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Second bust enhancement treatment at Tokyo bust!

Bust enhancement treatment @ Tokyo Bust Express

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Tokyo Bust Express brings the safest and healthiest way to attain a fuller and more curvaceous bust line with its all natural bust enhancement programs originated from Japan. This extraordinary therapy uses proprietary technology, age-old techniques and the purest herbaceous extracts to boost your feminine charms and confidence. No pills, injections or surgery are used in the treatments..

Poised to cater to women who have inadequate and less endowed chest front, Tokyo Bust Express’s treatments are safely executed to give progressive results to enhance a lady’s self attitude and confidence. Tokyo Bust Express resolve concerns of sagging breasts due to aging, weight loss or after childbirth. A huge foray of bust solutions is presented to provide progressive results in rejuvenating the skin of the bust and enhance the firmness of your breasts.

Curvaceous breasts create an attractive and youthful appearance – which is what most women yearn for. Tokyo Bust Express’s highly personalized approach and advanced technology provides your bust with what it needs. Embarking on a higher level of efficacy, utilizing the most advanced technology, Tokyo Bust Express is with you in solving your bust issues.

TBE focuses on 4 main areas which is bust detox, bust enhancement, bust contouring and bust lifting.

Bust Detox

An underrated benefit of natural bust treatments – experience an improved circulation for our delicate bust area which helps to minimize the occurrence of bust-related illnesses.

Bust Enhancement

Stamp your femininity with an enhanced treatment to cultivate a sensual bust cleavage. Designed to deliver optimal volume for the underdeveloped bust, the result seen will be a more curvaceous and fuller bust region.

Bust Contouring

A contouring treatment aims to perfect asymmetric or contorted breasts. Revitalizing and strengthening bust support tissues, a bust contouring treatment boosts and beautifies the empty sections of the decollete area, making it shapelier and balanced.

Bust Lifting

A firmer bust line creates an attractive and youthful appearance which is what most women yearn. A lifting treatment rejuvenates the skin to tone and increases the firmness of the minute muscles in the bust area, putting an end to sagging breasts.

*Results vary according to individuals’ conditions.

I grew up not knowing much of how to take care of my breasts as i didnt know how much it will affect me as i grow up and i wasnt the research kind of girl where i don’t read online much on my breast haha but after my first appointment with TBE i found out that having late night sleep and having supper is affecting my body in every way including my breast! I mean, i know sleeping late and having supper every night is bad for my body but i didn’t know how much it affects my breast! For me, my bigger problem of my breast is having ARMPIT FATS which i tried exercising it away and it doesn’t help! I learnt from the beauticians here at TBE that Armpit fats are actually toxins clogged because i sleep late and have supper every night! So let’s move on to my treatment phase now.

Was welcomed by the staff at TBE with a cup of water and a roll to fill my tummy! 

First step was the Beautician taking pictures of your boobs and then measure it against a piece of paper on the wall.

And then was the massage for 15 minutes which is kind of pain but no pain no gain!

 Next step was using this suction cup for firming and lifting of the breasts for 20 minutes! This suction cup was quite comfortable actually haha there was no pain at all for me at this stage. 

Lastly, was the breast mask! It will be applied on the boobs for 15-20 minutes. I took a short nap during that period haha. 

 This was the piece of paper that was measured before and after treatment! as you can see there was a 1-2cm lifting difference and i actually stood super straight for both before and after to make sure that the measurements was not based on my standing posture. 

That is the end of my journey with Tokyo Bust express! My second treatment was a pleasant one because I can definitely see more results than the first time! The treatment that I had was Bust serenity.

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