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Seoul Part three with Cinderella plastic surgery ( After Surgery)

I’m back at part three of my journey with Cinderella plastic surgery!

This post will be a short one as I’ve stated most of the details in post one and two! Enjoy my pretty pictures šŸ˜¹šŸ˜‰

Below is a picture of week 1 to week 4 after surgery


It has been 3 months now and I am able to rub my eyes without any pain and almost no scar left on my eyelid! Many of my friends told me that there’s no difference in my eyes because I actually asked for a very very natural eyes.. BUT there’s actually a slight difference according to me and my family haha




Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


I somehow like my new eyes that I don’t have to edit much to make it bigger anymore or looking down on the floor when taking my ootds

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

IMG_8979 IMG_9795

Thank you Cinderella plastic surgery for this wonderful journey

Feel free to leave down a comment or email me for any questions regarding my process! So far I’m quite satisfied with the healing process and recovery!

Details on Cinderella Plastic Surgery right below ā†“

Discount: Quote my name for discount on surgeries appointment

Tel: +82 70-7204-2884
E-mail :
Line ID: Cinderella_en/se0gram
Address: Seocho-gu Seocho-dong 1317-16 4th floor ARA TOWER
Seoul, Korea

Seoul Part Two with Cinderella plastic surgery (Recovery Process After Surgery)

Welcome to Sammy’s most unglamorous moment ever in her life!Ā  šŸ˜†

Part two of my post of my recovery process after surgery is finally up! Will be uploading my pictures on day to day basis from day 1 to day 8 to show the difference before my stitches was removed until itĀ was removed!
Please don’t be afraid after seeing my horrendous pictures that I will be posting up in the next few pictures.

Ok the first picture is really really really really really really bad, was contemplating to upload or not but I wanted to give you guys a clear idea of how myĀ recovering process was like! *Lets start the judging!*


Seoul Part one with Cinderella plastic surgery (Before surgery)


Its my first visit to Korea andĀ IĀ finally get to experience theĀ culture there after watching countless of Korean drama and imagining the places in my head! Was hoping that I would bump into a Kpop idol, but sadly I didn’t met any :(

The main point of this trip to Korea was to get my eyelid done at Cinderella Plastic surgery! So, for this post, I will be posting about my experience with themĀ beforeĀ I get my surgery done!


Botox done at knightsbridge aesthetic clinic

Got my botox and ulthera done at knightsbridge clinic to slim my face as i always felt that i got a fat face and my friends always says that its baby fats which i don’t think it is. So i went down to knightsbridge aesthetic clinic for a consultation and was recommended that i did a botox at the jaw right below my earlobe as i have some cheek muscles there and then do a Ulthera to burn the fats at my cheek! Below are some pictures of before and after.

Interior design of knightsbridge clinic, it’s really beautiful with purple carpet!!



Gelish nails at nailz haus

Nailz haus offers a creative concept of nails services in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.
Established in 2010, Nailz Haus provides an unique overall experience by offering a creative concept of services in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere where you can relax and unwind with friends.



The interior design of nailz haus was so cozy and peaceful that i literally almost fall asleep while doing my nails


Was immediately served with a warm cup of tea when i took my seat. Their service was so efficient and nails colour was brought for me to pick!



A green tablet was thrown into the warm water for disinfection and kill germs and also to prevent unpleasant odors, what a nice colour haha


A spatula was used to remove the dead skins from my feet to prevent cracked heels. Cracked heels are quite common especially in old people or people that tends to walk more and it would lead to bleeding or infection. So, this scraping comes together with the feet spa.


The nail technicianĀ filling my toe nails and removing dead skins



The pink one is for scrub and the green one is a feet mask for smoothening the legs and having a whitening effect



Then, a plastic wrap was wrapped around my legs for 20 mins



A quick feet massage from the nail technicianĀ haha feels good




My toe nails are finally done! haven’t painted my toes for as much as i could remember. I thought the last toe of my toes couldn’t be painted as it was quite tiny but nailz haus did it perfectly!!


As i was doing my leg spa, another nail technician was doing my nails and it definitely saved so much time for me with their professionalism!

Got my nails extended as it was abit too short

My nails were too small and the nail technicianĀ had to file every single nails to fit my small nails

LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY REAL ONES! The fake nails were glued to my real nail with nail glue and then applied a layer of gelish transparent paint to hold it there


Painting my grey nail polish and i’m almost done!


Pasted my diamond and bunny to my nails with acrylic glue that will prevent it to drop easily


LOVE MY NAILS SO MUCH and the length is not too long which would eventually grow but it’s exactly what i wanted for now.


My crystal nail is actually shining bright like a diamond haha


Finished product! thank you nailz haus for giving me a beautiful nail




Address: 2 Jurong east Street 21, IMM building #02-29

Contact:Ā 6566 5676

Singapore 51th National Day Special!

Classic Gelish Manicure + Return Soak Off (next visit) @Ā S$51Ā (U.P. S$75)

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