time on his honeymoon with my mum, the formation today has shrunk quite a fair bit lol. So perhaps, if you’ve not seen it, go before it’s gone.

We didn’t want to join the queue for it, it was pretty long as under the scorching heat of the sun, nope haha. So we took it from a different side/angle, good enough la haha. 

IMG_7720Hmm shells?

Yehliu is a very laidback area. I mean, with the sea, how can it not? And with the sea, that also means that seafood is much cheaper here! So if you’d like to spend a day/night in Yehliu to fully explore the area, this is the hotel to stay. It is literally right infront of Yehliu Geopark, making it a great base to start exploring Yehliu from.


IMG_7737I love the warm, cheery colour palette with splashes of prints and patterns.

And the best part of the whole room is without a doubt, the bathroom ahaha.
Yes, that’s the view we get while showering. 😉
The hotel’s restaurant! The following pictures in the restaurant were taken with my iPhone, so pardon the lousier quality!


I also love how the lobby was done up. See the lamp at the bottom right with its light source perfectly aimed at “Library”? Really nice touch.


IMG_7699When the sun shines down on the gold coloured floor tiles for this pool, it’s quite a sight to behold.

IMG_7701IMG_7697Sunbathing as close to nature as you can get!

IMG_7698Boutix is also a family oriented hotel, just check out this wonderland!

If we knew about this floor the day before we were gonna leave, I’d definitely have spent a good few few hours here. There’s so much to do!


IMG_7695IMG_7694And there is a ball pit guys, A BALL PIT!!


IMG_7300IMG_7696You also get a really good view of Yehliu on this floor.

IMG_7342IMG_7343Thank you Boutix Resort Hotel Yehliu for your very warm hospitality. It was most lovely being able to spend a night there, we wished we were able to stay longer!

Check out Boutix on Expedia here!


And now, our Taroko Gorge Tour by Expedia! Yes, you can book tours with Expedia too! You will be picked up from your hotel in Taipei, the driver will send you to the train station where you will take the HSR.


We had to put on these helmets for safety, just in case rocks fell. And since the boy’s a safety engineer, he’s right in his zone with the helmet la hahaha. I have the tissue on my chin for hygiene purposes, as advised by our tour guide k.


IMG_8002IMG_8003Taroko Gorge is the only marble gorge in the world, so I just felt awe-struck and very thankful to be able to see it. It’s massive.






And then we were brought to the Seven Star Beach.IMG_8007IMG_8006

I love views like this, where all you see is the ocean, and only the ocean. We can’t get views like this in Singapore since our waters are always peppered with ships.

IMG_7785IMG_7793The Seven Star Beach had a really lovely beach vibe because of the beautiful blue waters, white sand and a guy singing along with his guitar (he’s really good btw). It had the setting perfect for lazing away with the sea breeze in your hair and face. It’s a pity we only had 20 mins here.


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