April 2020 archive


Hello people I’m finally back to blogging again. Been too busy with my Insurance life and now thanks to the Circuit Breaker I finally found time!

Been doing some abs and booty workout for the past 1 week to get “back in shape” didn’t really have the shape but definitely better than now.

Tried Chloe Ting’s 2 weeks ab workout and I’m 1 week down!!! Been seeing results without any diet at all but results will be alot slower without diet but better than nothing right?

So far I’ve been doing 20 minutes exercise everyday with these 2 exercises and seeing firm butt now hehe.

Butt Workout: Pamela Reif

Abs Workout: Chloe Ting

Have been trying a lot of different booty workout and I felt that Pamela’s one is more comfortable for me as Chloe Ting’s workout requires more hand strength which is quite tiring for me.
Have actually been searching for some workout which doesn’t grow much on your thighs but honestly if you wanna have a nice but there will definitely be some toning in your thighs UNLESS you are able to be lean (control your diet) then that’s where you will be able to achieve those models booty and legs.

Good luck girls! Hope you achieve your desired body by end of CB!