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Bust enhancement treatment @ Tokyo Bust Express Part 2

I grew up not knowing much of how to take care of my breasts as i didnt know how much it will affect me as i grow up and i wasnt the research kind of girl where i don’t read online much on my breast haha but after my first appointment with TBE i found out that having late night sleep and having supper is affecting my body in every way including my breast! I mean, i know sleeping late and having supper every night is bad for my body but i didn’t know how much it affects my breast! For me, my bigger problem of my breast is having ARMPIT FATS which i tried exercising it away and it doesn’t help! I learnt from the beauticians here at TBE that Armpit fats are actually toxins clogged because i sleep late and have supper every night! So let’s move on to my treatment phase now..

Was welcomed by the staff at TBE with a cup of water and a roll to fill my tummy!

Was asked to wait in this consultation room where the beautician explains to me what will the procedure be like and ask me about what i want to improve on my boobs as well!
See the part where the lymph nodes are? yes! that is where all the toxins are stored and becomes the so called “armpit fats” that were accumulated! The beauticians knew that that was my main concern and she pressed that area for me to release it

First step was the Beautician taking pictures of your boobs and then measure it against a piece of paper on the wall.

And then was the massage for 15 minutes which is kind of pain but no pain no gain!

Next step was using this suction cup for firming and lifting of the breasts for 20 minutes! This suction cup was quite comfortable actually haha there was no pain at all for me at this stage.

Lastly, was the breast mask! It will be applied on the boobs for 15-20 minutes. I took a short nap during that period haha.

This was the piece of paper that was measured before and after treatment! as you can see there was a 1-2cm lifting difference and i actually stood super straight for both before and after to make sure that the measurements was not based on my standing posture.

That is the end of my journey with Tokyo Bust express!

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** Terms and conditions applu. Results of treatment do vary for each individual.

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Slimming Treatment @ BottomSlim Part 2

So this is part 2 of my bottomslim treatment done at novena branch!
Today, i decided to get my treatment done at BottomSlim as i have the problem that every girls have which is stubborn fats and water retention!
Yes i might look skinny and all but i have those stubborn fats and imperfections too, i used to not have it when i was younger because i have more time to exercise and now here i am eat sleep work. I have a really bad habit of lying down after eating and i cant stop that habit hahaha. Sooo here are some pictures and my procedure of the treatment!

Was asked to fill in some forms at a sofa infront of the counter which i wait for my beautician to bring me in

Was actually asked to weight myself with their BMI weighing machine and i weigh 47.1 kg BUT WITH A FAT PERCENTAGE 24.9% omg im shocked haha. I actually have a high rate of fats compared to average and it definitely is not from my breasts…. :(. So i was explained the procedure and what is my main concern areas and they will do the treatment according to my needs!

Was asked to change into this kimono and disposable panties they provide!
This was to detox the lymph nodes which is the toxics found in bodies that actually lead up to store those fats! Its a 30 minutes procedure for this step.

Next was using their oxify machine together with their bottomslim G boost gel to get rid of those fats! This was another 20 minutes of the procedure!
Yes this is the G boost gel they are using!

I had a pleasant treatment with bottomslim overall and their treatment was PAINLESS. I was almost able to sleep haha so here is a special offer to my loyal followers down below!

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** Terms and conditions apply. Results of treatment do vary for each individual.

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